Hi again and today I”m going to describe a changes in baker I”ve made today. This changes are related on margin filtering. Many of artists noticed that margins aren”t so good and they don”t make texture really seamless. For example if you”ll see at this images you”ll notice ugly seam going through the whole cube.

It caused by texture created by baker. Here is texture created with old-style filter function:

Here is margin which is really darker than baked parts of texture and which actually shouldn”t be so dark. It”s specific of our old filter function and new dilation function from baker doesn”t lead to such kind of darkness on. In comparison here”s the same scene with the only one difference – texture for cube was baked using new filter code:

And here”s texture itself:

As you can see there”s no more that darkness on margins.

To use new margin filtering functions you don”t need anything special — just bake in exactly the same way you”ve been doing it before – new code totally replaced old one. One more thing which was changed with margins – maximal size of margin. It was increased from 32 to 64.

Textures were scaled down from 4Kx4K so if you want “original” textures let me know (they are ~3Mb each).

New code and file with demonstration difference between old code and new code were provided by Morten Mikkelsen. Thanks to him.