Code Quest: Planning

At the end of the Code Quest we will have the first Beta release of Blender 2.8. And to get there we now have an internal plan for the weeks to come (click on the image to see):

As you can see we have red, gray and blue tinted tasks:

  • Red are the bare minimum before the Blender Animation Studio can migrate to Blender 2.8 – which will happen in the week of the May 21st.
  • Gray are the tasks that would make the animators of the Spring project thrilled to migrate to 2.8.
  • Blue are tasks not directly linked to the Spring project needs, yet relevant to the 2.8 project.

What is not included there?

  • Multi-object editing wrap-up (pose, mesh edit).
  • Copy-on-write wrap-up (modifiers and operators).
  • Everything else that is part of 2.8 yet can’t be finished during the code quest.

This is not a strict week-by-week planning, but a big picture to help split the projects into developers and evaluate the workload. For instance, the reason Bastien and Campbell have few red tasks is so they can assist the modifier conversion and the overlay engines implementations.

Although this is the plan for the Amsterdam team, people all over the world are helping the project. To name a few: Mai Lavelle is involved with the modifier conversion, Julian Eisel is still on top of the top-bar even after his short stay here, Antonio Vazquez is working on the migration of Grease Pencil, Aslam Cadr is helping with tools icons.

Besides, the multi-object task force is ongoing with the contribution of a few developers already. More tasks forces will be announced soon, so we expect more people to be involved throughout the remaining of the project.

This also doesn’t include the work performed by Pablo. He is involved in the design discussions but he is also busy with recording and community engagement. Speaking of which, he just published the videolog #3 , check it out.

  1. This is so awesome! so what about the possibility to select bones of different armatures?

    • That’s already possible with the new Multi-object editing feature. Select both armatures, enter pose mode, and select all the bones you want to pose them simultaneously.

  2. Any plan to extend Code Quest Campaign for one month more ?

  3. Hey Everyone,
    Does any of you know if there will be an override system in 2.8 ?
    I mean something to help production use by linking or referencing and then being able to override values such as shading parameter etc …
    By the way, it looks really great with all those improvements !
    It’s just that some things like that seems to be missing to be able to use it in production ^^

  4. Can a editing mode like cinema 4d polygon pen tool. I know blender modelling features are cool, but these will give it much more power.

  5. What are your plans on supporting Macs with external GPUs for Eevee / Cycles? They are currently official. Works only with AMD cards. Currently only option that works is amd prorender. I guess many people would be happy if Eevee / Cycles worked on a Mac + eGPU . I’m aware this is not a priority, just dreaming loud ?

  6. Does anybody know what program was used to create the layout for the tasks?

  7. Great stuffs coming,

    What about tabs for each panels instead of a single tool choice per panel ?

    That’s really a feature that is needed for prod.

  8. I am super like Fracture Modifier and Fluid, Very much looking forward to

  9. Fracture modifier? is that from the branch that denis fassbender and his team have been working on?

    • Yes thats the one

    • if you look closer to the Fracture Modifier Team website, you will see that it is actually Martin Felke’s Team. Dennis is part of this team, though.

  10. Please don’t settle quickly on those icons. The key words need to be abstraction and readability! Don’t try and make them replace a tooltip or wikientry altogether. If they don’t work small,they don’t work! Screen space is vital! It means having your tools at your disposal.
    Also once learned the significance of the explanatory icon drops a lot for most users. I like your idea but please move away from this complexity! This means colors too! Reduce!
    I know it’s all in development, so please don’t think I’m not aware of that :)

  11. Will there be any improvements to the UI – like buttons, checkboxes, windows, toolbars etc. The simple stuff that makes or breaks the user experience?
    The traditional Blender UI controls/elements feel odd.

  12. Thanks for sharing!!!

    Has the design of the UI already been chosen?

    How will Pie Menus be treated in 2.8?
    Will they be included? Will they be the default?

  13. Hey guys! What about link system? Will it be possible in 2.8 to link as many copies of rigged characters as you want from only one file?

    • Yes it will, this is part of the static override project, more specifically the “Multi-Proxy” target.

      • This is so great!) And what about possibility to select bones of different armatures to manipulate them both at once?

        • This was something they showcased on the multi-object editing mode video. If it works out then this should be in 2.8, too.

  14. What a great plan! Can’t wait!

    what’s that ? I can’t hear you, the thrusters of this rocket are very loud !

  16. Seems like a lot of work D:
    I wish you all the best!

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