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This blog is for developers of Blender who are working on projects related to the Blender releases on blender.org. Everyone who has access to svn for bf-blender can get an account here to write articles. We hope that this blog will help understanding Blender better, provide better documentation and insight for (new or other) developers.

Discussions on articles is open, but for a first-ever comment you need manual approval of a moderator. We’ll do our best to approve such comments from new posters right away! We will also moderate useless comments, like the popular “First post!”.

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Special thanks to Francesco Siddi for the web design!


  1. Is there an official Git mirror of the Blender source code? Some of us find Subversion too clunky and slow.

    In the meantime, I have put these up:


  2. OK, well that one obviously did… but for some reason it’s not showing further replies from me in the Collada post. If I re-submit, the page just says it’s detected a duplicate comment, despite not actually showing the original.

  3. Is commenting broken here? My posts aren’t showing up…

  4. This is great! I’m not a developer but I am interested in development news.

    Thank you.

  5. yes its great ! you people rock! thanks for all this alternative world ;)

  6. What do I think? I think that Blender is right at the tipping point of being an evolutionary leap in software development. Almost there.

    Consider this … In the Rennaisance days when sculpting and painting began to flourish with mad abandon. However, the pigments of paint and the making of paint to create those works of art was incredibily expensive.
    One had to procure rare chemicals and metals, and binding mixtures. The artist had to be part chemist to mix the ingredients to the appropriate color. There were artist guilds where people apprenticed for years and years to gain knowledge, materials, and experience to become legitimate. All in all very expensive and time consuming to do. The ordinary joe couldn’t be an artist
    But today, anyone can find a cheap paint set, and a mad variety of acrylics and oils sporting colors and hues that those ancient artists would have killed for. As well as colored pencils and markers for other mediums. Put simply anyone can be an artist today because of cheaper, mass produced affordable tools.

    That’s where Blender is at. It’s providing the incredibly affordable pencils and paints for today’s computer art. Its already on par with several of the big companies, and closing on others. And while the program is as powerful and in many ways better than the others. Only one thing in my mind is keeping it from being the total giant killer it could be.

    The interface between tools and the object being worked on. And honestly, once you get used to working with it, forward progress moves quickly. (I’m currently rigging with Metarig) But its just that initial work flow awkwardness that puts one off.

    So that’s what I think. I think with the incredible foundation of tools and direction that Blender is heading, I think it is beginning to present a real danger to the commercical giants.

  7. Great, thanks for setting this up… looking forward to many great articles :)


  8. This is indeed a great new site, giving us developers new ways of telling code stories. :)

  9. This will be a very valuable resource for anyone using Blender. Thanks a lot!

  10. I think this is a great idea. Can’t wait to hear what the developers have to say. It’s not that we don’t already hear them, it’s just nice to have a centralized place to go.

  11. This is awesome, I cant wait to reap more from the minds of the seasoned blender developers

  12. Great initiative. Will be very useful for end users and also glues the coding community together in one place.

    Cheers Ton.

    – Satish.

  13. Congratulations! Nice web design indeed.

  14. Can’t wait for the first developer insight-articles! :)

  15. Really impressed with the design, very original yet professional.

  16. Congratulations! I think this site will be a great asset to the community. It’s great to see this trend of developer-related resources popping up!

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