Now that quite a a few people have tested Cycles, it”s time to get some feedback on the workflow. Since the initial commit, there have been changes to texturing workflow and 3d view draw modes. It”s still incomplete, but should give you an idea of where things are going and how it all fits together.

An overview of the planned design can be found here:

Ideally other render engines will use the same system once this is available in trunk, so in those case you would see different nodes and outputs, but the workflow would be roughly the same.

Updated 3D view draw modes

There”s a short explanation per topic and then questions that I”d like to find the answer to. Ideas and mockups for how to improve things are welcome, as well as issues you might have found that I did not address. You can give feedback here in the comments, or on the associated wiki discussion pages.

Recent builds can be found on