Google Summer of Code: midterm videos

The GSoC projects are halfway now. To get a quick glance of results sofar, below is a list of videos showing progress:

3D sound and sound editing

By Joerg Mueller

Motion Capture

By Benjamin Cook

Automatic UV Seams

By Shuvro Sarker

COLLADA im/export

By Sukhitha Jayathilake

Dynamic Wave Generation

By Miika Hamalainen

Chinese Blender UI

By Xiao Xiangquan

Weight Painting Improvements

By Jason Hays

UV Editing Tools

By Riakiotakis Antonis

Camera Tracking

By Sergey Sharybin, video: Sebastian Koenig

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  1. Chinese Blender UI = “only available for streaming in mainland china” 🙁

  2. Awesome! But what about sculpting and retopo project? I dont see a video for these?!

  3. Thanks to all of you for your efforts.
    Personally, I found new features in UV Editing Tools and Camera tracking useful for my workflow.

    I saw the camera tracking video, there is the funny option of markers that are not visible because hidden by other objects, Display -> Disable (00:50).
    Maybe they could be named simply “Occluded”, because actual name sounds strange.

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