Blender has COLLADA support through the OpenCOLLADA library. This came first to Blender 2.5 with the Google Summer of Code 2009 programme. As a first step it was quite OK, but since people started using it in more and more complex situations a number of weak points have been identified.

I started working on improving our COLLADA support since September, first by doing a simple code reorganisation to be bring some clearity to the code. Now I”ve been busy with other tasks as well, so I”m happy to tell that there are at least two active members in our developer community who are working on continuing this effort.

Martijn Berger and Jeroen Bakker are both have started digging into the code. Martijn (JuicyFruit on IRC) has started with a second refactor of the code, to make it structurally sane too. My first refactor was mainly on the code layout, from two huge files split of too many smaller files; his work is in shuffling code even more around to get a good structure for the code itself as well. Jeroen Bakker (jbakker on IRC) is working on fixing the already reported crashes in our bug tracker. A few patches already are waiting in the patch tracker for me to review and apply. This I will do  ASAP.

Right now it looks like that animation support will be temporarily disabled – there are some issues we”d like to work on eventually, but rather have the current refactor go well first.

Our efforts to improve the COLLADA support will continue! If you think you have it what it takes to help us out, don”t hesitate and contact me, then we can work out how to distribute the work load, who works on what.