This blog is for developers of Blender who are working on projects related to the Blender releases on Everyone who has access to svn for bf-blender can get an account here to write articles.

Discussions on articles is open, but for a first-ever comment you need manual approval of a moderator. We’ll do our best to approve such comments from new posters right away! We will also moderate useless comments, like the popular “First post!”.

Good topics for this blog are:

  • technical designs/planning for existing and new features
  • coding tips and howtos
  • release log entries for future releases
  • short notes about added or improved functionality
  • copied articles from your own blog
  • last but not least: try to add as much pictures as possible, at least one!

Only occasionally good topics are (ask for review by one of the moderators here):

  • open discussions on features or roadmaps
  • opinionated articles in general

In general the blog should remain respectful and considerate when it comes to other opinions, preferences, habits, licenses or OS’s.

Note that the central discussions on Blender development remain on the bf-committers mailing list and the #blender-coders channel on and meetings. Check Get Involved on for more info.


28 Dec 2010
Ton Roosendaal, Chairman Blender Foundation