Getting to grips with Keying Sets

(Copied from Joshua Leung’s blog)

Over the past few months, I’ve been observing quite a bit of confusion over some aspects of the animation system in 2.5 that’s all related to “Keying Sets”. These are a rather important new feature aimed at improving the animation workflow, but which many people don’t seem to be aware of. So, if you’re wondering why you’re getting a “weird” error message when trying to insert keyframes, or if you’d just like to learn some new workflow tricks to make animating easier, read on :)

Full article is here; copy might be added later!

  1. Hi, anibody

    I’m sorry for wrong theme

    Can anybody explain me:
    Where is the Touch Actuator in Blender ver. 2.7x
    I can’t found it

    or tell me please, where can i get Answers for my question


  2. I’d like to add, The only way I have found thus far to add key frames (which normally are added via “I” in the view port) for location / rotation / scale ect, is to press N to open the properties menue and hit “I” there.
    The console says key frames are added when hitting I in the view port, but it doesn’t seem to take. Not showing up even in the graph editor.

  3. @Brian
    I agree, coloured group channels need to be back an action editor from 2.49, it´s a mess when you have to control 100 channels like my model.

  4. I really, really, REALLY miss the ability to group channels in the Action Editor. For example, you could put all the channels for the right arm in one group and the channels for the left arm in another. Without it the Dopesheet/Action Editor becomes an unreasonable mass of channels.

  5. WOW… that really clears up a lot!

    Any chance of integrating this info in the 2.5 wiki?

  6. Awesome information :-)

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