Supported GPUs in Blender 2.80

The original plan for Blender 2.80 was to work on all GPUs that have OpenGL 3.3 drivers and were released in the last 10 years. However, we have found that there are many graphic cards that support OpenGL 3.3 in hardware, but have critical bugs in the OpenGL drivers.

We have found workarounds for dozens of those bugs, which has been very time-consuming. Blender now works on the large majority GPUs that our users have. Unfortunately, there are still some GPUs where Blender does not run reliably, and we won’t be able to officially support them for the 2.80 release. All these are cases where the OpenGL driver was last updated 3 years ago or more.

While Blender does not officially support such older hardware, we do not prevent Blender from running on it. External developers may contribute patches to improve hardware support if said patches are not too cumbersome.


macOS 10.12 or newer is supported, and Mac hardware from the last 10 years appear to be working. Older macOS versions have bugs in the OpenGL drivers that cause problems for Eevee, and the only way to upgrade the drivers is to upgrade the operating system as a whole.


GeForce 200 series, Quadro with Tesla architecture and newer are supported on both Windows and Linux. This covers the NVIDIA GPUs released in the last 10 years.


GCN 1st gen and newer architectures are supported on both Windows and Linux. Terascale architecture cards are not working reliably, mainly on Windows. See the list of AMD GPUs to check which architecture your card has.

Unfortunately, this does mean some GPUs released in the last 10 years are not officially supported. No Terascale OpenGL drivers have been released for Windows in the last 3 years. On Linux, drivers do continue to be updated and Blender tends to work better. But for good performance GCN is still required.


Intel graphics for Haswell and newer are supported and generally working well. See the list of Intel GPUs to check which architecture your processor has. There are a few bugs planned to be fixed still, related to selection and reflections in Eevee on specific graphics cards.

On Windows, earlier GPU generations have issues with Eevee due to bugs in the driver. No significant driver updates have been released in the last 3 years for these GPUs. On Linux, the situation is better as the drivers continue to be updated, but for good performance newer GPUs are recommended.

  1. intel (R) graphics 5500 in dell core i7 laptop is it good for blender

  2. My Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (OpenGL 4.3 with the latest driver in Win7 x64) is not supported in 2.82a. Why?

  3. Hi. Someone, please help. My Optix option says no compatible GPU found. I am running a 1660Ti on a 9th gen i7. I have all the latest drivers installed (both game and studio). Can someone please help? I am new to blender and don’t want to be discouraged to use it :(

  4. OK I’ve installed Linux Mint 19.3 in a dual boot configuration, alongside Windows 7/7 Pro, on 4 of my Ivy Bridge/Older CPU generation Intel core i series based laptops. So I have installed Blender 2.79a on the 2 Sandy Bridge Generation and 1 Arrandale/Westmere Intel core i series based laptops on both the Windows 7 and Linux Mint 19.3 partitions on the 3 oldest laptops.

    That leaves my one Ivy Bridge Intel Core i7(3632QM) based laptop that also has an AMD Radeon 7650M(Terascale GPU Micro-architecture) discrete mobile GPU. And I have been testing that laptop with a stand alone Blender 2.82a evaluation that i just downloaded and extracted onto a directory on Linux Mint 19.3. So on this laptop(HP ProBook 4540s) I’m having no issues using the Blender 2.82a default edit mode work-spaces tabs under Linux Mint 19.3. Now on the same laptop booted into Windows 7 Pro(EOL) and the Blender 2.8, and above, usage does not play nicely with with that laptop in Blender’s(2.8/above) edit mode work-space tabs where Blender 2.8/above crashes on a default work space. So currently my HP ProBook is doing just fine for Blender editing and CPU rendering on Blender 2.82a under Linux Mint 19.3 but not on Windows 7 Pro.

    The HP ProBook’s Redeon 7650M Terascale micro-architecture based discrete mobile GPU has never had Blender Cycles rendering support so that’s a non issue but I’ve even started up Blender 2.82a under the Linux Terminal with the display adapter sink set to use the Redeon 7650M instead of the Intel 3632QM CPU’s integrated graphics and under Linux Mint 19.3 I have not had any Blender 2.82a edit mode issues using that laptop’s 7650M discrete mobile GPU.

    And really that HP ProBook under Linux Mint 19.3 runs quite a bit more efficiently under Linux Mint 19.3 and the Linux Kernel’s better OpenGL/OpenCL and open source driver support and I’m not using any of AMD’s proprietary graphics drivers in Mint.

    I will say this about the Blender Foundation’s 2.8/above manual, in the hardware requirements section, and that is that the Blender documentation folks need to provide more guidance regarding AMD’s APU Integrated graphics and even Intel’s integrated graphics. And that includes more detailed guidance for the graphics API/driver support specifically targeting any integrated graphics and OpenGL and OpenCL support level requirements and doing so for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. I’m finding out that on older hardware that any Blender 2.8/Above OpenGL/OpenCL and graphics drivers are getting better supported under Linux than Windows 7/7 Pro on my older laptops(7’s EOL and 8.1’s treated like an unwanted stepchild by MS/Processor makers).

    Now looking at Wikipedia’s entry on Intel’s core i series processors I’m seeing that the Intel Ivy Bridge generation of CPU/Integrated graphics based processors where the first to get wide OpenCL driver support from Intel but Intel and Blender Cycles rendering is an unanswered question as far as I can tell. So I’m waiting to see with Intel’s Xe graphics if that will change as far as Blender’s Cycles/OpenCL accelerated rendering support is concerned.

    I have also purchased an ASUS Tuf 505DY laptop(Windows 10/1809 home currently) that’s got a Ryzen 5 3550H/Vega integrated graphics and Radeon RX 560X(4GB GDDR5) discrete mobile GPU. And that’s awaiting the Linux Kernel 5.6/5.7 driver updates for power/fan/other support etc. And that’s because I really want to get that laptop dual booting with Mint 19.3 and I’m looking at testing Blender 2.82a/later out under Linux Mint 19.3 so I can reduce my exposure to Windows 10 and Microsoft’s crazy broken update system. And I really like how my older laptops run under Linux compared to Windows 7/7 Pro and MS’s terrible bloat and non support now that 7 is EOL for consumers.

    But hopefully on my ASUS laptop I can expect that the Vega/Polaris graphics will be supported for a good while longer and any Vulkan API support will continue to improve along with OpenCL/OpenGL as usual. I’m really liking Mint 19.3 and Blender 2.79b on the older laptops and even Blender 2,82a on the Ivy Bridge based ProBook 4540s and CPU rendering.

    But the Blender Foundation really needs a hardware person and a hardware podcast and even more detailed hardware information and both Intel and AMD are really upping their integrated graphics competition. Well, Intel’s being forced to by AMD’s reaching/exceeding Intel’s CPU performance metrics in addition to AMD already having more powerful integrated graphics across AMD’s standard offerings. But Integrated graphics is really becoming more powerful and I’m really looking forward to AMD’s RDNA2 discrete graphics and that supported under Blender 3d and I hope that AMD skips RDNA1 and goes directly to RDNA2 for its first non GCN based integrated/APU graphics offerings and maybe Blender 3D support for that sooner that usual.

    It’ looks like AMD’s Vega graphics will see a longer life in the form of Integrated graphics just because there will be with the 4000 series Ryzen APUs, scheduled to be released soon, 3 generations of Ryzen APUs that make use of Vega graphics. So that’s hopefully going to be supported for at least 10 years what with so many Ryzen/Vega APU based processors in laptops and AMD’s open source driver support is really going to be good as the hardware becomes older under Linux at least.

  5. Yes, that’s right! Blender is a totally free program that you have to spend hundreds of dolars to use because the developers weren’t able to empathize with their userbase enough to realize why they might not want to upgrade their perfectly functional GPU just to use Blender.

    Wonderful. Really makes me want to throw eggs at their offices.

  6. sorry to say this but blender is a trashware now for not supporting amd for cycle engine i’ll stop using it for good and worship shitvidia more.

  7. Hello.
    There is still no information on the operation of two graphic cards from AMD. I want to use two identical cards with Crossfire mode, but there is no data anywhere whether this gives benefits. Where can I find out if Blender supports two AMD cards?

  8. *forgot to point out what would be cool is if a team could update the menu options and things like that to keep pace with the 10 people who own a computer who can run blender, like xcfe, gnome 2 was and always will be the most stable and reliable of homemade operating systems

  9. I tried to run it on three machines to no avail looks like it’s 2.79 until I buy a new computer, on the bright side blender is open source and hopefully someone will fork the 2.7 version and continue developing it under that architecture for older machines. My computer has a ATI Raedon with Open GL 6.14 and it still doesn’t work.

  10. So, guys, I did a quick search.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the GPU in the newer MacBook Pro’s is compatible, right? The architecture is in GCN.

    I’m planning on buying the newer model and you guys would help me a lot if you give me feedback on this purchase.

  11. While I got lucky (GCN) I do not think this kind of limitation is a reasonable idea.
    First, because it will cause a hell with linux package management…
    Second, and this is something I am personally very annoyed, my card is not even properly supported as of now and you already put it on a risk of obsolescence. It is ridiculous.

    Its worse then google, which is already obsoleting vp9 while most people haven’t moved yet from x264 and AV1 hardware didn’t even made it to the presentation, but that at least can be handled decently through software renderer.

    You may as well ask for: AVX or SSE4.2, as those are actually *older* technologies (- .-)
    Why not leave older/software rendered there as an option?
    I mean, new DOOM can run decently on preGCN hardware…

  12. i first used Blender it was 2.60 back then and it was a surprise that i get to use this free software, and learn from it and just plain enjoy 3D modeling, it will never be the same again, i couldn’t afford new hardware to enjoy this 2.80 update even tho my current one supports OpenGL 4.0, it comes with some issues , and will probably just stick to 2.79 for a while.

  13. For everyone with the radeon problem, it looks like this may fix it:
    Idk though, I hope it does

    • Pro Render only works on Fiji and R9 series GPUs and above. While the installer will tell your graphics card passes the test and finish the installation, nothing will come out when you render using it with a non compatible card.

  14. Can someone tell me if my renderer is supported?
    I ran blender –debug-gpu-force-workarounds
    AL lib: (EE) UpdateDeviceParams: Failed to set 48000hz, got 44100hz instead

    GPU: Bypassing workaround detection.
    GPU: L OpenGL identification strings
    GPU: vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    GPU: renderer: AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series
    GPU: version: 4.3.12618 Core Profile Context 13.251.9001.1001

    found bundled python: C:\Program File\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\python GPUFrameBuffer: framebuffer status GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_MISSING_ATTACHMENT

    and then Blender hangs on grey screen.

    If my device is supported, please drop me a link to where I can troubleshoot this bug. If it isn’t supported, is there a workaround I can use to start getting familiar w/ blender until I get my next pc?


  15. I have an NVIDIA RTX 1080, that is only one year old and I also get the same message : No compatible GPUs found for path tracing

    Seems to me theres a bug. (yes all my drivers are up to date)

  16. My Laptop does support blender 2.8 but am not too worried . My question is didn’t we have people doing wonders with blender 2.7 before 2.8 was released? The fact that we have storm breaker now does not mean mjolnir does not work. Upgrade is good tho.

  17. I have now completely switched from macOS to Windows/Linux. macOS and Blender are dead.

  18. I Downloaded the Zipped version of Blender 2.8 for Windows 7 64 bit and It appears to work mostly unzipped into a directory/File (In a Not Installed State) on an HP Probook with a Ivy Bridge 3632QM CPU and a AMD 7650M(Just the Shading tab crashes with a pure virtual function call error). So I’m running it on my Laptop and using the Cycles CPU rendering because the 7650M(Terascale Rebrand) is not supported for Cycles GPU rendering.

    Now if I run my HP Probook with the AMD switchblade graphics(Catalyst Control Center) set to use the Integrated Intel Graphics instead of the AMD 7650M, I have no issues with the Shading Tab crashing Blender 2.8. But for most part Blender 2.8 OpenGL view-port rendering on the 7650M and Cycles rendering on the CPU in Blender 2.8 appears to be working currently and I’m sure there will be other issues also.

    There is a Blender 2.8 Bug Report(Maniphest T59597) on the Shading Tab crashing on a 7650M issue but it appears to be closed with no expected resolution date.

    One of the folks reporting on that issue stated that they fixed their problem by reverting to an older AMD graphics driver and for my HP Probook, HP only has one Graphics driver from around late 2012 issued for my laptop’s graphics driver. But the current AMD graphics drivers on my laptop is from 2014 and I remember Microsoft offering me a newer AMD graphics driver update and I Installed that. So maybe I’ll try and uninstall the Newer graphics drivers for the AMD discrete mobile GPU and reinstall the older drivers and see if that will fix the Shading Tab crashing issue because the discrete mobile 7650M is a bit more powerful than the Intel Ivy Bridge generation Intel integrated graphics.

    But as long as I can use Blender 2.8 and use the viewport rendering or even the CPU only Cycles rendering then I’m happy. That’s because even with Blender 2.79c/older I have never been able to do any GPU Blender Cycles rendering anyways on the 7650M because it’s not even GCN based let alone GCN 1.1/later graphics which is the minimum required for Blender Cycles GPU rendering on AMD’s GPUs.

    There is one issue with me trying to set my Switchable Graphics from CCC that can be configured by the Application to use the Intel Integrated graphics or the AMD 7650M. And that issue is when trying to do that with the way that the Blender Foundation names all their Blender executable versions as blender.exe. It’s because the application switchable graphics settings with one version of Blender assigned to the Integrated graphics(Blender 2.8) and one version of Blender assigned to the 7650M(Blender 2.79), AMD’s CCC can not tell the difference because the Blender Foundation names all the Blender version’s executable blender.exe and that’s how AMD’s CCC assigns its switchable graphics by the application by using that blender.exe executable’s name.

    So Can I rename the blender.exe name for Blender 2.8 to say blender_2-8.exe and keep Blender 2.79c just as blender.exe, and the only version of Blender that’s actually installed on my system is Blender 2.79c with Blender 2.8 and one even older version of Blender just unzipped and run from a directory/folder?


    Folks need to be careful when purchasing any new AMD laptops with RX 600 series graphics as some of those 600 series rebranded GPUs are only GCN 1.0 first generation based but the laptops OEMs are wanting those higher 600(up from the 500/400 series Polaris graphics) rebranding. My Radeon 7650M discrete mobile GPU is a rebrand of some 6000 series (Terascale Graphics). So for the 600 series AMD offerings that’s mostly Polaris on the higher end 600 series but will include some even older GCN generations as well back to GCN 1.0(No good for GPU based Blender Cycles Rendering). Anandtech has a good rundown on the 600 series offerings and that’s Polaris(GCN4/1.3 at 14nm) and GCN3/1.2 at 28nm all the way back to GCN1/1.0 at 28nm, no GCN2/1.1 GPUs are listed. And I think that this is mostly discrete PC/laptop GPUs for some low end OEM sorts of systems.

    I really am hoping that some Linux OS laptop OEM would begin offering some Zen/Vega APU based laptop options as it’s currently only Intel/Nvidia so far from the Linux OS laptop OEMs.

  19. The, “10 year release date” thing is a sham. My GT 520M is no longer supported however it is in most other recent versions of blender. This model GPU was supposedly released in 2011 which is only 8 years so why am I then seeing “No compatible GPUs found….” in Prefs? What’s more, the 100% CPU load is way to much and causes my machine to become sluggish and unresponsive at times, GPU doesn’t present nearly as much of a problem, this leaves me having to lower the amount of cores used and diminishing render times as a result. Not cool Blender, not cool. My GPU works great with 2.7 versions, it’s only logical to me that it should also carry across to 2.8… Back to Octane for rendering it is, can’t go wrong there.

  20. Having big issues with Blender 2.8 on my new MSI GE63 8RE, i7-8750H, GTX 1060 6GB and Intel(R) UHD graphics 630. Viewport is a mess. For some reason i have modelling issues not replicable in 2.79b. The overal color of the screen seems to slightly change when i rotate (orbit) in viewer. Panning with shift is stuterring and it,s happening only in User Perspective and only at certain angles. It works in the rest of the views except UP and Camera. In 2.79 works smooth. Pressing the lower button on my pen (left click) slightly changes the screen color. Any known issues with this configuration? I can’t seem to find any solution. Allready tried updating the drivers and i just updated windows. Also i tried the 2.81 alpha with the same results.

  21. I am planning to build new PC for specially Blender 2.8 eevee rendering,
    So could you please tell me on which hardware ( CPU, Ram, GPU) should I spend more money to get as fast as possible render with eevee…
    Also please suggest the name/series of Hardware if possible.

  22. My new AMD Radeon RX 580 is not supported under Linux it says :(? (Linux Mint 19.2) Why?

    It says when clicking on OpenCL: “No compatible GPUs found for path tracing”.

  23. Hi, I’m kind of surprised to see request to make Blender 2.8 work on so old hardware when Blender 2.79 still work fine. Have you tried “recent” software from other brands on your hardware (Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini), not talking about old games from 5-10 years ago but recent 3D Software. Blender is a software to create 3D stuff not a game.

    It’s unfortunate that the new version won’t work properly with your hardware, but you still can make 3D stuff with the older version. You are not left with nothing as you can still work. New stuff require new hardware to make it happen and that’s life.

    Has for not having RTX support is nonsense has NVIDIA itself is supporting Blender having it. The effort is coming mostly from NVIDIA (And it’s clearly make sense for them as Blender is as popular as ever)

    As for Mac user complaining that the MAC is not cycles rendering from the GPU and that Blender 2.8 is bad. It still work on the CPU! Apple decided to drop OPENGL in favor of METAL; their own api. It’s their fault.

    Blender is open source, and supporting you better than any other 3D commercial software out there. If a new version would come out and require a RTX card in the future, I’d stay with the version that support my current hardware and stack up until I can get hardware that support it as I’m serious about modeling. I’ve waited 2 years to have the fund to buy my GTX 1080 and not complaining it was worth it.

    I’m really grateful that an open source project like this one can give me all this power for free.

  24. Blender does not recognises any of my AMD Graphic Cards anymore.

    I have a 2019 MacBook Pro (Mojave 10.14.5) with a Radeon Pro Vega 20 and an external eGPU with a Radeon RX Vega 56. This is the highest spec you can buy today in a MacBook Pro.

    The openCL tab only shows “No compatible GPU’s found for path tracing Cycles will render on the CPU”

    I’m highly disappointed with 2.8 so far, as it renders Blender useless for any Mac user. All the high anticipation for this amazing version just vaporised instantly.

    Please fix. If I’m doing something wrong or if there is a trick, I’m open to take everything back as well. ;)

  25. why my AMD GPU HD8600M on latest version 2.8 still co competible for GPU cycles render?

  26. So with blender 2.8 I’m on a death end with my build to order Mac from the last generation with radeon 560, especially done for renderjobs ? Should I switch to Rhino ?

  27. My RX 5700 XT is not working with 2.8. It will work with 2.79 though.

  28. Mac OS + AMD + 2.80 Beta = no way -> sell and BUY what Blender wants! (says the title of specs)

    This is the new Blender :( and I will explain:

    I had the same piece of machine (2017) working just happy on Blender 2.77/8 using Material View, making my animations with colour transitions from frame to frame, adding details to objects in specific parts, because I had Material View. Did not have AMD because who needs a GPU in small projects, when you can render at work :)) or.. actually I was working on a laptop travelling where work says I have to go.. so image my life…


    Well, Blender, like other Apple wanna-be-companies, decided she wants to be different or special!

    So to the BURNING HELLS with cheap people not passionate to work in Blender everyday, with computers specially made to have the best results in Cycles + EEVEE or … neither :)) RenderMAN.

    Want to see your scene not in grey, nor in random colours (btw BRAVOOOO, took you my age to do it… but BRAVOOOO!) but it colours that resemble a very basic quality of the end result. Want more than basic? Why not choose EEVEE or Cycles?

    Blender says: Those who love Blender and dedicate money, time, passion and soul to it and it’s desires, will succeed in having the best experience… and not… just wanting more:)))

    Those who use it to have fun, explore their mind, dreams, creativity, help them go trough difficult times (like a paper and a pencil helps a poet, or a spec of charcoal helps a hungry painter) should just let it go… want to see you 3D in colours? Use Cycles and wait for your PC to die… This way you can buy one that supports DEV LOOK. (it is actually cool, I saw it on youtube)

    Shame on you Blender… you were my friend.
    Put back Material view for those 1% or don’t know how many Mac users + casual non-eaters of flashy tech.
    Do so and no sadness’s will come from 100% of your fan base.

    • I think you can keep using blender 2.79; this is what I intend to do for now on my pc, pending my ability to upgrade to a more modern PC. Blender 2.79 is still very capable of everything blender has been known for – it’s not as if anything is being removed from it, and if you have an existing workflow for 2.79 that has been working for you, you probably don’t “NEED” to upgrade to 2.8 right away.

      I use blender 2.8 at my Employer’s computer, and it is really amazing. I have decided to keep using 2.8 at work and 2.79 at home, so far, this works for me.

      I am optimistic in about two years from now, I will be able to upgrade to a better computer.

      What I am saying in essence is that, the blender development team is doing what they can with the resources they have; I have very little understanding of software development, but if they tell us that supporting hardware older than ten years is not an easy task, I think we should cut them slack and make do with what we have. Blender is being developed by a small team.

      I think what would be worse is the blender team not taking advantage of advancement in technology to improve blender in a bid to be “infinitely” backward compatible.

      As for the material preview you spoke of, I am not sure I understand what you mean, from my point of view, 2.8 has more veiwport shading options than 2.79, with “better” visual quality. If you are talking of opengl viewport renders, the same thing can be done on 2.8.

      Take no offence, I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, I just feel some of the expectations you have are unrealistic.

  29. I believe just being able to run MacOS 10.12 is not a sufficient guarantee that your video hardware will be supported by 2.80, specifically in cases like the 2011 iMac models that still use pre-GCN 1 AMD cards and experience issues with 2.80.

  30. i have NVIDIA gforce 1070 graphic card and amd ryzen 7 1700x eight-core processor cpu. is those 2 supported in 2.8?

    • Yes, they are supported.

      • I have NVIDIA gforce 1070 graphic card and amd ryzen 7 1700x eight-core processor cpu using the Nvidia 430 driver. Blender 2.8 will not run, it complains about opengl 3.3 or higher which, obviously on such a new machine, it supports so am I just out of luck. I have uninstalled Blender since it won’t work and am looking for an alternative on Ubuntu 19.04 any suggestions since Blender is a no go?

        • update: I installed the snap version and it works. the version in the PPA did not

  31. Hello

    RE: “AMD

    GCN 1st gen and newer architectures are supported on both Windows and Linux. Terascale architecture cards are not working reliably, mainly on Windows. See the list of AMD GPUs to check which architecture your card has.”

    I have a system with:
    CPU = i7-4770K (Haswell)
    GPU 1 = R9 Fury X – PCIe3.0x8.
    GPU2 = R9 Fury X – PCIe3.0x8.
    GPU3 = R9 Nano. – PCIe 2.0×1
    GPU4 = R9 280X. – PCIe 2.0×1

    I am testing blender-2.80-8fa65ed31b7f-win64
    I am running Windows 10 Pro.
    I am using AMD Adrenalin 19.5.2.

    Edit -> Preferences -> System

    shows the following GPU’s are available for Cycles Rendering:
    CPU = i7-4770K (Haswell)
    GPU 1 = R9 Fury X
    GPU2 = R9 Fury X
    GPU3 = R9 Nano.

    The R9 280x, which is GCN1.0, is not shown as available for Cycles Rendering.
    This situation was the same in Blender 2.79b. R9280x and HD7970 GCN 1.0 GPU’s have no support in Cycles.

    The R9 280x and a Sapphire HD7970 OC 6GB card both work along with the R9 FuryX and Nanos on Blender 2.78c.

    Could you please tell me why the HD7970/R9280x GPU’s do not work with Blender 2.79 and 2.80?

  32. I am a Nigerian and new to blender and cg world.
    For me, what is more important is the blender 2.8 user interface because it is more user friendly than 2.79b. Unfortunately, 2.8 is not working on my HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook PC running windows 10 but 2.79b works perfectly OK. I would like to ask, if there are features that could be removed from 2.8 to make it works with all these older laptops like mine.
    Or could 2.7b have the 2.8 user interface. Pls.

    • You could try to install Linux on that Laptop and see if Blender 2.8 works.

  33. ONe question about GPU on osx 10.11.6 Though the text is perhaps more targetted on EEVEE. Ive never seen GPU on OSX work with internal GPU’s. Do they support Interl IrisPro, i believe they dont.

    • This applies to Blender as a whole and not just Eevee. macOS 10.11 is no longer officially supported, the OpenGL drivers are too buggy. We support Intel Iris on newer macOS versions.


    “Support for OpenGL 4.6 API”

    Please use OpenGL 4.6 for future EEVEE versions, even Intel now supports OpenGL 4.6 in their latest graphics driver release.

    • New Intel drivers only work for fairly recent Intel hardware. While can use newer OpenGL features to improve performance or maybe support additional Eevee features, requiring it would mean dropping support for more Intel graphics cards.

  35. Hello friends

    Since i activated the Intel Optane memory acceleration in my new HP omen 17 an100 laptop (gtx 1070) Blender crashes/closes for no aparent reason from time to time and never crashed before.
    Any idea why?

    • Forget it. Updated win 10 n drivers and no problem. Only seems to happen the first times intel optane gets the control.
      Blender works as stable as always now.
      Happy blender to all

  36. Blender 2.79 generally works stable on older graphics cards, and since there are no new drivers for them it’s unlikely to break. We will not do any more bugfix releases for 2.79 though.

    • That’s OK and maybe there will be a 2.79b fork for the older hardware and 2.79b with new features and the Blender Foundation really needs to pay more attention to laptops even though rendering is better done on desktops. Maybe a Blender for laptops section as Laptops can be very useful for asset creation and rendering can be done in the cloud.

      There are loads of Discrete Mobile GPU varints that do not follow the numbering conventions as its relates to the GPU’s Micro-Arch. So any documentation needs to note that laptops/laptops OEMs are using GPU Numbering more towards Marketing/Marketing Obsfucation and not toward proper identification of any GPU’s Micro-Arch/Generational metrics. GPU Rebranding has been a thing for Ages for example with the 7000M series Radeon Mobile GPUs that are not necessarily GCN based. The GPU makers are pressured by the Laptop OEM’s marketing departments into doing most if that rebranding but is does happen on desktop discrete mobile GPU also.

      I’m really looking forward to the time when the Linux Laptop OEMs can get out from under that current market’s vendor lockin and begin to make use of some AMD Raven Ridge APU offerings and I can purchase a new laptop that will work with Blender 2.8 with little issues.

      USB 4.0 support can not get here fast enough for Laptop users with the Thunderbolt 3 Protocol/Controller IP included in the USB 4 standards. That and PCIe 4.0 support on Laptops so they can begin to support more USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Formally called USB 3.1 at 10Gbs) and USB 3.2 Gen 2×2(which is just 2, USB 3.2 Gen 2 channels link bonded/link aggregated to support 20Gbs total effective bandwidth). TB3 as part of the USB 4 will hopefully allow TB3 to become more used across more CPU vendors offerings and laptops are really going to benefit from PCIe 4.0 what with OEM laptop motherboards fairly custom affairs with limited PCIe traces offered compared to Desktop PCs.

      I’m also looking for any Author’s works that specifically targets Linux OS on laptops with a focus on the best distro for Blender support on laptops. As should be noted Laptops and their OEM Graphics Driver Builds and Laptop OEM graphics driver support has always been a sticky issue compared to Desktop PCs where most of the GPU Card’s Graphics Dirvers ship with generic GPU drivers that recieve direct support from the GPU’s maker. Laptop OEM’s on the other hand tend to not have generic GPU Graphics drivers and their graphics driver support in lacking compared to say Nvidia’s, AMD’s, and Even Intel’s generic graphics drivers/driver support and update cadence.

      With regards to any bugfixes/realses that will no longer done for 2.79 will that include security fixes also?

  37. Is there going to be any commitment from the Blender foundation for maintaining the Final Pre-Blender 2.8(2.79b/whatever) version on a longer term basis to support some older hardware that can not make use of Blender 2.8.

    Maybe there can be some extended support for a few more years because there are more Pre-GCN AMD diecrete mobile laptops out there relative to the numbers of GCN laptops that have not as much market share compared to the Nvidia GPU based laptops.

    I’d like to see maybe some more support even for 2 more years for the Final Pre-Blender 2.8 release(2.79b/etc.) because of the actual population of AMD Rebrended Terascale 7000M series laptops that have been selling up to as late as 2015-2016 that was a rather large percantage of AMD’s sales at places online and other retailers like MicroCenter/Etc.

    There also needs to be more help from the Open Source community in promulgating step by seep instructions on how to transition older laptops to Linux with a focus on getting these older windows 7 based laptops up and running with Linux and Blender 3D/etc. January 2020 is fast approaching and for consumers there will be no options for purchasing extended windows 7 updates until 2023 like the Enterprise/Volume Licensing customers have the option of Purchasing from MS extended windows 7 security updates until 2023.

    This in an envoronmental issue also for the Blender Foundation/Linux community as there are still millions of older laptops worldwide that are still usable and really should not be made obsolete. Getting some form of funding source earmarked for the Transition away from Windows 7 and over to Linux should have been on the Open Source/Linux OS foundations’ RADAR for at least a few years now and a perfectly working laptop is a terrable thing to go to waste.

    I’d also like to see the Linux Foundation and Blinder Foundation try and offer more AMD Raven Ridge APU support(Documantation and How TOs Mostly along with drivers/etc.) for products like Mini the Desktop Form Factor ASRock A300(AM4) series bare bones system that represents the first of its kind(Mini Desktop STX MB AM4 platform) that has suppot for AMD’s Zen/Zen+/Vega integrated Graphics Raven Ridge desktop/mobile APU SKUs.

    Getting more Linux support for AMD’s newest APU offerings should be a priority for the open source community. Hopefully there will be some Linux OS Laptop/PC OEMs that will begin to offer AMD APU options in thir respective product offerings and currently AMD’s 2nd generation Raven Ridge/Picasso(3000 series) APUs are starting to appear but still no Linux OS laptop OEMs are offering AMD APU based options.

    There will probably be, over the longer term, more Vega Graphics in use via AMD’s integrated Vega graphics than there will be in discrete GPU based Vega graphics. So the numbers of Raven Ridge APU based Laptops and APU based desktops with some form of Vega integrated graphics wil be rather large even compared to the Discrete Vega GPU numbers and total user base. Both First generation Zen/14nm Raven Ridge APUs(2000 series) and the Zen+/12nm Raven Ridge Picasso(3000 series) APUs will be using Vega Integrated Graphics so that’s millions of Integrated Vega based APUs in low cost Desktops/Mini Desktops and laptops that will be around for years to come and that installed user base of integrated Vega Graphics is just getting started so that support is essential for Blender and Linux.

    One need only to look at Intel’s Graphics Market share(100% intergrated graphics based) currently and see how that dwarfs the remainder of the Graphics market’s installed base. So AMD’s Integrated Graphics(Vega Based) that comes along for the ride with any Raven Ridge Mobile/Desktop APU will also be rather large compared to the diecrete GPU market in a similar manner to how Intel’s integrated is everywhere currently.

  38. I work with a 2012’s macbook and 2016’s iMac and Blender goes well right now. What about if I want to update my Mac with an external gpu? Could It work a better and fast performance in Blender?

  39. Como va con la rx 580 ya que esta barata para linux? Funciona todo?. Seria bueno hacer un ranking de las mejores tarjetas y cpus con sus respectivas pruebas y si funciona todo tanto en eevee como en cycles. Gracias Blender!!

  40. I completely agree with Cobra. Ten years is way too long – no more than five should be the minimum. I get why they’re doing it, but I really doubt most people have cards that old

    • I do. Remember Blender until recently has been something to do on the cheap or for those with limited resources. No doubt many people in poorer countries were able to do cg because of it. Blender was built up by voluntary participation of a community. Granted today that seems to have flipped and now Blender is for pro artists with the latest hardware and we are obliged to pay developers to do the code and for stuff behind a pay wall with the cloud.
      I wouldn’t like to see Blender burn off the hobbyist or 3rd world user just because we have the runs to cg glory. I would rather see 10 yrs than 5 at least as basic functionality.
      I accept that rendering by gpu has limitations for support however.

      • I fully agree, I have a geforce 9500gt, concludes: the elder scrolls v skyrim, Far Cry 3, grand theft auto 4 etc. Game CS: GO. do you mind running all those games, why can not I be able to create assets in blender? only want to discontinue the 2.79 kkkk. look at the power of my board->

        • I wanted to say that in this line of reasoning, blender administrators / owners will want to get rid of blender 2.79 and I will not be able to use 2.8

          ps: I’m Brazilian and the google translator is messing me up

  41. 7000 series GPUs from AMD are not all GCN based and most of the Tech Websites forget to include AMD Disrete mobile GPUs when discussing that 7000 being some magic number that guarantees that the GPU is GCN. I have a mobile Radeon 7650M based HP Probook and Blender 2.79b and blender reports that as Turks.

    Device: #0
    Device Name: Turks
    Device Board Name: AMD Radeon HD 7650M
    Device Vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Device OpenCL C Version: OpenCL C 1.2
    Device Profile: FULL_PROFILE
    Device Version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1573.4)

    Wikipedia lits the device as:

    Radeon HD 7670M
    (Thames Pro)
    TeraScale 2 (40 nm)
    January 2012 launch date.

    So that’s a Rebranded GPU and there a loads of Laptops that come with mostly TeraScale GPUs as AMD’s newer GCN did ont see as much adoption as Nvidia’s Discrete Mobile Graphics in laptops.

    The laptops is running a Ivy Bridge Quad core i7 so that’s :

    Device: #1
    Device Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
    Device Vendor: GenuineIntel
    Device OpenCL C Version: OpenCL C 1.2
    Device Profile: FULL_PROFILE
    Device Version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1573.4)

    My biggest concern for Linux is the switchable graphics between the Intel Integrated Geaphics and the Radeon 7650M(TeraScale Rebrand) graphics.

    So the HP Probook came with a Windows 7 Pro Factory downgrade via windows pro downgrade rights and the laptop shipped with a windows 8 Pro License. So I Have to decide if I want to install 8 and upgrade in place to 8.1 via the laptop’s windows 8 licensing or try some Linus distro and maybe hope that Blender 2.8 will work out on the laptop. I can not cycles on the 7650M anyways because it’s not at least GCN 1.1 for Cycles compatibility .

    It looks like it will have to be Blender 2.79 always for all my laptops with the newest having only a Ivy Bridge CPU withe the remainder of my laptops Sandy Bridge and 1 intel first generation Core i3(Arrandale) CPU.

    The driver is dated:

    12/3/2014 Ver 14.301.1003.1003.

    So that’s a good while ago but that’s the last update I can find for the ProBook so it looks like I’ll have to Try out Blender 2.8 and see.

    I really wish that AMD would at least Partner with one Linux OS based Laptop OEM for some Raven Ridge APU support because that Integrated Vega 8, 10, or 11 graphics will outperform my 7650m for many tasks. That AMD Ryzen 7 2800H is a mobile SoC that supports Vega 11 graphics and woule make for a great workhorse Laptop variant with plent of Integrated Graphics performance for at least Blender 3D mesh model creation as well as Texture/Assets creation on a laptop form factor.

    I have yet to find any Laptop OEMs making any regular form factor/desktop replacment laptops but that AMD Ryzen 7 2800H would make for a very nice replacement for my current IVy Bridge based Probook with that Discrete Mobile Radeon 7650M(TeraScale Rebrand).

  42. My GTX 780 is “compatible” and running on Mac OS 10.13 but I still have issues with Eevee. Textures do not display, nor do volumetric effects. Blender 2.8 on Mac still has a way to go.

  43. “GeForce 200 series, Quadro with Tesla architecture and newer are supported on both Windows and Linux”
    Now go easy with this one, this is only partially true. While Some people said Cycles works ok on Linux Mint, I screamed my lungs out when I tried on Fedora. I installed the nvidia drivers, reinstalled the system several times, wasted almost a week with this bullcrap, IT DOESN’T WORK ON FEDORA. And I tried this on 2 or 3 versions. Last time the problem was a version mismatch of GCC compiler.

  44. Any news on the RTX Optix ray tracing acceleration and Real time ray tracing for eevee ? Our RT cores can’t wait for this :) ! 18% of people who render on gpu on blender artist are already using an RTX

    • You can get more information here:

      • Blender should not waste time to support RTX, this is a proprietary, non-standard, non-core specification of Vulkan (this is a vendor prefixed extension that only work on NVIDIA cards).

        This is toxic to the graphic ecosystem. What would be Blender if OpenGL didn’t exist and it had to be re-written for DirectX, Metal, etc. for each platform ? What would be the web if every browsers had their own API instead of the web APIs ? Supporting OptiX, RTX, CUDA, EGLStreams, etc. is like encouraging Browsers to support Flash, -webkit-, -ms-, -o-, -moz-, and other non standard Web APIs.

        NVIDIA is making the world a hell for programmers (just an eg : and we are happily encouraging them.

        Wasting time to support RTX would be literally Blender dev working at the service of NVIDIA, and encouraging them to screw-up standards, all this partly paid with donation from people who might have an AMD card (from a company that support standards and don’t attempt to mess with them). So we are awarding people for buying cards from a company that don’t give a crap about open standards and make developer jobs a hell.

        Moreover if NVIDIA want Blender to support them, maybe they should start by supporting Blender… Nvidia is making billion $$$ and they are not even here !?

        Also, RTX being designed by NVIDIA for NVIDIA, there are a lot of chance than when Vulkan will standardize a RayTracing API, it will be entirely different from the RTX API and will require devs to re-implement everything.

        • I support this comment in its totality.

          Open standards are the way to go. allowing a video card manufacturer to dictate those standards in a proprietary way is just plain stupid.

          It is likely to come back and bite.

          New to blender. now looking for a video card and find I have to get nvidia or take a performance hit. WTF!

    • Full RTX support is the only thing I miss in Blender. This should be the top priority for the developers right now, in my opinion.

      • Sorry but this is really shortsighted. Obviously fixing workflow-braking bugs and adding missing production features is more important than faster renders. Cycles can render in 2.8 and if you really need to make it faster you can add more GPUs. Buying new card won’t magically add asset manager, overrides, udim support etc etc.

        • Sorry but I have almost dozens of GPUs connected to my computers right now and I can’t connect more. With a little help from another apps outside Blender, you can do anything in 2.79. Things like asset manager are nice to have but you can live without it. Faster renders means months of waiting gone, asset manager maybe few minutes at best. I am not against anything that makes Blender better, mind you.

  45. Even if they had decided to bet on Vulkan the supported hardware would be inferior but surely there would be gains in quality and performance, I think it is something that would be bearable and would give greater longevity to the code with a view to the future.

  46. 10 years back is actually very forgiving, people should upgrade if they are really into 3d in general even 5 yrs old cards is considerably outdated and as you can see even GPU manufacturers are not fixing their own drivers…i it’s best to spend that time on other areas that needs improvements instead of trying to do this ridiculous backward compatibility and the community should be more up to date with their hardwares and stop hassling devs with outdated tech.

    • Yeah, in 2018 I was so excited when Blender 2.80 alpha was released. I’m still pretty new to Blender and I thought that if I wanna get serious I need to get a better PC and the best graphic card I can afford. Then I get myself a (secondhand) GT 730 with 1 GB GDDR5 (which was released on June 2014). I must say that this card is already good enough for EEVEE rendering in Blender 2.8

    • That kind of comments irks me to no end. Not everyone can afford to upgrade, whether by buying a new laptop for those who have to work with laptops, or new components for a desktop. Some people are barely getting through the month, such an extra spending is way out of their range.
      I thank the people of Blender for trying to ensure that the new version is compatible with as many GPUs than possible.

      • So don’t buy new, even if you just put $2 aside every month within a year you should be able to afford at least something modern enough for a gpu.

        • What calculation was that?
          my plate (gpu) is very good
          and it looks like it did not support blender 2.8
          even though it’s opengl 3.3 and running games like the elder scrolls v: skyrim and CS: GO … http: //

          current cost $ 79.10
          Cost when I bought it – $ 150

          I think $ 24 can not buy kkkk
          remembering that blender is open source, and its majority is

          Brazilian minimum wage $ 249.82.
          basic basket here $ 124.24
          spent on transportation $ 82.36

          there left over $ 43.22. but I did not mention the cost of light, internet, water, etc.
          usually nothing left over, and we bought less items from the basic basket to compensate

          • Yes, not all people has money, each country or even city or neighborhood has their relative condition.
            As a Brazilian, I could say You can get even old free Cards donation, that many users left sometimes to trash.
            – You can go to some good architecture companies and ask for donations for old cards.
            – You can go to electronic trash receivers.
            – You can get cheap cards from gamers
            – You can get relative new cards from auction of Receita Federal

            Or simply does not use evee. Evee is cool, but to became productive and creative its not a Must.
            Learn and work hard. If you get solid skills, you can done good works for Architectural companies, Furniture Companies, and in the time you can make yourself a professional. Even in portuguese are good tutorials sites, Youtube channels, and community to help. Or even, help to solve bugs in opensource drivers. Yes, of course Use Linux.
            Rendering can also be done free online.

        • You can buy an new open-box Nvidia Quadro P400 for $50, P1000 for $100, P2000 for $300 or less. There is really no real reason to complain.

    • Some people like me aren’t very happy about throwing away perfectly capable and working computers. I think it’s very wasteful and irresponsible mentally. My Thinkpad x200 laptop was released almost 11 years ago, but it still works perfectly well and fast for pretty much anything, including modeling, animation, and rendering with Blender 2.79, watching 1080p video, web stuff, using today’s year operating systems without any slowdown, etc.

      Now Blender 2.80 doesn’t work at all, and it’s disappointing for me to see.

      Maybe the Blender developers have a very good reason to drop support for those older GPUs – I’m not sure, because I don’t follow all the Blender development that much anymore. But seeing someone say it’s ridiculous to care about supporting hardware older than 5 years is a very annoying for me to hear.

      Stop being so wasteful. Think about the consequences of your actions, beyond just looking to get the latest and greatest new thing all the time, while throwing away your older phones and laptops every two years. Laptops and phones aren’t getting that much better every year as people would like to think – the year-to-year differences are actually pretty insignificant and it’s mostly artificial obsolescence based on software that makes older hardware seem unusable.

      • believe it or not i am from a third world country, but i work my butt off for living and doing 3D as a small freelance job which is little here yet i managed to upgrade every few years from saving little bit here and there ,so i imagine others don’t even have the same living obstacles that we have…..the devs are doing their best but at one point this catering needs to stop, find a job save some money and upgrade even if just graphics card will do the job.

        • Who cares that even you can afford to be wasteful and throw away working hardware every few years. That wasn’t my point. My point was, you shouldn’t be wasteful, even if you can afford it to be.

          • Same here, but I’m using a T400. My reason is to avoid proprietary firmware and device drivers. Blender is said to work better on Linux, but Linux works badly on my i7 7500U laptop, so in the end we’re still pushed by things into Windows, the priorietary land?

          • “While Blender does not officially support such older hardware, we do not prevent Blender from running on it. External developers may contribute patches to improve hardware support if said patches are not too cumbersome.“ There is this too.

      • Please don`t complain as you can still use blender 2.79 right. Complaining about not being able to run the latest software on older hardware is just not fair. My first pc was a Pentium 75 with 8MB (Not 8GB) system memory with no dedicated GPU. What would you say if I try to complain about not being able to run blender 2.82 at my old station? You have your own perfectly operable software on your older hardware, And there is this NEW hardware that is still capable of running on some OLD(10 years is old by any technology standards) hardware. FYI I’m using a GTX 570 which is a 10-year-old GPU that can be found around 20 USD or less. So there is that.

        • The difference between your Pentium 75 with 8MB and my 15~ year old ThinkPad x200 with 8GB is that, while you can’t practically run anything on yours, I can run everything on mine (apart from modern games). And it works perfectly fast even today, and it’s even better and faster than a lot laptops you could buy today, brand new! I know what it was like in in 90s, but we aren’t in the 90s anymore – computers and don’t get that much better anymore. Thinking you need to buy a new computer or a phone every 2-3 years it’s just a bad and wasteful mentality.

    • I can’t believe you even said that.. When 2.8 releases, I want to practice sculpting, grease pencil, and compositing on my surface, blender 2.8 was suggested to me over everything else. By your logic, I should buy a new 1200$ tablet just for blender?? Yea right. I’d go right on over to something else. Grease pencil is not even appealing if I can’t use my trusty surface pen.

    • Blender isn´t used only by professionals in the 3d area. Around the world, in all level of economy, educational Institutions and people that don´t have too much resource to update their machine can be benefited with these requirements.

    • You know, this comment makes me very disappointed in humanity, Blender is an open source software, therefore anyone can use it, weather they are poor or they are very rich, if you think that everyone can afford an upgrade in 5 years interval, maybe they shouldn’t download blender in the first place, buy maya or something, they at least those require modern hardware to run on because they are production 3d software, we download blender cause we want to learn, to be creative, (im not saying that blender cant be use for production) im saying that if you have too much money to spend around, maybe you should consider buying maya or other production 3d software.

      • Have a sick of people who trow out Blender as not professional software (just for hobby) because it’s free, they are jealous or something else. Blender now is grow as professional software and can give more then payable one. Little by little, studios and freelance professional move from Maya and 3DSMAX to Blender, the time is come. It’s absurdity to buy Maya or something other even for professionals, when Blender support new hardware. Because some of those professionals use free software as well. But Blender devs understand peoples situation and give them possibilities to get fun even on older GPU, while Autodesk not – they are to greedy and stubborn.

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