Beyond the Code Quest

The Code Quest is coming to a conclusion and there is much to celebrate. Not only did we make big leaps forward in development, but being together for three months to work on Blender has been a great experience for everyone. Some of us will go home next week, some will stay, but I already know we’ll miss being together.

The Blender 2.8 development doesn’t end with the code-quest though. Not even close. We still have a lot of work planned for the next months.

UPDATE: a new planning is here.

July 2nd: Alpha

  • End of the code quest.
  • Bug tracker open exclusively for crashes.

  • New default theme.
  • New default keymap.
  • Disable all add-ons (based on bl_info Blender version).
  • Discourage add-on developers to port their work now since the Python API will still change.
  • Focus on completing existing features.

August 12: Beta Release

September 19: Final Python API

  • Call for add-on developers to update old add-ons.
  • Flexible date, at least 1 month before the release candidate.

October 20: Release Candidate

Thank you

The Code Quest was only possible thanks to our loyal community. Every time I’ve read a compliment in our videos, live streams, blog posts, it made my day. I hope it was as good of a journey for you all, as it was for me. In behalf of the entire Code Quest team, a big warm thank you, for each and everyone of you.

Also special thanks to the Blender Institute and Foundation for making the Quest possible. Currently Ton and the crew are developing a plan to make sure all developers can stay on board full time. I leave to them to do the announcements for that! Meanwhile you can keep sponsoring the Blender project via the Blender Development Fund, as well as subscribing to the Blender Cloud.

I see you again in Brazil ?? !

June 29th, Amsterdam – Dalai Felinto

  1. you guys made it into such an awsome piece of software. I was wondering where i can submit some request related to future developments. Its basically something that came across online and wished that greaspencil had such a feature. Please can you guys have a look. the link is here

    I do not know if this is the appropriate way of posting this..

  2. Hi , blender 2.8 is a huge 3d software i love it

  3. Hi,
    Nothing new about the grease pencil merge into the 2.8 branch ?
    I don’t see it in the “Blender 2.8 Beta Milestone”, I hope GP will be implemented in 2.8 beta. I’m waiting this for so long :), all those incredible features in the grease pencil branch.
    It’s a real plus for the blender 2.8 in my opinion
    And very great job guys in 2.8. BRAVO!

  4. Merci à tous les développeurs pour leur travail.
    J’ai installé la 2.80 Alpha pour commencer à m’accoutumer aux divers changements et aux nouveautés.
    Et j’ai hâte de voir arriver la version finale, et la documentation qui ira avec car même si je m’amuse déjà beaucoup avec ce que je connais de Blender, j’ai encore beaucoup à apprendre de ce merveilleux logiciel.



  5. please help me to download blender 2.80 for test please
    my pc. win7 thank you

  6. i love blender

  7. Thanks you very much (Merci beaucoup, Danke schön!…) to blender foundation, developers and all poeple who made this possible. :D

    • hyeee
      please may you help me ?!!
      i need download blender 2.80
      my PC win7
      so please help me
      Audinboby please and thank you

  8. Fantastic work, everyone! So proud to have helped this by purchasing a cute little rocketship USB. Much love from NASA <3

  9. EEVEE NPR nodes pls!

    bélgica e frança ainda,,,,diacho!

  10. Thanks for all your efforts!And more EEVEE NPR nodes pls!

  11. I really enjoyed following along with the code quest. Loved the updates on the new features. Can’t wait for the Beta and a more stable version to be released. There are a few bugs that I am really waiting on fixes for :) like being able to actually see background images for reference image modeling, which I use all the time ;)

  12. Thank you guys. I loved the code quest. I followed the whole event and was ecited about every little update I got. Keep up the good work! :)

  13. Blender is a beautiful project, both technically (as this code quest showed) and ethically (because it’s free and open source and it respects the artists using it).

    Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in that code quest. A special thanks to Pablo Vasquez who spent a lot of time reviewing, recording and posting videos of the new features in the Blender Developers Youtube account. Having amazing new features is great, showing them and explaining how they work is even better! :)

  14. Thanks to you all guys for the persistence you have shown in working out of the path developing new ways and means for creating new age animation and CG.. The future will have to recognize that you did something fundamental by opening with Blender a new standard in CG and imagery..
    Thanks and my all admiration..

  15. Mantaflow recieved update to version 0.12 around month ago (, and one of new features is “Preparation for Blender 2.8 mantaflow integration”. Is merging mantaflow branch are stiil a milestone for 2.8? Same about Fracture modifier?

  16. The dark theme is altogether great with one exception – the selected tab/toggle/ radio button is unclear. It should use a brighter more clear color and some sort of 3D effect to enhance its visual conveying its state.

    I also hope that you won’t be scared to continue to aggressively experiment, change and improve the UI throughout the 2.8x series, so that when the time for the 3.0 release comes blender will have the best UI in the industry.
    And don’t get scared by a few vocal “old people” who don’t like the change and want to keep blender in the 90s because there many more times potential, future users who might be put off by a steep learning curve of an inconsistent and unclear UI.
    All changes in 2.8 are great but unfortunately I’ve seen a few good ideas rolled back because I guess “old people” don’t want to learn and adapt.

    Eagerly waiting for the Beta and hoping to contribute to the development someday too.

    • “Young person” here.

      Dark themes in software meant for artistic use can alter an artist’s perception of darkness, resulting in an artwork that is brighter than intended.

      As for the changes in the UI, some are good, sure, but some are bad too. The new toolbar now has tools that most artists use hotkeys for (seriously, who uses a button to grab objects?), The new properties layout leads to far more scrolling, overlays are visible in rendered mode, the final render opens a new window and the triangles for editor splitting are missing.

      I understand the need to get more artists to use Blender, but new users shouldn’t come at the expense of “old people”, or, as I like to call them, experienced users.

      • The old toolbar had buttons that Artists used to use shortcuts for also. Shortcuts still exist toolbars can be minimised and. The rest of the issues you raised related to the software being not even in alpha testing.

    • I don’t believe that age has anything to do with what people think about the evolution of blender.

      • Do you realize that I do not talk/joke about “age” like in years since you have been born?

      • OK! I make fun of people who have used Blender for a couple of years and now complain like old grandmas about any changes that are being made and demand loudly and angrily that nothing needs to be changed and everything needs to stay as it is.

  17. You did an amazing work, thank you all for your efforts and dedication. More that a great software Blender has a great community.

  18. Already love blender 2.8 looking forward till it it’s stable. Amazing work people. My work would not be possible without it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

  19. Thanks to all developers that worked on the code quest, i wish you guys the best ahead. can’t wait to port into 2.8 soon. :)

  20. Thank you so much Dalai! It’s very apparent that you worked hard bringing everyone together and keeping folks on track to deliver. Anyone else attempting to step into your release manager role has big shoes to fill…

    I know you’re moving onto other things now, so I’ll wish you all the best!

  21. Thanks for all your hard work guys!
    You’re all amazing, I’m not afraid to said you’re creating something very unique in the software industry. To see such a great opensource project is really good.

    *A banderinha quase me fez cryar aqui

    • Couldn’t be said better.
      You ARE awesome, guys.
      Even before 2.8, Blender had that look & feel and quality of a several-hundreds-dollar commercial software _already_ , and with 2.8 it will only get better; thanks to the Code Quest.
      Amazing job of ALL developers [not only Code Quest onsite]. Amazing piece of an open source software! Really.

  22. Great job. Personally I think that is too short for addon developers if the python api is going to be changing up to the end…

  23. Thanks very much to all devs. The development rythm in last months was very impressive, the new 2.8 seems so cool and there are so much things to discover. Thanks!

  24. Thanks for your hard work :)

  25. Proud to see the brazillian flag at he end! Thanks, Dalai! Thanks, Blender Foundation! Go 2.8!

  26. ??????

  27. Awesome work as always we are finally ready to go for fledged into the industry where we belong, some well not be happy, but they won’t last very long brilliant work on the code quest, and I can’t wait for bcon2018

  28. It is quite sad to see Code Quest end but… nothing good lasts forever as they say :(

  29. Very great job guys, thanks for all your work helping to free the creativity :)

  30. wow next.. level 2 code quest.

  31. You guys did an amazing ammount of work, do you think that youll publish that planning that you made before hand but with notes on whats done and what will be done in the coming week, like animation cache streaming and the like?
    Also will grease pencil be merged any time soon?

    • Far as I remember the only part that was still missing for GP to be merged was handling the “basic GP” for just notation. They were meant to finalize the design for that some days ago, and I don’t imagine it would be too many weeks to actually implement.

      • yeah o know, ive been following the process, but it was supposed to be merged weeks ago, so that’s why i wonder, and the cache workflow also was part of it, but I never heard anything more about it..
        just wondering, not criticizing (btw)

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