Blender 2.8 Beta and Roadmap

We are currently an estimated 2-3 weeks away from releasing a 2.80 Beta version, which will have all the main features that will be in the 2.80 stable release.

Currently, a few areas area still being completed:

  • Stable and well documented Python API for add-ons developers.
  • User interface for Collections in the 3D viewport.
  • Keymap for left-click select that works well with the new tool system, and a new keymap compatible with other software.
  • Making image empty objects a fully-featured replacement for background images.
  • Restore support for all the physics systems within the new dependency graph.
  • New subdivision surface and multi-resolution modifier implementations based on Pixar’s OpenSubiv.

Blender 2.80’s viewport and EEVEE work better on many graphics cards now, but there’s still a long way to go to find and work around the quirks of the various graphics drivers and optimize performance. Besides this, bug fixing and user interface polishing is ongoing; with the stable release expected in early 2019.

What’s Next

After the first stable release we will go back to doing frequent releases, and incrementally add more features and improvements in Blender 2.81, 2.82, and so on. We will be defining the roadmap for them in more detail as we get closer to starting work on them.

There’s a few features that won’t make it into 2.80 that we plan to add in following releases, particularly Asset Management and Overrides. Both projects are quite advanced in terms of development but they need testing and design. Furthermore, two significant projects that are in early stages of planning are the Interactive Mode, and the Everything Nodes project to make Blender’s animation, particles and modeling toolset more powerful.


But we also want to hear from you, the community, to gather what the most important things are for us to prioritize. More EEVEE features? Better texture painting or sculpting tools? Improve performance in big scenes? Or better interopability with other software? Work on these future releases is still a while off, but you can let us know what your top priorities are in the comments.

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  2. integrate hardops as an inbuilt addon in blender so that it can save lives of countless hard surface model enthusiasts with low budget

  3. A simple shader node that combines 2 normal maps would be very handy.

  4. I am a long term fan (and donator wannabe) of Blender, but the lack of basic CAD features force me to keep using paid software on my practice and teaching work. Do you imagine how many guys are frustrated with the limitations of Sketchup and also don’t want to keep paying for Revit/AutoCAD? I still dream with:

    – Basic CAD editing tools
    – Basic snapping
    – Basic measuring tolls + customization to comply with drafting and documentation norms
    – Simple plot options and multi viewport

    Keep the good work!

  5. I think you have to do something with light power units because all game engines use normalized intensity + range + attenuation curve. The current system with “watts” makes it near to impossible to have a consistent lighting setup across the whole pipeline for the game assets. For example now it’s impossible to know which distance the light will travel per each Watt. For example, if you have 60W light source – where the light will decay exactly?

  6. It would be nice if Blender will implement HumanIK (Maya/MotionBuilder) similar/alternative rigging system for humanoid and quadruped that will be able to edit motion capture data.

  7. It seems that the new sculpt circle following normal disappears when you start sculpting. This is a regressed feature of 2.80. Is there a setting to make it always on? And how to change the color of that sculpt circle. The orange on orange is harder to see. Thanks.

  8. Please want support Arabic
    There is a problem after sculpture I go to the layout page when pressed the program comes out on its own and does not save the project
    We want the auto-save feature within a specific time or automatic
    We want to facilitate the installation of materials
    And you know the program but I am very pleased with it I gave up 3ds max + maya + zbrush
    Not all are equal to blender
    thank you

  9. It would be cool if the coordinates ( XYZ RED GREEN BLUE) doesen’t disapere, when you scale/rotate or move something. couse many times i press the shortcut keys and than try to figure out witch way to move/scale/rotate.

  10. A master list of features list that are not yet implemented/enabled in Blender 2.8 that are from older versions of Blender that are scheduled to be supported at some point in time such as being able to use the Select/Deselect by Vertex Group in Blender 2.8.

    So I’m not talking about any features that will never make it/were never scheduled to make it from Blender 2.79c/earlier into Blender 2.8 but some features that are indispensable for mesh manipulation when any of those select by trait/similar functionality simply are insufficient for some mesh manipulation/editing workflows. So Assigning some mesh Vertexes to a Vertex Group and being able to select/deselect by a Vertex Group is very handy to have available.

    The ones that are getting that “Not yet implemented” message in the UI is there some master list/outline or a feature implementation timeline.

  11. 1) Large scene performance improvements and asset management.
    2) Rigging improvements
    3) Animation tools and improvements

  12. Could you please add one simple addition thing. Maya style pivot use with one Key and two clicks to manipulate pivot whatever you like at any possible way, snapping to edges, polygons, vertex and etc. I’m sure all non Blender artists will say thanks for that and will start use Blender.

    Will an Asset Manager for 2.81 have this functionality? If I understand correctly – no.
    I need a manager of the materials used in the scene. With the possibility of organizing materials in the collection. With the ability to delete unused materials, delete duplicates with the same properties, delete duplicates with the same names (001, 002…).

    We have a window for managing objects – Outliner.
    But we do not have a window for material management.

  14. The biggest problem for me is that instances of blender 2.8 still calculates all the poly count of objects. And there is no LOD in 2.8
    So i cant build big scene in blender 2.8
    Really hope it will be solved in next edition!!

  15. 1)Materials and Textures.
    2)Materials and Textures.
    3)Materials and Textures.

  16. Forgot to add…great job on Blender 2.8 guys! I love it!

  17. A greater ability to import and connect a motion capture (.mhw) to an armature. I know that there are a number of plugins that can do this for version 2.7x, but they don’t work very well in 2.8. I think that this kind of functionality would work well as a native feature. I spent days looking for a solution, but failed miserably.

  18. I’m just a ‘recreational’ user of Blender, I’ve already jumped to 2.80 and I’m loving the new UI and features. Eevee is amazing, I’m doing stuff on a humble £150 laptop with 4GB and a Celeron that I couldn’t dream of before – and I’m learning so much more generally.

    I cannot thank you developers enough, I will proud to make a humble financial donation in the near future. Thank you again.

  19. I’ve tried Blender many times in the past and always get frustrated by user-interface and non-standard keybinds (being Maya/Max user for ages),
    but 2.8 is a game changer, I switch to blender immediately, setup maya keymaps, create my first addon, customize interface and BOOOM…I’m a blender user, officially! :)
    Cheers to Dev team, great job

  20. In my opinion the only one thing tha the 2.8 lose for the 2.7 is your performance for playback animation. With a normal rigs we easyly gets 24fps playback with 2.7. But on 2.8, even with the minimum scene assets and symplify activeted, its very hard to get more than 12fps. Thats is demotivating for character animation work.

  21. More people would enjoy animating if it worked faster,
    By simpler render engines (NPR perhaps), or by better denoisers.
    Using knowledge of past frames could speed up rendering, with 24fps changes we could allow for some temporal smoothing or likeness to assume a colour based on previous frame.

  22. If all the users of blender donated a few bucks every year, something like the price of a one days lunch takeaway, blender could then hire almost 10 to 20 full time staff to make it a pro program in the shorted time possible.. We all want free shit, but we are using someone else’s free time to make us happy. We have become users and not givers. Imitating politicians and the 1%. It should be a fair, give and take policy. If you are whining and not donating or not willing to, while you make money off blender or will do, then you are being selfish.
    I just downloaded blender, and I did donate some monies. I already know max,sd,sp,moi,adobe,md, I am still contemplating learning Ue4 for real time or houdini. But these are huge programs to learn.
    We learn but do not create. I like that blender as potential. but to maximize that potential, it needs to be on the fast lane.

  23. when is 2.8 final going to be released. All the text I’ve read makes it seems like it’s perpetual beta.

  24. Well,

    Parametric CAD solid style modeling would be great, with sketching and all. Maybe in 3.0 :)

  25. Oh nooo. Left click per default.

    I happy to announce my Right-Click per default addon.
    It uses NVidia RTX Cores for realtime raytraced inversion and fast click signal denoising.
    I will release it soon on a subsription based pricing model around 49€/month.
    By choosing 577/year payment option you can export it even to fbx.**Includes all future FBX SDK s.

    It s designed to run cross platform. *
    Source code not included.

    AMD Users or when you will save some money you could use old preference menu. But you will loose some productivity.

    *requires NVIDIA RTX Cores
    ** requires Installation of Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and FBX SDK 2019.

  26. Hi to all,
    i think a really great feature would be an export plugin to generate a interactive 3D-View for those who don’t have Blender. Such as PDF 3D. It would be useful to send clients a 3D PDF to rotate and pan arround the rendering. So a *.u3d or stand alone format is my wish to show all people (even those, who use an ipad…) the stuff made with Blender.
    By the way: Blender is such a great tool!

  27. 1)Terrain editor and Height Maps (import/export) compatible to other 3d applications.
    2)Materials-textures for A.N.T.Landscape.

  28. I´d like to recommend, propose focus on:

    FBX support, for real, like, embedded textures, animation clips with custom naming, export different animations on different files as an option, etc…

    Like 3DsMax Game Exporter, but actually working, since max´s exporter is broken since release for multiple files export.

  29. Loving the Grease Pencil for 2D animation! … I think One thing that would make doing 2D cleanup animation faster is if you had a 4-point 2D vector blob tool with 8 bezier curve handles… this would allow clean vector curves on character clothing items and body parts. The C-curve and S-curve tools are okay for this… but it takes a little more crafting to use them effectively as fills. But I’m all good… you guys are amazing!

  30. Hi all blenders !
    I have MacBook Pro 13″ 2010year, 2,4 Ghz inel core 2 duo, 8gb ram, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256Bb. OS X El Capitan. I have noticed problems with options such as adding shadows in matcap shading and adding materials – Blender shuts down or stops working. It happens also with other options during modeling. Can you tell me – is it a fault of my computer or because of not stabile beta version ? I am wandering if I will be able to continue my work when new version will come and I should wait or should I buy new computer ?

  31. Hey, Blender’s internals still seem to using limited resources for viewports, animation previews, and pre-baking of simulations. I tried user preferences increasing resource usage but came up short. I get the same fps low framerate performance on animation previews on slower and faster systems (64gb+ ram, dual 1080s, etc.). The system becomes especially slow at higher vertex counts, even instances, but when I check resource usage, it does not appear that Blender is utilizing all resources available even though it starts to choke at higher vertex counts. Other gaming dev engines let me up the vertex count and number of instances without any problems. This seems to not have been updated since version 2.0 at least. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  32. I would most appreciate tools aimed at visualizing cad data and Archviz type work. Things that would help:
    1. Better snapping tools. Snapping on the object level in Blender is a frustrating process. We need a system that lets you pick a start point and an end point. More snap types would be nice too (mid point, origin, tangent, perpendicular, etc.).
    2. Improved import export of cad and other interchange formats – in terms of speed and compatibility.
    3. A way to accurately model lighting with real world lumen values and better IES implementation
    4. Better handling of large scenes
    5. A better wireframe mode: no more aa artifacts, ignore invisible faces when selecting, etc.

  33. Perhaps a dedicated motion graphics workspace and improve on that with tool set that is similar to cinema 4d motion graphics tools like (mograph) or like Maya that is now catering to motion graphic designers. I think catering to motion graphic designers would be a smart move because a lot of them are one person crews that generate impressive work very quickly and this would drive up interest in Blender and increase the Blender portfolio of what is possible just by one person and as a result increase funding and support more developers.

    • USD is a great topic to get funded by involvement of (more) studios with Blender. If six studios would sign up as Corporate Bronze on the development fund, they would facilitate a full time developer to work on topics they prioritize.

      Aside of that, studios can also assign an internal dev to contribute USD support to Blender directly, by getting involved!

  34. Please!!! Please!!! Return as it was!!! SHIFT+Z!!! Please!!!

  35. I think blender is a little behind in uv mapping.
    There are some of unwrap methods and tools missing.
    You can use maya and 3d coat as reference

  36. Sculpting as priority :)
    If Blender could manage high polycount number with ease it would be unstoppable.

    Also, make the input section on the user preferences more “user friendly”, I know this one is hard and probably impossible to achieve in the short run, but one way of avoiding it would be maybe to make the user to be able to edit/overwrite ANY shortcut from the UI and just overriding automatically the input section, cause when u want to assign a certain shortcut that’s already taken by other action it does nothing or it takes the older one as priority and it’s not being overwritted by the new one (Like it should)

  37. Blender 2.8 is great
    But there is a serious problem with the interface

  38. “Industry compatible” user interface. Yeah, tell that to Pixologic’s Zbrush that “nobody” uses because it’s “too hard to learn” and all. This is conveniently Autodesk friendly. But we’ll see.

  39. when i add an amage its disapeard,help

  40. Unity FBX Export

  41. Blender 2.80 is a milestone and I really love it!!
    But Blender still lacks fundamental CAD tools. I think this should be really prioritized in one of the upcoming versions (2.81, …). I can remember, when I wrote a mail to the developers in 2000(?) with the proposal of an Undo/Redo feature and 1-2 years later with the proposal of a snapping feature. They argumented, that Blender is for artists and not a CAD program ;-)
    I am sure, in 2020 we will have they most fundamental CAD tools in Blender and everybody will smile about todays argumentation as we smile now about lacking of an Undo- or Snapping feature!

  42. I really would like to see Blender not crash that often. I know saving is just Ctrl + S but it is so annoying and frustrating to get out of the workflow by it crashing so often.

    Keep up the great work! Really love what your doing!

  43. Is it possible to disable pie menus and get normal menus instead? I really dislike these pie menus. In my opinion it takes clearly longer to view around them and find out the right option. It’s a pain compared to menus in list form.

  44. Finally Blender has Left-Click selection! It feels so much more natural.
    But it is still not consistent in all parts of Blender. For example in the Grease Pencil
    Dopesheet I have to use Ctrl-Left-Click to select the keyframes. This is totally contra-
    intuitive. Of course normal Left-Click is needed to move the playhead, but as in every
    video editing software, it should be both possible by using simple Left-Click. There could
    be the following distinction: Playhead moves when clicking in the empty space between
    the keyframes. Clicking on a keyframe is selecting it.
    Or alternatively there could be an area indicating the frames or seconds which could be used
    for dragging the playhead.

  45. The function of vertex smoothing was absolutely spoiled. I used it with my shortkey on the fly, and it was my main working tool. But now, with all those ugly extra buttons and extra tools, this function was lost. Every option of the new viewport shading is awful, flat and doesn’t show the details. So, modeling process became very hard with version 2.8

  46. There doesn’t appear to have been a daily build of the macOS 2.8 beta for a few days now. I assume that’s a bug in the daily build scripts. Does anyone know where the latest 2.8 beta build for macOS might be found?

  47. it is really great, but the pivot/origin point still cannot be moved. Why no one asks for this so primitive feature…? It is so useful to have this, like a pivot-mode. So i have an script i cannot live without that does exactly this in 2.79, i called it pivot-mode, so that you can select the pivot/origin and move it, then press set the pivot to that position… but i expect this to be in the release and i am wondering, why no one needs this…

  48. Let’s please address the basic need for better documentation. Let’s just start with basic essentials

  49. I absolutely love what Blender is becoming. I learned about it 2 years ago, and the changes from back then are astonishing!

    The apperance of the editor in 2.8 has improved a lot. It has become a lot more intuitive compared to the previous versions. It was already good, but now it’s better.

    Now, with regards to what I personally would like to see more, I am of course biased:

    As I spend most of my time in Blender sculpting, I would like to see a better performance on the scuplting engine. I don’t know what else it could improve because I don’t have any comparison parameters as Blender is the only sculpting software I have ever used, but I think that’s pretty much what I’d like to see. Any other increments to the sculpting engine, whatever they may be, sound sweet.

  50. i want to one add spefication. when texture painting; clone target 3d cursor. it is good. but again clicking to mouse , painting lose to position. I want the position to continue. 3d cursor always follow to mouse when all click and release button. photoshop style. sorry for bad english..

  51. Better snapping tool, it’s should be prioritized because its very basic and important feature, blender should already have it like years ago after 20 years of development. Current snapping tool needs a really long step (and time) to do a simple operation like snapping two vertices. It’s a really big problem if you working an architectural project. Maybe blender studio should make an architectural project like high-rise building, with precision, sometimes. To know the struggle when you deal with a real project. With 2d cad made-in-rush drawing as base

  52. OH please tell me the blender game engine will be put back in the future its a great tool and extremely powerful I’d like to see it have even more integration ex play “the game” and have the ability to go back and edit the action you did then render it out from any angle you want.
    It would be a shame to have the blender game engine die.

  53. Auto IK/Fk snapping please

  54. See update:
    “Blender 2.80 Beta is available for download as a continuously updating build”

  55. I just want to thank all the people who are working on blender. Blender is the only 3D software I have ever used and I cannot imagine paying for something when blender is free and it’s as good as it is. So, keep up the good work and I look forward to the official 2.8 release.

  56. blender Eevee hair particles don’t resize, otherwise it is amazing

  57. Wow the guys working on blender have managed to push the software far beyond what i initially thought the program couldn’t handle or be ( a free one at that ), its truly amazing to see it grow in the manner in which it has now , keep it up guys & continue amazing us with this program !

  58. Hi everyone, I tried bake a normal map in 2.8 it looks quite strange, I tried to be same file in 2.7 everything is ok. Does anybody have the same problem?

  59. There was a bit of an update on the Blender Today channel in relation to the Beta. It is still expected to be released ‘soon’.

    • Pablo mentioned that Beta will probably release on Wednesday.

      Multi-resolution for sculpting was finally added back in (although still a little buggy)
      And the new settings menu was added.

      I believe these were some of the final features they were waiting on before moving from Alpha 2 to Beta.
      I’m hoping the bug tracker will open on Wednesday.

  60. – Cycles – Out-of-Core Geometry like octane 4
    – Cycles – Adaptive sampling
    – Cycles – Optix AI Denoiser
    – Increasing performance on big scenes

  61. Hey Guys,

    Long time user, first-time caller here.
    Just wondering if there is an update to release roadmap.

    I’m curious about eevee vs google’s Filament realtime renderer.

  62. blender, is amazing, as a free software, i am hooked.

  63. I’m gonna miss the BGE.
    Or not, I’m not gonna be using 2.8 for quite a while as I need new hardware that meats the new OpenGL requirements. I’d kinda enjoy a legacy mode for older hardware, but that’s kind of a silly thing to ask for considering I only really want that feature so I could save some money.

    • Seriously? You do 3D and your hardware is ancient? Is your PC from 1997? I think any PC from 10 years ago should support 2.8. In fact Blender has way too low hardware requirements anyway.

      • What do you mean by “hardware is ancient”? Hardware doesn’t make an artist. If it works, … it works.

        Use what works!

        • OK! Then use blender 2.4 and don’t complain that the latest version doesn’t work, Artist! After all you want to do digital 3D otherwise you can always use clay and cement to do 3D.

      • Hey, I’m not complaining about the new requirements, frankly it’s silly for me to expect them to support older hardware as the software would never innovate. It just sort of suck that in my current financial situation doesn’t allow me to experience that new sleek looking interface, though I don’t care about the new fancy rendering stuff as I use Blender primarily for making game assets.
        My computer actually had it’s 10th birthday in August. My system has been incredibly stable for the decade I’ve had it and have had no real need or desire to upgrade it. The GPU technically supports OpenGL 3.3, but I’ve always experienced visual glitches and severe performance dips with anything requiring it. The 2.8 betas boot on the hardware, but it’s not usable in the slightest.
        I can’t help but interpret your last comment as rather vitriolic towards artists. I kinda read it like: “Why don’t you go back to playing with rocks and play-dough, *Artist.*” I dunno, are you trying to be as condescending as your coming off?

  64. My space navigator 3D mouse has become such an important tool for me when I am working in Blender, that I am always nervous about each new version of Blender because – more than once – there have been problems with the navigator.

    I wish all Blender users – especially the developers – would discover how great is the Space Navigator in their left hand while sculpting and modeling with their mouse or tablet in their right hand. Then there would be an awareness of the importance in Blender versions to preserve its functionality.

    Thank you.

  65. 1) Everything nodes
    2) GLTF support

  66. Blender 2.8 has new “top bar” and “status bar”.

    Both could be closed with the mouse. But, after closed, they disappears entirely. There is no visual feedback showing, that there is a hidden bar around.

    Comparing to regular areas, a closed header is indicated with a little ‘+’ plus sign.

    For experienced users, this might not that much be a problem. But if we think about less experienced users, I guess, an indicator for closed top bar could prevent frustration.

    What do you thing about it? Do you think, indicators for top/status bars are nescesary?

    Please keep up with your wonderful work.

  67. Ummmm, yeah. Apart from the posturing, wish listing and my “Mummy is bigger than yours” comparisons going on here. Most of us have one question……..

    When exactly will Blender 2.8 be finally released? It has been more than 2-3 weeks since the announcement.

  68. Have you added industry-standard onscreen camera controls?
    Can the software now be used with a standard two-button mouse?
    Have you put descriptive labels on all the buttons and controls?

    I have tried many times to switch to Blender, and have been defeated at every attempt by the interface. It’s completely unusable.

    Even something as outdated as Poser has a better interface.

    • Blender has the most efficient and optimized interface ever seen in any 3d fx app. Maya or MAX or Houdoni or Poser or Zbrush interfaces are slow and uncomfortable fat toys compared to it. And very expensive in disc space screen and system resources.

      You only need to realy learn how to use Blender properly and read the manual.
      (I was teacher of Maya several times and know all the 3d apps indeed so i know what i say….)

      What developers try to do here is to make it even faster and better than ever before….

      Practice and deeper knowledge of Blender is what you need to make the change….
      It happened to most of us. Just give it time knowledge and more practice because it is worth to learn it well.

    • Two-button mouse is a standard? Really? What year are you writing from? 2000?

    • Most of the strange behavior of former Blender versions – some Blender fundamentalists claimed, that it is a feature – has changed with 2.80. Now it is left-click select, context menus, a modern viewport with good visual feedback etc. You should try it again!

  69. More performance. Mulithreaded and GPU optimized. Use OpenCL.


    1. Volume shapes and smoke/fire working properly in EEVEE (even if only by trick of an automatic render composition or particles thing….until fully solved?).

    2. Rotoscopy (video as texture) working in EEVEE. Cycles works fine here.

    3. Quicker interface and space optimization like in 2.79. Simplify things so we can do more tasks in less time.
    The less we move the mouse or press keys to create the same result THE BETTER!!!
    The less screen space waisted the better (many 3dfx artists use laptops….)

    4. General optimization with dynamic simulations and big scenes management.

    Other features can be improved over 2.81 ahead but i think those i mention above will define the future of Blender right now.

    • EEVEE is useless if Blender lacks the most basic modeling tool like loft or extrude along a path and the MOST IMPORTANT feature ABOVE ALL: THE CONSTRUCTION HISTORY.

      Therefore more CAD tools are ABSOLUTELY needed over EEVEE and similar stuff, at least if Blender Foundation wants to craeate a really 3DPackage for every day usage and I don’t think a common task would be create hollywood movie.

      • EEVEE has nothing to do with the modeling tools. Extrude along a path is an interesting feature in Maya, but it can be replicated in Blender either by using a curve’s ‘bevel object’ setting, or by using a curve modifier + array modifier.

        The construction history is absolutely not a necessary feature. Maya’s construction history is always in the way and forces you to pause your workflow to delete history in order to prevent crashes. Blender’s solution is much more elegant using the properties panel for adding constraints, modifiers, etc…

        Blender is not CAD software. If you are doing work that requires the precision that CAD software offers, then you won’t find what you’re looking for with Blender, it’s a different type of modeling software. You can’t expect Blender to do those things any more than you can expect Maya or 3DS Max to do those things.

        • If there were a construction history, it helps to build automatic procedures for modeling (copy, edit, paste, repeat) by associating – perhaps – with an asset manager for save configuration. If I wanted to apply, for example, the same values of extrusion, scale and bevel on the faces of an other objects, with the Constr. Hist. I could simply copy and paste the operations that interest me on the selected faces. Try to imagine how much work saved for n operation for n objects. With the same procedure I could build an application to model presetted objects inside Blender only by copying the operations, like macro.

          • We already have this functionality with the repeat history menu.
            Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re asking for.

        • I was referring to something like the Operator Stack of Softimage


          I did not remember there was this possibility in blender, but to the state it is today, it is cumbersome to exploit it properly.

          • You need to watch more tutorials on using blenders modifier stack… In 2.8 , modifiers can be stacked and applied in either object or edit mode … and even used to make procedurally editable objects…look for th tutorials on procedual modelling techniques with Blender… It sounds like you need a little more time with Blender… the new 2.8 tutorials will be coming out as soon as the beta is complete… they should be getting better than the ones made during the apha stages ( a bit premature im my own opinion, but impressive efforts by those who took a chance). If not being able to do a “particular thing” they way its done in maya, Max, Houdini or any other software stops someone… my experience is, they aren’t ready to give Blender a chance… they are looking for reasons not to switch…. fine… noone is making you use Blender… We do it because we can.

        • Completely disagree with you, you are simple defending the impossible, justifying without propose.

          1- “curve’s ‘bevel object’ setting, or by using a curve modifier + array modifier”: they act as workaround. Using these modifiers involve a lot of useless click here and there, are not fast as a dedicate tool integrated in the extrude tool, like “follow me” in sketchup, too far more simple without use any modifier.

          What is need is vvery simple: just select a component and a curve and extrude, nothing else. Would also nice a setting for rotating while extruding.

          2- construction history in Maya is buggy but… WHY I cant move an object without loose the construciotn option!?? Nonsense! If the topolgy is not changed the options should remain active!

          3- Again this fake reason “Blender is not CAD”: the LOFT operator is a BASIC modeling tool, like drawing a simple arc using degree.. Bender still lacks this basic tools, forcing a whole amount of workaround..

          Therefore Blender should give the possibility to click and drag when insert an object or primitive , because the 3dCursor is often lost in space, and I don’t want to track it just toinsert a new object: counterintuitive.

          in this way you are just defending the defects of Blender instead to improve it!

  71. I tried the latest build and…..
    The vertical tabs in properties panel are big mistake. Horizontal tabs were quick to work with. Also the xyz fields in 2.79 were more productive. Now you have to scroll more….
    Eevee seems to have more problems than previous builds.
    I think the interface funtionality is worst than in 2.79…. My opinion

  72. Where is the beta version is already pass 2 3 weeks .
    we would love start work in a more stable version

  73. What are the official channels to post suggestions for the next version where receive some real answers or feedback?

  74. Ho, Santa, I would love CAO/design oriented tools, ie Nurbs, cotation,…

  75. Will Eevee support panoramic camera setting (fisheye)?

  76. I have a very irritating bug.
    Every time I download 2.8 and start it once, as soon as I click something outside of the blender software, and then click back into blender, it crashes. This then happens too with 2.79. The only solution until now was to set my pc up again from scratch.
    How can I fix that?

  77. What about bringing eevee to 2.79 while we wait fo the next version?

    • Do you believe in magic?

      If you do then it’s possible as rosy flying unicorns!

    • in late 2017 there was a script for using EEVEE with 2.79… but for structural reasons, and improvements to quality, speed, functionality and features… 2.79 does not have the proper code foundation to keep up with the EEVEE implementation in 2.8… which is why 2.8 “is a thing”. Personally, I would be be happy if I could do a “clean direct import” from 2.79…(with or without animation, rigging, lighting or physics…but just the grouping, objects and textures and UVMapping intact). But i trust to do their best to make the final transistion to 2.8 as seamless as possible…
      2.8 is a new generation and sometimes that means starting over… It’s nice that they are letting us in on the process of developing a new generation of Blender…. Not every Software believes in that to the extent does…. So let us be respectfu and realistic and constructive with our suggestions (not critcising yours, marcus, just being realistic abot 2.79 and before…. 2.5 was a big step and certainly took a long time to fill out… into what eventually became the rock solid 2.7 series… but its time to move on to better, faster, more refined and powerful Blender.

  78. Beta at the end of 2019 and the stable release in 2020

  79. 2-3 Weeks. :)

    We’ve hit that mark, I believe, since this was posted.
    Can we have an update on that timeline?
    We’re all waiting anxiously for the stable beta release, and we thank you for all your hard work, devs!

  80. I am really disappointed with new interface. I hope the previous version will also be supported.

  81. Just wondering if there will be a way to transfer grease pencil drawings to other drawing programs, or just easily exporting layers to png (or any image format). For me, namely for Photoshop.

    I would image if not have some kind of export feature for grease pencil, not knowing any coding or scripting, I imagine easiest way is:
    there could be a script that saves every grease pencil layer to an image via the camera render.

    This new grease pencil version provides (in my opinion) THE BEST drawing experience I have ever had (photoshop, illustrator, toonboom, opentoonz, flash) not sure what exactly it is, but it feels amazing. Not to mention the smoothing features are very easy to use/don’t mess up the intention of the drawn lines like other program’s smoothing.

    I’m sure that some people who try the new version of grease pencil like me have plans to use it as a main drawing program and it would be great to easily transfer to raster version for programs like Spine or 2D Nima where photoshop/psd files are preferable for final files.

    Just hoping this gets passed along or someone sees that would make an addon script if there are not already plans for this.

  82. Please fix that transformation ‘concept’ before beta release!

  83. I would like that LMB remains as selection button.

  84. I would ask for just one thing :
    make the node editor from top to bottom flow not from left to right flow , i would like to see it as Nuke tree when i design my material or texture or anything else ?
    can you do this ?

  85. The View Performance is incredible slow on a normal PC.
    Seems like the antialiasing cannot turned off. Is this a bug or a feature?

  86. The main thing that I would love to see is material painting & creation similar to Substance Painter & Designer. A “lite” feature set offering the main functionality or similar to these tools right in Blender would be amazing!

    Aside from that, just more updates to bring Grease Pencil even further in line with the commercial competition, although it has already replaced them for me.

    This would make 3D/2D workflow completely in Blender for me.

    • Check out ArmorPaint, it is $19 now and may be Open source free soon. It offers a lot of features similar to Substance and Quixel. Allegorithimic is now and Adobe company fyi.

  87. After Blender 2.8 is released as final I’d love to see R&D refocused on how to bring some if not all of the powerful tools of Blender to the iPad Pro. I use Astropad Sudio but that requires being on the same WLAN instead of being able to use remotely on location, etc.

  88. I found Blender on Microsoft Store (

    Is this legit app from Blender Foundation or hoax?

  89. I’m just new with the use of the blender software….however i have seen the variety of commands and keys on it so i would like to received links to download the version 2.8 soon after the release.
    I currently have version 2.7 installed and am yet to learn the basics and featured functional keys and commands,panels and layers.Meanwhile my instructor advised using version 2.8 which i presume is the version 2.8 and supposed is created in three dimension to ease all animation works.

  90. Mantaflow or flip fluid please
    solidworks to blender with good conditions

  91. I’m wondering if there is still possibility that i learn Blender now when i’m 45.

  92. Well, the 2-3 weeks are now officially over!

    (Just kidding of course… Waiting with baited breath on what will come next.)

  93. I would love to see parametric modeling in Blender 2.8x. It was exciting to see this get a brief mention in the BCON 2018 Status Report video. With Autodesk buying up nearly every innovator that competes with Fusion 360, the best software options for jewelry design tend to run between $1,200 to $8,000 per license. Blender is already so feature rich, and contains most of the tools required. I believe that adding true parametric modeling capabilities would make a lot of up and coming product designers very happy.

  94. Hi,

    Great News !

    As for future functions, I remember a Mathilde Hampe with Tata Motors conference talking about blender and “The” missing function that will allow to use Blender for entertainment sector such as Industry : a clean Subdivision surface to nurbs exporter… like in Modo for example…

    Cheers from France

  95. I love the new features of Blender 2.8 and EEVEE. 1 feature I would like to have available is the Freestyle linework available, as I would like to see 3D objects realtime traced with linework alongside 2D grease pencil objects. Fantastic work, development team!

  96. I had guys who had never used 3D software try Blender. Well, everyone had trouble selecting items with the right mouse button. They find it unnatural. The second usual comment is: what’s the damn circular cursor for? How do you remove it? Personally I come from modelling experiences with Lightwave 3D and the right mouse button in the Modeler is connected to the lasso selection, which for me has become over the years the fastest and most immediate method to select vertices and/or faces of objects. Blender, in general, lacks the immediacy to comply with the standard approach modes, which are THE FUNDAMENTAL KEY for newbyes. It’s also why so many guys tend to leave Blender to use 3D Studio Max. Unfortunately.

  97. A better 3D texture paint tool that facilitates the creation and handling of PBR textures would be my first choice :) My second would be the Improve performance in big scenes.

  98. Hi
    Is it a plan for import and export file to After effects? Import camera data from After effects or export camera from Blender to After effects?

  99. Make the top priorities to improve performance in big scenes because there’s alot of architecture stuffs jobs out there. And also better particle system. Then more animation tools and vfx stuffs please

  100. A more advanced Bend modifier with handles so the bend location etc. could be controlled more easily, something like in maya would be super useful.

  101. I’ve added a few more wishes to my list of things I miss in Blender’s Sculpt Mode:

    • An alternate smooth brush mode that preserves volume.
    • A general smoothing tool to auto-smooth a complete mesh or a masked area (in stead of having to add and apply a Smooth modifier each time).
    • A general mask blur option, in stead of having to smooth the edges of each mask manually.
    • Easy extraction of masked areas into a new geometry layer with a desired amount of thickness (now you need a separate add-on for that).
    • The ability to manipulate unmasked parts like selections in Edit Mode: being able to move/rotate/scele those parts with a transform gizmo.
    • More options to establish mask shapes, like a circular mask.
    • Topological sculpting (like the Move Topological brush in ZBrush). Now you have to mask surrounding geometry each time.
    • Polygon grouping and smoothing of the polygon group edges.
    • A solid auto-retopology tool (like ZBrush ZRemesher or 3D-Coat Autopo).
    • Easy cutting using a custom curve or shape.
    • A tool to easily Boolean all intersecting parts of the same mesh (like the Remesh by Boolean deformer in ZBrush).

    • You talk about masking function but we still lacks some basic tools like extrude along a path..

  102. I do not understand when people (hates) complaints about Blender. I see no logic on it. If Blender developers bring Eevee technology to a successful beginning i think nobody will want to go back to the slow and uncomfortable standard industry apps anymore.
    Congratulations Blender team.

  103. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope you surpass expectations.
    By the way, I was wondering what kind of specs are you aiming at with Blender 2.80. I am asking because I tried using it with an Epson PC that uses an Intel Core i3-3210M (internal graphics) and Windows 7 32 bit, out of curiosity to see how low can it go.
    Yes, I am aware that Windows 7 is out of support :)

    • Please disregard my previous query. I just noticed the Windows 7 PC I was using had only 4 GB of memory.

  104. forget all other stuff and focus on state of the art for Rigging and Animation, 2020 is not so far and the project Ton promised should be already in the plan maybe, so we want the best tools for feature/VFX animation, this is after all the main functionality of 3d Softwares, blender systems are outdated TDs and Animators won’t find it friendly and useful in big production at least the work should be started when 2.8 is released.
    thank you.

  105. gime me more UV unwrapping functional PLS , i hope it is in 2.81 roadmap already

  106. A gear modifier would be cool. If you have multiple gear objects, and you could spin them all correctly according to a slider in the modifier, THAT would be cool. Just a thought.

  107. I hope the grease pencil animation tool is better than I hope! (I think it will!)

  108. So I’ve been asked a couple of time and don’t know the answer to this, maybe you guys can help?

    With all the new features and gutting of the ones, why is this just a small jump in version and not be called Blender 3.0?

    • So you have been brainwashed by Chrome, Firefox and all other commercial software that you need to put big numbers for even if just a letter has been changed?
      There were times when version numbers meant something. Currently they are a complete nonsense in a lot of the popular software.
      There was a time when x.x.Change meant small incremental changes and bug fixes. x.Change.x meant new features, and Change.x.x meant complete overhaul. These days version Change.x.x are nothing but bug fixes issued at a regular period. You cannot easily distinguish when major new features were introduced because there are so many big numbers, which is impossible to remember.
      Increasing the version number to 3 or 5 or 8 won’t make Blender any better. If they’ve kept up with the trend. Blender might have reached version 70 by now.
      Just imagine when in 14 years you’ll have to talk about Chrome 7312

      To summarize the point of the above firman: Stop caring about numbers and markings and better care about features, usability and stability.

  109. Are you trying to bring peope from Maya to blender or from Blender to Maya?
    The changes in the UI are Horrible!!!

    • Sure, maya users will stay on maya – usually maya users are participators of dev. teams (gamedev or FX). It is useless for blender to try replace maya. Just pipeline of this studious was growing for a years, and many of them don’t using maya actually, they use mel-script and actually they have an adopted and maya based pipeline that works. And even blender will be super cool (it is super cool) big studios will not switch to blender.
      Blender is a great colution for small companies&freelancers – for product viz, archviz, small games etc. And this UI changes are disgusting – because for almost 7 years from 2.5 there is a huge amount of plugins, tutorials and scripts anf other stuff. This stuff makes blender a super tool for some things (mesh modeling, texturing, retopology, etc). Now with 2.8 we will have EEVEE, but we will loose about 60% of addons (and there is no guarantee that addon mainteners will adopt their addons for 2.8), We will loose most stuff that worked fine in 2.79, it will need new tutorials, and other stuff.
      New UI every 7 years is a big marketing mistake.

  110. Any news on Vertex Color Alpha support? :) Those of us who create content for games has been missing this support for a long long time. Vertex colors are an extremely good way of storing information to use within game engine and with its shaders…

    Also what about cycles baking to vertex colors? Last time I tried development version of 2.8 it did not have support to bake any data into vertex colors. ( I could have missed it though..) Support for baking into vertex colors is something that would be more than awesome to have. Cheers! Keep up the good work :)

    • For sure! Baking material to vert colors [with Blender Internal] was a breeze and was my main reason for sadness in seeing BI go in 2.8. I really hope baking to vert color comes back in some form soon as there is currently no way I’ve found to do it either. In previous versions, a texture could be created in cycles by baking the material to an image then said texture baked to vert colors. The addon used to bake textures to verts doesn’t appear to exist for 2.8 though. :(

  111. Limitation of size is a true handicap for development. maybe it’s wanted…secret deal?
    some useless keys remain when very usefull keys were deleted. but after few hours they are back!

  112. The icons in the version of Nov. 8 are HORRIBLE …
    Very hard to read, not distinct enough from each other, overall a UI nightmare.

    Icons in the SHIFT+A menu = HORRIBLE
    Icons in the outliner = HORRIBLE
    (also have to mention that the layout of the outliner is not very clear and easy to read)

    Please tell me the final release of 2.8 will get different icons …
    Do you have a UI designer working with you?

  113. Please include the Manuel Bastioni Lab into the Blender core. Please join Manuel to your team. We need a very good tool for making humans. It is essential to have such a tool in a 3D software. Most users need good quality avatars. Hello, Ton and the others, we need to create humans in an easy way.

    Thank you!

    • Something like that would be good, but there are licensing issues with the Manuel Bastioni Lab. The generated characters are CC-BY which is going to cause problems for almost anyone creating commercial content. You couldn’t, for example, create a game using the Lab and then upload it to an app store, because the app store would apply DRM and that is prohibited by the licence.

      • Thank you for explaining! I must talk to Manuel. He has recently some problems with funds.

  114. Well, RTX features in EEVEE will be very usefull – it will help the archviz artists to migrate to blender from 3dsmax&vray tandem. Also eevee needs raytrace AO. Pretty much of freelancers are working in archviz in many countries and if they switch to blender – blender will be a new standart of archviz…

  115. hi

    When will the program release blender 2.8 ?

  116. Good news for Blender 2.8 and some BAD news..

    EEVEE is amazing but useless for everyday usage of 3d modeling. When people look at Blender want a tool for everyday life and not to make Lord Of The Ring 19.

    Nowdays we have drones, 3dprinting, arduino a world of new areas where use 3d modeling and still in 2018 we don’t have (at last for free):

    – Loft
    – Extrude (and rotate) along a path
    – Duplicate along a path (without deformations like in modifer “along a curve”)
    – be able to select a primitive and freely draw it on the grid (the 3d cursor is always around the space)
    – if the geometry isn’t changed RETAIN the building options

    Blender lacks some basic foundamental tool to do common 3d. We need at last BASIC CAD tool..

    and please PLEASE: rethink the usage of 3dcursor, it can be useful but at the moment its usage is weird..

    • I think that this is a more realistic goal for Blender – basic CAD, basic modeling and animation for indie game developers, etc.
      It can’t be a Houdini, Maya, V-Ray, Toonboom etc all in once but free and developed by a couple of people and some contributors. I wanted to participate in the code quests but after looking at the code I realized that it may take me years to get into it especially if I am not employed full time and mentored by Blender’s staff. I still have the source code and even tried to fix some things.
      So I’ll be better doing simple plugins in my spare time.

    • I think after a year everyday to study this soft, Blender is wanted not to be a threat for other paying software. this is the only explanation possible. imagine all the addons that could added directly in the soft. as for instance easy HDRI and not this actual shit…You have too add your HDRI in nodes in render modes after. wtf?? why not a simple button? I created a shortcut to add cursor in surface mode and 1 normal. is it so difficult? it was present in the option of the keys…and it’s RMB+shift and alt shift in surface mode. so I can’t move accidentally my cursor and don”t need a menu…the new property menu ok better presentation but why two useless lignes up? It’s difficult to see the bottom of each menu? nobody didn’t notice it? no something is wrong in all this.

    • no, the 3d cursor is a bomb! it’s helpful tons.

      • Yes it can be a bomb, but as mika said its usage has some diffculties, like moving it accidentaly ecc.

        I think Blender can reach or at least be comparable to Houdini thanks to some awesome addon like Animation Node and other, BUT is really absurd don’t have that basic tool like Extrude on path or Loft..

        not only, another problem afflict Blender: the developer community.

        Too many plugins are paid and some of them should be part of installation because are much important, the result is Blender is not REALLY free..

        In Sketchup 80% of plugins many of them are complex and powerful are totally free.

        So I think we colud apply some other business model , for example every user of some particular forum or community donate even one euro or dollar to Blender Foundation so they can integrate the paid plugin

        • have you tried using the curve modifier to extrude along a path?
          Blender allows anyone to make plug-ins for Blender…If you want to make them free… make them free… if you think you can do better enough to sell them… then feel free to be reimbursed for your efforts…
          Want to donate to the development fund towards better features? … they allow you to support them… and they are planner to make it easier to donate support specific dev. projects….
          Blender is Blender … not maya, Houdini, substance painter, AutoCad…. and as soon as it is …every maya, houdini, autocad user will complain that it “too complex” and hard to learn because it tries to do too much… Blender should keep refining and maintain its well balanced focus and versatility, while improving the areas most requested and actually used as the primary task next. You guys have been doing great so far… keep up the good work.

  117. Please update the Blender VSE. It has serious issues, such as choppy playback when applying effects. I was advised that the VSE codebase is old and needs an overhaul and it is hard to find someone qualified enough to handle this. I use the Blender VSE regularly, but only for small projects. It would be nice to use it for larger projects. Blender devs admit the “VSE sucks”, so if you could make it “suck less”, that would be fantastic.

  118. To make blender work with high poly models. By this I mean, when you go into edit more, it a object has 50-100k polys, thats usually when it starts to slow down. Slower and slower opening and not to mention that you can feel it getting slower, where compared to maya, that can work with millions of polys.
    In addition, this would open the possibility of doing retopology much faster, ease with sculpting and moving objects from zbrush.

    This is honestly the only thing I would like to request, as I am very happy with the rest =)

  119. More speed for renders, please. For slow PC.

  120. After reading all these requests I think that Blender needs just one feature:
    A HUGE RED BUTTON when you press it Blender will say: “Yes, Master!” and will immediately materialize whatever the user is thinking about. Let’s say he is in his 20s, male – Blender will immediately create a world without other men and 10 000 super hot chicks just for him!

    Good luck!

  121. Please do integrate VDB import for 2.80. Also, would there be a 2.7 release containing AO node and the new Principal shaders?

  122. I am using Blender for a couple of years now and work mostly on a iMac. Currently a iMac 2017 edition with a 5K display. I am following most releases from blender 2.8, but I can’t see the improvement in one thing and that is, the performance of fullscreen viewport mode. I seems very laggy in contrast to 2.79b. What is causing this?

    • Blender 2.8 being in ALPHA stage causing it. If you want truly compare 2.79 with 2.8 wait until it is released in early 2019. There is no point in talking about performance when almost every second day some performance improvements are taking place.

      • I understand that, but at home I have a non 5K display and there is no problem, so I thought it could have something to do with that.

        • Well, this is why they said: We don’t accept bug reports at this stage. You just have to wait. With commercial software and older development practices you wouldn’t be able to get a version to test well before the product is finished and only then you could provide your feedback.
          I wish I were able to use Blender 2.8 months ago. I tried it and soon realized that the features I needed are not complete and I shouldn’t even try to use it yet, except to check how it changed every week.
          So at the moment our options are:
          1. Wait
          2. Get together your coding skills, try and help to fix some issues
          3. Use it and suffer but don’t complain :)

          Imagine somebody bakes cookies for you and you grab one out of the oven 30 minutes before the baking time is up and you say: “These cookies suck! They are raw and hot! Inedible!”

    • BTW A few things: The software is not optimized yet. We also don’t know how they build the test versions. Maybe they don’t enable all optimizations too. Also blame Apple as far as I know they don’t care about OpenGL anymore so we don’t know how much effort they put into improving the current OpenGL performance and Blender uses OpenGL.
      Newer versions of OpenGL offer many new performance improving features. I don’t know if Blender uses any of them yet but even if it does in the future they won’t be available on MacOS anyway.
      To my best knowledge of CG APIs I expect that EEVEE will definitely benefit from using some of these performance enhancing features offered by newer APIs, which Apple doesn’t want to support. And it may take many years for Blender to move away from OpenGL.

  123. I think (texture) painting and sculpting tools tools would be the most beneficial thing to be improved as the next part of blender, it would be logical for me to improve and maybe combine this with the gained capabilities of the new grease pencil.

    When done in a clever way one could probably improve both the texture painting capabilities and also enable more 2d image editing capabilities for blender in one rush.

    It’s probably not worth to do it on a level that could potentially completely replace the very specialized texture painting applications in means of features and working speed when using these, as well as a dedicated 2d photo editing applications, but to a lever where one can also use even blender for a reasonable amount of 2d (photo) editing and texturing work. I think the potential to use blender for these tasks were already included in 2.79, but a nice integrated way to stack paint layers / groups with masks on them for textures / images without using a self made node setup to achieve the same effect would help as well as more brush and form tools and so on.

  124. I use the Boolean model extensively in working on models for 3D printing. The BMesh solver (in 2.79b) typically produces non-manifold models, so I always use Carve (which can be finicky, but more reliably produces usable models). I heard that the Carve solver is going away, so it’s very important to me that BMesh or whatever replaces Carve always generates manifold models.

  125. people should understand that Blender is a 3D package for animation first that makes making feature/Vfx films instead of trying to do everything…so developing tools for those are a must instead of adding scraps here and there, i am glad that the game engine is dropped and replaced with Interactive mode, there are many free AAA game engines who just need a seamless workflow between them…but many areas are still lacking and blender still way behind major programs which are used in the Studios, no character Artists or Animator will pick blender because of this, u can’t even make a nice interactive GUI to speed up your workflow, so i am hoping this will be changed in the near future and i think Ton is also realizing this too.

  126. – Better Bevel (mittering, Bevel after boolean alike modifier, etc.)
    – Boolean (Bmesh solver have often serious problems, and now without carve its harder to get intended result)
    – Integrate ‘Meshmachine’ ‘looptols’, ‘offset edges’, ‘edgeflow’, ‘mira’ alike tools and generaly more mesh modeling operators and modiffiers
    – Dense mesh editing performance
    – better Custom Normals support (im aware of normal+bevel GSoC, but its not there yet, it still need more work)
    – ‘Widget-ized’ and easier to use modal operators
    – Retopology dedicated tools and draw modes (eg. Retopoflow alike)

    Generally non-destructive and destructive mesh modeling tools and gamedev asset creation related stuff.

    For first two there is even potential developer candidate (HowardTrickey) that BF could hire ;).

  127. The only area of development I’ve been wishing for personally is physics. Ocean physics, rope physics, glass physics, hair physics—everything. I’ve seen the commercial for the newest release of Houdini: that’s where Blender should be headed—that and beyond. I’ve also seen demos from Siggraph 2013 and 2014 that made my jaw drop. They’re all on YouTube. Blender needs to match and exceed all competition in that area. Not being a developer myself I’ll have to consider scraping up pennies so you can hire one. Please keep physics on your agenda—somewhere near the top. And I’m not just thinking of Mantaflow or the Fracture Modifier. We need much, much, much more.

  128. So the great new idea is to copy Maya/Max’s horrible cluttered interface? The whole reason I don’t use Autodesk’s garbage software is because of their outdated 1990’s click button interface. I chose Blender because it is 100% faster to model with shortcuts and minimal mouse icon clicking. You just slowed down my workflow by x4 with each task having to take up to 4 steps or clicks that could be done in a single keyboard shortcut. You want to bring in a new user base by turning professional software into the horrible Autodesk interface. This is why nearly all of the models made in Maya/Max tend to look terrible. To add the necessary level of detail at the snails pace of mouse clicking is mind-numbing. Please offer the option to select the previous UI and Keyboard shortcuts. I’ll learn a new interface but you just cloned an old from 1990s and tried to tell us its the new way to go. And now people are cheering for this horrible UI and anyone who disagrees is told to learn the “new” one. 3D modeling in Maya/Max is physically painful and slow, now you just cloned that pain into Blender.

    • lol then how come maya is the industry standard? tons of movies and games were modeled and retopoed in maya which blender doesn’t even has a dedicated tools for it, u can’t even change opacity per object and talking about speed, studios seem to find maya much more convenient than blender ,modo, cinema 4D, means Autodesk are doing something right and not the amateurs models we see in blender…these changes is to get rid of that awful UI and mechanism that was built in blender like right mouse select..etc and i think they should get rid of the 3D Cursor and the fake user system too and all the old ways and make it more easily approachable than the weird thing that is.

      • You are right. I agree with you.

        • That is my point exactly. BLENDER IS BETTER THAN MAYA. Period.

          Don’t turn Blender’s interface into Maya’s because Maya UI is slower, clunky, an produces lower quality workflows.

          The new UI looks and runs way too much like Maya. It’s like the new developers hate Blender and wanted it to run and work like Maya, so forget all the userbase and make us agree with this change as “better.”

          I hate all of it regarding the new UI, so I’ll just leave this here:

          • u bring maya 1.0 when we are in 2018-19, drop the fanboysim and watch this…this is the future :)

          • That link about Maya is a great example why the Blender developers should not listen to the whining of the so called ‘experienced’ users.

            Unless the guy above is joking!

          • Is he serious?

            That link about Maya is a great example why the Blender developers should not listen to the whining of the so called ‘experienced’ users.

            Unless the guy above is joking!

    • Are you even a real, paying 3D artist? Because if you are and you work for any type of big studio you don’t get to choose your tools I guess?

      • The 3rd party renderers are not the point of the terrible UI being copied from Maya into Blender.

        The 2018 Maya interface still has literally the same gizmos it had since version 1.0 just in gray. My point is that it is not new, it is old trash. Maya is garbage at sculpting and tries to survive due to years of added features that can be found in much better software. Your link shows off Arnold, not Maya. Arnold having ripped off Blender Cycles heavily for its paid software solution (you can look that one up).

        My entire point is that Blender’s interface remains better than Maya’s from 1.0 to 2018, while “new” users keep whining that Blender is too hard to learn for them and that everyone should just use baby’s new interface copied from the 1990s. It sucks horribly, it is slower to work with, and no professional user is going to wade through menu trees and six+ button clicks for every action that they could previously do with a single click and/or keyboard shortcut.

        This is why every movie ever made with Maya sculpting still looks trash, from Toy Story’s deformed babies and humans to the current crap modeled talking Tigers that get saved from Maya’s horrible modeling through additional tools like Zbrush and Arnold.

      • And yeah professionals. We build our own production pipelines and spent a lot more of The Foundry’s, Arnold, Houdini, etc. Paid tools while entirely ditching Autodesk’s antique garbage to the past. Blender allows much more rapid development through its current UI. Maya is trash end of story. Don’t copy it. That is a step back and is not new in any form.

        • Also, to be very clear, I love everything else they did with Blender 2.8. Every feature, every tool, upgrade, everything. We continue to support the wonderful work of the Blender Foundation every year because of their dedication and talent.

          The only request I am was making is the simple option to customize the UI to retain the features and shortcut keys from 2.78. That’s it. To me discarding nearly the entire previous interface for a Maya clone to please lazy users is a slap in the face of users and trained teams that have spend years mastering the tool-set at a professional level. I am fine with updating as they have and combining redundancies, but just trashing the entire previous interface in favor of such users who prefer a casual and clunky point and click experience without giving pros the option to preserve their workflow or the option to customize is just a slap in the face.

          It seems we are not allowed to provide any critical feedback without getting mocked for not following the groupthink since my lobotomy hasn’t come in yet. Maya is just not the standard anymore and only continues to survive by adding features from other much better tools.

          Otherwise wonderful as always. Blender remains at the top as the best suite out there hands down.

  129. first of all congratulation for your work on 2.8 release.
    I tried to use it for a few hours . Y
    To my surprise the clean workflow of isolate object ,then modeling ,then texturing ,then rendering with the scene lighting ,then unisolate has been replaces by the so called workspaces.That is a reminder of a program called lightwave who had a separate modeler .yeah thats right to model something you have to quit the main scene and open the modeler . 90’s all over again. I used 3dsmax profesionaly since 2001 and blender 2.6x only since 2012 because at that time it was a huge leap on ergonomy from 3ds max.
    Maybe im wrong but your efforts on improving the program seems geared toward carreer building as workflow , layout, or icon designers. Great for you but confusing for the users.What is important like rock solid performance on heavy scenes , cycles improvements ,evee adition , is lost in a sea of ui ,icon ,and layout changes. the only weak point in blender 2.6x interface was for me the tools shelf on the left side of screen. changing that with a la 3dsmax floating windows was more than enough. At least you will gain some lighwave users:-)
    Wishing all the best for a piece a software that i use a lot and for a living.
    I hope that i’m really wrong due to lack of experience with 2.8

  130. Thanks for all of the great work. Will there be an option to change the User Interface back to advanced mode or will it all be icons going forward?

  131. Any support for RTX 2080 or the Ti Cards?

  132. A functional Outliner where it is evident that you are selected and with a good drag and drop

  133. First. Thanks. Blender has had a *huge* impact on my life. I’m a professional user and a University professor who uses Blender in my courses. Here’s some feedback:

    Alt + A to deselect all is proving to be a very difficult hurdle for me. I’ve been using the 2.8 alpha releases in an effort to get to know the new features and methods of working. I just can’t get past this one. It is *so* much slower than simply tapping “A” twice. I hope you’ll consider switching that part of the keymap back.

    The pie menu for viewport shading switching is nice, but maybe it should remain an option instead of the default. Also, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if I’m hitting keys in error that are putting me into some strange shading mode that I’ve never entered before, but sometimes when I switch between shading modes, I find that I can’t select vertices that would be visible in a solid-shaded viewport, when I’m in a wireframe viewport. I can select any vertex that wireframe mode “reveals,” but I can’t select vertices that would have been visible anyway. I also can’t find a way to reproduce this error consistently.

    Finally, the new gizmo (the circular one) gets in the way of vertex selections more than the previous gizmo did. Overall, these three problems have resulted in a massive slowdown for me when using 2.8 alpha. It might be user ignorance on one or more of these, but I figured I’d bring them up just in case.

    Again, thanks for everything. You people are the gold standard of amazing.

  134. Could it possible to make particle system works in node environment?
    I mean any particle options will be node like cache, physics type, forces, etc. which can linking each other. Link with object node to add object shape, link with force to add force, etc.
    And some math node and condition node , IF, ELSE, check intersect, and so on.
    Make particles portal node to crossing between systems to make physics state changing possible.

    With all of this can do alot of ‘fake’ effects which cannot do for now.

  135. One long-time wish of mine is the ability to have the result of a Shadow Catcher in a rendering with transparent background, skipping the need for a Compositor setup just to render something with a shadow on a transparent background.

    • My apologies, I just discovered that the Shadow Catcher doesn’t need render layer settings and Compositor hassle (anymore?). I was under the false impression that the process still required layers and the Compositor, sorry.

  136. 1) Recursive select (just the way it worked in 2.79 since it was very handy)
    2) Local View
    3) Flight Navigation (it seems to be different when evoked from searchmenu compared to blender 2.79 keymap)

    Follow up comment:
    I had a comment above which was more focused on blender in general, but I would love to add a few 2.80 release related things as well. Since I kinda lost track on some planned features, they might be part of the roadmap (or already implemented and I missed it) but for blender 2.80 I personally would love to use the ones above.

    I work with many objects and complex scenes at work (landscapes with lots of plants, objects and cars) and managing those scenes is easy with the above tools.

  137. I’ve been running 2.8 the last several weeks. Although many point can be better, 2.8 is still very very nice. Eevee is brilliant.

    My number 1 problem with it so far have been “Hair Dynamic”. It’s quite unreliable. Hair dynamic and collision have been very difficult to work with. Please see if it can be improved.

    Thank you for the fantastic work guys.

  138. Personally, I’d like to see a “tutorial mode” added — a framework for tutorial creators to make interactive tutorials inside Blender itself. Much like a macro recorder, but with screen prompts; freely create-able and shareable by anyone, perhaps even basic ones included. Tutorials would progress at the user’s own pace. For example:
    * User is presented with the default screen and cube.
    * “Select the cube by [right-]clicking on it, then press ‘Ctrl-d’ to duplicate. Position it anywhere.”
    * “Now that you have a copy of this cube, move it again with ‘g’.”
    * “Good. Now set the cube’s Z position at exactly +2 units. Hint: look in either ‘n’ or ‘t’.” Etc…

  139. Buen dia saludos, de antemano gracias por tan gran aporte es un super programa, algo que cambiaria o si se puede es sobre los clic del raton ya que es confuso usar click derecho para activar objetos o que se yo similarizarlo un poco a algunos programas de del todo verda pero algo para no hacerlo muy confuso como MAYA, CINEMA 4D saludos a todo y desde ya muchas GRACIAS POR TAN GRAN APORTE…

  140. upgraded pbr painting !!!

  141. The MakeHuman team should join the Blender one and merge the code. It would be great to have a good framework for making people in Blender. We have primitives, curves, bones, etc. Humans should be one of them to use for Blender users. Game development is probably the most important sphere of 3D industry. It would attract much more users because most people working in 3D industry need good avatars, but have no skills (or time) to create them from scratch. Please consider my proposition.

  142. fully fiutered BETA version?!? How the Lead of Blender once said sounds according to the BETA roadmap a bit different, while some seems not to be implimented. take your time you need instead by announceing a beta without fully featured stuff.

  143. VR integration – perhaps in this way ?

  144. My main request (and like to see in 2.80) is support for PBR Texture Painting [1] similar in Substance Painter or ArmorPaint.
    Other Ideas are this for after 2.80 release :
    1. add a tool to place and move a texture freely on a 3d object (think google earth) and bake on a new texture that use the correct UV map
    2. add support to render audio to Ambisonics B-format [2][3]


  145. hi
    thank you in advance for all efforts and i hope take all notes to life in blender eevee
    i suggest to display the collection name in viewport bottom of object name and the next (optional if you agree with this feature)
    for ability to rename any object in viewport (for example when rename folder we press f2 we can put shift+f2 to rename object directly in viewport if we have complex project)

  146. Adding back option to render viewport animation (playblast) without processing scene each frame would be nice! Currently 95% of render time with Eevee goes to processing scene. Also there is no way to quickly render out animation playblasts etc. (Or am I missing somehting? )

  147. I really hope industry standart keymap makes it to the 2.8 release.
    2.8 has great potential to make professionals switch and being adopted in more studios. Working as 3d artist in VFX/ Animation, you are swicthing between lots of software packes every day, If some software has similar interaction model its much easier to add it to the toolset. I would probably not be using blender if there wasn’t for Maya keymap in 2.7x

    From the same point of view, better alembic support ( ie. reading animated attributes), VDB and in a long term pixars’s USD are crucial too.

    • Yes! +10000 to industry standard keymap. Currently 2.8 is not very usable with left mouse select.

  148. why people ask for more features when they should ask for the most important things that are missing for decades , like improving edit mode on mid high meshes , undo system(it’s the worst), file structure, memory usage and overall performance including cycles( Stefan Werner’s demo with Embre+Cycles was happy moment then, thanks for cryptomatte man), better ways for snapping, ability to go back in history and change default values, stability and bug free…etc no one wants to work on a software if these basic ones are missing especially in a production studios, you want to make sure your software is reliable otherwise no one will use it.

    • I agree with you. Those small yet important features make a big different in software usability. To be honest, i cannot entirely move to blender as long as blender doesn’t improve its precision modeling and snapping system. Doesn’t have to be complex like a cad program, but just the right amont for architectural project…

  149. Hi, First increase viewport performance and Cycles speed, maybe with optix implementation … and new features like adaptative sampling, light linking, OpenVdb.
    Then eevee new features, maybe theses in initial eevee roadmap
    And Sculpting layer and new brushes.

  150. moi j’aimerai
    solidworks to blender facile avec face quadrature

  151. I just want to render my animations in “LookDev mode”. For me, the light and shadow in this “mode” is more than good. I do not have time to create enlightenment. I’m in a hurry because I have other jobs. My time is short.
    Guys, for the love of God, I need to render my animations using the “LookDev” mode! How do I do this? In the “Display Render Preview”, it is not the same lighting / shade, it is different, as much as I try to copy the light / shadow of “LookDev Mode”, it does not look the same, it is totally different …
     I’ve got other work to do, and there’s no time left to configure light, set up shadow, etc … Eevee is saving a lot of people’s lives, but “LookDev” mode can not simply be used as a “Viewer” mode; that’s not fair. “LookDev Mode” must also be used to render images / animations!

    Is anyone reading our comments?
    Is anyone responding to our comments?
    Hello you who are reading our posts, give us a light …

  152. Hello, here is my top priority list :
    1/ Static override
    2/ Dynamic override to change stuff at rendertime (lights, material etc…) and allow one viewlayer with cycles , one view layer with eevee.
    3/ Asset Manager
    4/ More Eevee polishing : more render passes (motion vector, ID, etc…) , Shadow only lamps, and some missing feature from BI (stress maps, light groups)

    Thanks a lot for this impressive upcoming release, and taking time to ask the community !

  153. There are 3 things that could be improved, in my opinion. And if I could make a wish I think those 3 things would be it:

    1) Performance in large scenes with many objects and sets
    I am often having a bit of trouble working with large CAD converted car models (often 15 mio. polys and 5-10k objects). It works, but sometimes selections are lagging or there seem to be delays. It could be improved in my opinion.

    2) Faster Undo
    The undo system in blender seems to be really slow compared to the other apps I am using with the same models and assets. This is sometimes a bit tricky especially when you have to go back like 5 steps or more.

    3) Interoperability and exchange with other apps
    I am really trying to establish blender as a tool in my company and the better it works with other apps the easier it is to justify. But it already works really well with other apps.

  154. I really need .mov textures in a plane to do the vfx for my animations. Any ETA?

    • No ETA, but it is planned to be fixed before the final 2.80 release.

  155. keep up the good work!

    as for feedback and what i’d like to see.
    an easy to pick out target would be the VSE updates and letting it use multiple threads.

    aside from that everything nodes should allow more possibilities towards procedural texture creation.
    i mean that would logically be leading to things like substance designer style procedural texture creation including the ability to create albedo/diffuse, height, normal, metalic, smoothness, ao and edge maps.

    personally i think this would be an extremely powerful feature to have built into blender even if it doesn’t turn out to be quite as powerful or widely used as substance designer. being able to do it without having to export to substance create/bake the materials/maps there and then re import into blender would be amazing.

    if we have the tools to do that it shouldn’t be too big of a leap in order to generate the same maps from
    photos or painted images using a mixture of those tools and reusing some of what we’ve already got in cycles nodes. i think this would also be a very useful feature to have in blender especially if it comes with the ability to tweak how it’s blended for tiled use. (which seems like something the procedural texture creation tools would lend itself to very well)
    it’s pretty easy to create an albedo map from an image using cycles nodes already but i haven’t figured out how to create a decent height map using cycles nodes. it might be somewhat doable with a complex node setup but i also think the ability to blur the image may be a little important to get a decent result. that is also something that should be enabled by procedural texture creation (blurring textures).

    a fantastic tool for converting photos to various texture maps that has recently become open source (still windows only though) is materialize.

    they’ve got some tutorials if you want a quick look
    the tutorials should also show the process of tweaking it’s settings to get height maps and how they go about separating parts of the image.

    and a github if you want to look further into it.

  156. The basic priority would be to finish the viewport and that of the same user experience as in blender2.79.

    – wireframe mode dithering
    – menus/hotkeys easy to switch (now all are pie menus)
    – Outlines
    – allow to move the last edit properties popup panel.
    – show facedots when polygon area is zero

    2.80 cannot be final without solve the problems that create the cahnges in the UX

    • After these changes and that we can say that blender2.80 is completed if it would be okay the improvements we have been asking for years for 2.81.

      – Restore the freedom that all areas are configurable.
      – Performance improvements by editing models of more than 50k triangles.
      – Performance improvements by undoing
      – Improvements in the sculpt (which are easy to implement 90%)
      – Finish the interface, which you’re halfway through and is half for the worse.
      – Better FBX support and Better interconnection with other programs.

      What will happen to the ability to customize the interface that was promised? Are we left without it at the end?

      Translated with

  157. My absolute priority as a modeler is to fix the wireframe together with the empty images so that I can work at ease.

    My second priority would be to improve the sculpt. For example with layers or one good remesher.

    My third priority would be mantaflow and fracture modifier for vfx.

  158. First, please fix the intel issues where it crashes whenever you close the preferences or resize any windows.

  159. 1. Sculpt tools refinement please!, and better performance of high poly models
    2. Rework UI. UI changes in 2.8 were good but arent all for the better, ie empty topbar and extreme right aligned elements. Nested/grouped sculpting brushes are annoying. Tools like inset or loopcut using right click feel counter intuitive.
    3. Nurbs or T splines.. I can dream.

  160. The Awesome Developer Team In The World …thank you for great new and powerful blender project

    > im ask about camera features like cycles camera panoramic (Equirectangular , Fishyeye and Mirror
    when to put it in blender 2.8 ( EEVEE ) . im wait it from the first build version :)
    > when i try to render interior scene by 1600*1200 get empty window after make some calculations
    and when i reduce it to very small res get the image but without rug particles hair i get the resolution
    and particles hair when i render by OpenGl
    > also the velvet shader not exist in material shaders in EEVEE
    > i want to suggest new feature if you let me … i suggest to ability to rescale any object by fixed value in
    in individual axis and all direction … this feature very very useful – i found it in sketchup
    thank you and regards

  161. 1. I think it is very important to make volumetric shapes work somehow properly in Eevee.

    2. Lens flares?

    3. All nodes working to be able to create more poweful fx with particles and dynamics.

    4. A way to emulate caustics and transparent colored shadows in Eevee?

  162. thanks to developers , you are awesome =) Udim and Asset manager is almost done as I know , it will be in 2.81 or 2.82 so I think no needed to ask developers about it=)
    For my opinion in order of importance :
    1) Improve performance in big scenes and in high poly meshes in edit mode .
    2) sculpt mode ( topological brushes, better masking , hiding geometry by face maps or something similar ). I have created post some time ago on right click select (and it got some votes)
    3) Paint mode ( at least layer system, and it already will be awesome )

    I agree with dorian borremans about ” Parralax for eevee would be nice”

    Maybe new code Quest for sculpt and paint tools , I think people will support the initiative.
    Some time ago Zacharias Reinhardt proposed it in his video.
    Any way thanks again to developers , also thanks to Pablo Vazquez and his blender today live , we watch you) keep doing it :)

  163. Improve the VSE pls. Love u guys.

    • To all the people who have suggested improving the VSE: Why? Awhy would anyone use Blender to edit video when you could use a much more capable dedicated video editor? The excellent DaVinci Resolve is even free.

      • Actually it’s not a free and open source software.
        I use Blender also because of the freedom, in fact it’s free as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.
        Beside that the VSE, in particular with some add-on created by the community, it’s very effective for a lot of Blender users.

      • Because it is in the VSE all the elements generated in the other areas of Blender becomes “blended” together. No VSE = no blender ;-)

        Davinci Resolve is an entirely different beast. Ex. it will only run properly on dedicated hardware and it can’t be used to cut unrendered mise-en-scènes in an integrated workflow in Blender. Unrendered, real-time movie-making will be a great part of the future and Davinci can’t do that, but Blender will be able to do this, with the right tools.

        OpenToonz, Krita, Synfig or Storyboarder didn’t stop Grease Pencil from becoming an ingenious part of Blender today. Why should Davinci Resolve be an argument for not developing a similar ingenious sequence editor in Blender?

        I know the lack of manpower is one of the reasons for the current state of the VSE, but as mentioned above, there are voluntary coders, patches waiting and here is an 8 pages long Google document of VSE add-ons, showcasing the interest and effort people are putting into improving the VSE:

      • What about to Hitfilm, it is cheap and it brights VFX… It is good VSE ?

  164. top priorities: Sculpt and Texture paint improvements!!

  165. No particular order:
    * Non photorealistic render definitely deserve some love
    * particule system (check in game engine like unity3d)
    * Interpolatory between software like the couple After effects/Cinema4d
    * Improve workflow for freestyle (I didn’t try since 2.8 but last time was a painful experience)

  166. Just wanting to put my two cents down from a production view (infrastructure viz) with Blender 2.8… Havent used it all that much but have enough to make us not switch on release.

    — Major issues

    — Pie menus, This should always be an option to enable / disable. having it on by default (and no easy way to disable it) actually slows down artists workflows. Moving your mouse is significantly harder then pressing a key (or key combination ) on the keyboard (z to toggle wireframe mode for example)

    — Dupli-collection and how that works. Our current pipeline is to have certain objects reside on layer 10 inside of a group at 0,0,0. This layer is never rendered. Empties are then populated around the scene with that object/s, which aids in speed in the viewport as well as speeding up scene creation. With blender2.8, this functionality is unusable. Creating a duplicollection works fine, but then there is no way of hiding off the original objects whilst still being able to render them.

    — Minor EEVEE issues

    — EEVEE with sun. The sun position of EEVEE is dependent on where it is located. This means for large scene flythroughs it is impractical to use EEVEE.

    — EEVEE shader compilation. Not sure if this is the right word for it, but on production level scenes, just getting into eevees rendered mode takes 2-5 minutes worth of time to actually compile all the shaders.

    — Feature Request

    There was a patch a while back for persistent data for cycles. This allowed cycles to render animations significantly faster, by only computing what has been changed between frames. This initial patch was dismissed as it would be more ideal for blender2.8. Blender 2.8 is now on the cards so it would be great to see that patch revived.

    Thanks for the hard work!


    • Regarding collection instances, that should still be possible? You can put all those collections inside a parent collection that is hidden. Or put them in a different scene.

      • Thanks for the follow up, didnt realise that you could link between scenes with dupli-collections nor did i try putting them in sub groups. Thanks for the tips!

  167. Blender 2.81-2.82
    +Grease Pencil Actions
    +Grease Pencil Libraries (In sorts like armature pose mode.)
    Texture Painting slots and easier manipulation.

    Udims has already been discussed :)

  168. NURBS with actual surface updating when moving control points.
    Thank you :) !

  169. Please and improved paint skin weights tool. Is really a nightmare in Blender.
    Something like a volume paint around the cursor so you dont accidentally paint any other part of the geo, would be great.

  170. Parralax for eevee would be nice

  171. Prioritize the bugs that make it unusable right now:

    Still crashing when using Intel drivers when resizing or closing windows.

    Rendering is still bad on Intel drivers – Some accumulation buffer or something is not getting cleared out, it introduces random pixellated garbage on the edges of items.

    Import addons not working (obj/fbx) – they’re failing that you can’t iterate over a float.

    • Note: Updating to the October intel Gfx drivers fixes the rendering issue.

      Intel users still get the “crash on resize” though.

  172. Along with suggestions above, I’d like to see some editor/object mode improvements like better snapping tools. I come from an XSI background, and the lack of simple, adjustable, on-the-fly snapping tools in Blender is frustrating.

    Also, more AOV’s/Baking output channels (like displacement for baked maps)…. and better noise reduction in Cycles :)

    But still, these are kind of niggles. Blender is amazing overall, so, thanks for all the work you Dev’s do :)

  173. Give the sculpting and texture painting some love. Besides Dyntopo, Blender’s sculpting mode was already too lackluster 5 years ago, when it got it’s last major update.

    Also, some kind of poll would be a better way to access it, maybe a poll for Blender Dev Fund and Blender Cloud donors.

  174. Hi, I am also in support of better texturing tools

  175. It is necessary to create a new portfolio site for CG Blender artists to promote our work, similar to the Behance of Adobe.

  176. I think the Blender now needs a new tool for sunsets, a Sky Generator with sea, sun(moon), horizon and clouds in the sky…Thousands of photographers every day go to the beaches to photograph the sun in the sea and the wonderful colors in the sky. This is the number one item in photos worldwide…
    The Hdri tool is good for one render image per camera view but not for a sunset animation or multiple changes in the clouds.
    I think that a quality addon in Blender is now needed along with the EEVEE for
    a animated sun and quality animations
    In other words, a new Bryce within the Blender(see my site).
    Thanks for your work.

  177. There are two main things to make interesting for Blender 2.8x :

    1) VFX ==>> Bright more tool for 2D planar tracking more advanced as Mocha PRO or make 3D tracking as PFTRACK, we need it to do more effective in faking, add 3D in video more complex, etc…

    2) Game engine : High quality as AAA to make very modern in games for all kinds with support in Python or C++

    Everything else stuffs are very good too for work when peoples need them :
    – better for big scenes
    – everything in nodes
    – make EEVEE to approach to Cycles in terms visual quality
    – add to Cycles for BDPT
    – grease pencil to support 2.5D that make look like 3D

  178. Amazing work! But I am not certain if this “interactive mode” is really going to be useful, apart from “abusing” it as a game engine, which I have no doubt abot people are going to do. Why not go full game-engine then and include Armory? You wouldn’t need to really keep supporting it, since you kinda neglected BGE as well and it was still praised. You “only” need to update it every release with the Armory-community contributions and Blender will be able to compete with Godot, Unity and such! Also the people interested in Armory and so contibuting to the project will vastly increase once it is installed by default.

  179. I would like better performance on Texture painting. But that probably means ditching the current projecting system. Anytime there are lots of faces behind the face im painting, it slow downs really bad, which makes little sense considering the face im painting is right on front, but the projecting method works backwards, first looking at all the faces, behind the brush, and then discarding the ones that aren’t on front. Hire the armorpaint developer :]

  180. Yesterday Ton talked about all the effort needed to “Make the Video Sequence Editor Great Again”(as an example), but maybe smaller steps like taking an interest in user submitted patches, could help move things along? This summer there have been submitting VSE patches without gaining much interest from the foundation devs. I know that the VSE development wasn’t on the list of targets for the code-quest, but now it is (almost) finished I hope it will be prioritized to spend the necessary time to help new voluntary (VSE) devs along.

    VSE SMPTE Charts:
    Added generated Mask to VSE:
    Color-coded strips in the VSE:
    Sequence proxies by running parallel threads:
    Add font selection to VSE text strips:
    Scale & stretch & cut sound waveform:
    Add proxy support for all sequences:

    And a vital modal handler function has been removed from the API, which will cripple one of the most comprehensive and advanced VSE toolsets – but no reply on the question of how the future looks for this add-on: or here:

    As written I know there are good reasons for things being prioritized this way, but I fear if people who invest a lot of time on improving the VSE, aren’t taken more seriously, no-one will voluntary bother with working for the VSE anymore, leaving it up to the foundation to deal with all the mentioned troubles of “MVSEGA”…

  181. I wonder how many of the people posting these requests are contributing to the development fund… I can’t give much right now, but I’m on it.

  182. Thanks for the news about your highly appreciated hard work! Like some entries above, – I would also be very happy to finally see the animated image sequences or movie file textures implanted!

    With the new OPEN GL engine and SSD that would make realtime playback possible?!

  183. Please make a keymap that works. I dont mind using 2.8 or 2.79 but I can’t hide stuff under 2.79 keyconfig and in 2.8 I can’t start the timeline with alt + A. I wish there was a happy medium where z works like it should and timelines can be played. But overall I’ll be pleased with whatever you guys do. I think Eevee will be quite a bit of fun in the meantime.

  184. I would like to see more Eevee features, specifically some way to achieve genuine shadows from an HDRI background. One idea for how to implement this would be to borrow the “portals” concept from Cycles and modify it so that when the user adds an area light to an Eevee scene and sets it to be a portal, image based light and shadows from the HDRI are only calculated from that point and not the whole 360degrees of the background. This should be relatively easy to do and it would make interior scenes with Eevee look a lot better.

    Also, true soft shadows that automatically vary with the size/shape of the light would be great; I don’t care if it is slow to render, having the option would be great.

  185. Would be nice to know if you had selected head or a tail of a bone in B bone or stick.
    They look the same to me.

  186. Grease Pencil is within reach of being able to do TV/web series production, but is missing a few things that seem outside the scope of addons:
    -Lattice modifier
    -Surface Deform modifier

    (Also, RightClickSelect seems to be displaying Blender ID users’ email address rather than their nickname on user pages)

  187. What happened to Blender 101? Personally (and working with a lot of young students learning blender) I’m quite happy to have one interface for all, two intrefaces would require students to learn, well, two interfaces…. However, there are issues with the current interface that will cause issues for new users:

    • I will also chip in to say that it would be great to get a update (a developer blog article perhaps ?) on Blender 101. :-)
      (also since 101 was a target for the 2.8 code-quest).

      If it will take time to get all the internal architecture in place to make 101 fully realised. Then maybe some estimates from the developers, when they think ‘sub-components’ will be implemented during the 2.8x release cycle.

  188. I’m happy with the developments, very happy. :) I have some wishes though.. :) Would it be possible to make an easy way to solo-view a collection? Like right clicking the ‘disable in viewport’ and select ‘solo’ or something in that direction? Or is that already a way of doing something like that?

    • ah…. i just figure that one out.. forget my comment right up there..

  189. + Cryptomatte
    + AOVs
    + EEVEE passes
    Better Pass generation (easy to use/understand, please remove the layer masking system, it´s cumbersome, not human readable or change it so that it would be intuitive (exclude/include)).
    + CYCLES speed
    + Big Scene handling data

    I think this should be top prio until March 2019

    • I completely agree!

      I work for a Design/3D animation company and we use Blender fulltime, the compositing we do could be greatly improved in terms of quality and speed with the use of Cryptomatte, AOVs and EEVEE passes.
      Given the state of cryptomatte i really hope to see it in 2.8 (some parts are already merged i think)

      Cycles speed is ofcourse a welcome improvement but a never ending endeavor.

      Great work on 2.8 devs!!

  190. i’ll ask for one thing only a Professional Retopo Tools built in blender, something like this one or even better…it’s a shame that blender doesn’t have this for many years.

  191. Yes! better texture painting or sculpting tools.

  192. Nvidia RTX hardware support for cycles!!! That will be such a game changer! Please make this a priority! Thank you! :)

  193. Thanks guys for this amazing work!

    I’m already fascinated on what Blender can do, however I still think Blender lacks some complexity in some cases, for example, there’s no option to control the curve of the proportional editing, the snap lacks a lot of options, there’s no scene statistics, no physical camera, best architectural modeling tools. Blender is a fantastic software, but is about time to add those complete features.

    Also, scene and asset management. This was also my TOP priority feature. Blender really really needs this management tools, Is really important. I got really excited about it.

    And finally export-import tools and interoperability, most artists work on multiple platforms in those days.

    Nobody here doubt it how great Blender is, but after all this adding of tools Blender needs to set it down and polish everything.

    Thank you very much! o/

  194. I know this is pretty minor, but shortcut management and theming are a complete nightmare. Also more control over the UI and what add-on panels go where, etc, and some sort of permissions system for add-ons would be really nice (e.g. permission to change UI, to change shortcuts, etc).

    Otherwise, I would like to see improvements to the sculpting tools and texture painting (I always find it really confusing).

    Also I know it’s extremely unlikely, but I wish Blender had some decent CAD tools.

  195. 1. increasing “big scene” and high poly viewport performance should be the top priority over everything else IMO. Doesn’t matter what shiny features you add to the program if it lags and makes me want to pull my hair out
    2. Sculpting at this point has been neglected for far too long and it’s behind any other sculpting software that exists currently. There isn’t even a workaround for certain things like trying to implement sculpting layers.
    3. Better texture painting and texture management like UDIMs and such. The node system should introduce some “filtering” options like blurring of certain textures in the node/shader editor.
    4. Better Baking workflow. The way it’s done now seems really unintuitive

  196. It’s nice to have an idea of when the Python API will be stable for us addon developers.

    – Better performance with big scenes. My addon creates lots of objects for large scenes (cities) and quickly Blender’s performance drops exponentially it seems. Past a few thousand objects, it grinds to a halt when adding new objects. I don’t know if 2.8 fixes that.

    – Improved interoperability with other software, especially FBX must be rock solid, as easy as possible, supports materials, latest FBX versions etc…

    • I love the new update to your add-on! I would love to know if that would be a thing too :P

      • Thank you :) I’m adding objects instancing for the next version, so the more objects Blender can handle, the bigger and more detailed the cities!
        Sorry, what would be a thing?

        • sorry I meant this part of your question: Better performance with large scenes, I almost killed my works computer :P
          but that’s awesome news about objects instancing, looking forward to more of your tutorials on your youtube

  197. ASSET MANAGEMENT!. With ‘collections’ finally implemented this would be the next priority. Glad to see so many users with the same opinion. We should all be unified for the better.

  198. i come from maya and i would say some important features are missing and hard to do in blender
    like permanent changing of the Pivot Point,snapping..etc
    if u want to make a vert/edge/face as the origin for pivoting and on multiple objects is a nightmare.
    in maya it’s just one click makes the center point editable and you can click anywhere (in object mode) vert/edge/face, u can use gizmo to move it and place it easily,
    probably making the origin editable as a pivot point will be very useful which leads to making better snapping tools.
    also real object grouping and better display layer system than just out-liner which clutter with information and not Artist friendly.
    and i got many more ideas but in due time.
    Thanks for reading :)

  199. Full support for open vfx standards like Pixars USD, Alembic and OpenVDB so that Blender can get integrated into more professional production pipelines.
    This would most likely increase Blenders market-share and the Blender-community.

  200. Since I work in a planetarium, my number one feature request would be to support the panoramic camera types (Fisheye, particularly) in the viewport/Eevee.

  201. I am proud of current development, it really makes a HUGE difference. If I would wish anything more it would be:
    – make EEVEE visually even more stunning. I mean: give us robust light baking system like in Uity / Unreal to get GI right
    – continue with Everything Nodes – that’s great direction, especially when we see Niagara system in Unreal and Visueal Effects Graph in Unity – Blender will need similar solution if it wants to be on par when it comes to VFX and physics
    – gain userbase: make Blender more compatible with external engines (Unity and Unreak shaders out of the box, Houdini implementation, Substance Live Link in Blender that would work smoothly like Live Links in other game engines, etc.)

    Basically: real-time rendering is the future. And not distant one. Go for highest visual fidelity, nodes and compatibility. AND CONGRATS FOR THE HARD WORK!!

  202. Better snapping and modelling. Cleaned-up UI. Some UI elements are still meh.

  203. Any news on RTX development for Cycles – when do you plan to add HW accelerated ray-tracing?

  204. Game Engine for EEVEE !!!!!

  205. All of the above suggestions are fine, but most of what I wish:
    – Make object creation less destructive; there’s no reason not to be able to dynamically change the number of sides in a cylinder etc. as long as I’ve not edited it. The current “create primitive -> tweak settings -> done” workflow is too destructive. Workarounds in the community are not valid excuses to continue to live in this workflow. Let us continually change all object creation parameters up until we enter object mode for that primitive at least.
    – Cleanup and remove the need for the Loop Tools Add-On. Much of that Add On should be built in natively and or at least de-duplicated with what Blender already offers. Cleanup and sort out all the other shipped Add-Ons as well. Most are complete junk or could stand for some better standardization or implementation into Blender proper.
    – There’s no excuse to keep “Easy Lattice” in the completely unrelated, mostly crap, Add Advanced Objects Add-On. Creating a lattice FFD immediately surrounding the selected object should be a basic task built into Blender
    – Add ability to visually create a Loop-Cut anywhere in a quad. Do not force the cut to start or be triggered to start only in the Middle of the quad.
    – Implement a “Set Flow” operator for edge-loops natively (see other software for what it does)

  206. Wow, hard options to choose at the end! But I guess better interoperability with other softwares would help us to keep our workflow up. Like Beniamino said about to keep fast VFX that will probably be edited somewhere else; or FBX Unity / Unreal support + baking options in my case.

  207. Very good work so far!. It’s a pity that some of the main features have to be delayed, but that’s development, right?.
    I would love to see implemented, as very needed features:

    UDIM, they are a HUGE timesavers in terms of lookdev and texturing workflow!

    TEXTURE BAKING directly from the node editor.

    BETTER TEXTURE PAINT SYSTEM. There are multiples petitions in right-click-select

    OVERRIDES and IMPROVED REFERENCE MANAGER SYSTEM are seriously needed too, from the perspective of professional work in a studio (I can say that it was two of the key motives the studio I work for abandoned the idea of migrating to blender for the time being).

    MORE COMPLETE RENDER VIEWER (like arnold’s new renderview, with a shader debugging mode, etc)


    LIGHTING: arnold’s-like BLOCKERS, and a good LIGHTING LAYER SYSTEM/ better VIEWLAYER SYSTEM (one that lets the user see the settings of all renderlayers in a more intuitive manner, now it is kind of obfuscated)

    BETTER BIG SCENES MANAGEMENT (although I think that will be improved over time, since it is still alpha state)

    But if I had to vote just for one, I, personally, would ask for UDIMS. They are so-much-better to work with!

    Even so, again, great work!, you guys are great!

  208. UDIM Support is the most important feature right now

  209. 1) GLTF support.
    2) FBX support. Make it even better than it was in 2.79 by enabling the Principled node to work with FBX. Blender should automatically recognize the textures attached to the Principled node, and assign those textures to the correct material slots (roughness, etc) in the exported FBX. This would be amazing for game developers.

  210. 1. Everything Nodes
    2. Performance in Big Scenes
    3. Asset Management

    Amazing job! Blender is turning into a beast of a software!

  211. Thanks for the exciting update, Brecht.

    My vote for most eagerly anticipated wish is an improved Sculpt Mode. There are a number of things I really miss in Blender sculpting when compared to ZBrush:

    • An alternate smooth brush mode that preserves volume.
    • A general smoothing tool to auto-smooth a complete mesh or a masked area (in stead of having to add and apply a Smooth modifier each time).
    • A general mask blur option, in stead of having to smooth the edges of each mask manually.
    • Easy extraction of masked areas into a new geometry layer with a desired amount of thickness (now you need a separate add-on for that).
    • Topological sculpting (like the Move Topological brush in ZBrush). Now you have to mask surrounding geometry each time.
    • Polygon grouping and smoothing of the polygon group edges.
    • A solid auto-retopology tool (like ZBrush ZRemesher or 3D-Coat Autopo).
    • Easy cutting using a custom curve or shape.
    • A tool to easily Boolean all intersecting parts of the same mesh (like the Remesh by Boolean deformer in ZBrush).

    Many thanks.

  212. Will full motion blur in EVEE make it to 2.8?

  213. About animated images / texture sequences have already been discussed above. I support !!! Very necessary and useful option. Well, I would be very grateful for the “ChromaKey” node in the shaders. That would be just amazing!

    Next one: I’m not sure if this is a bug: a point source of light and a spotlight project non-existent shadows if they are at some distance from (or behind) the camera, provided that the value of the “bias” is very small. Perhaps this is the limitations of the engine, but I would like to know, can I somehow fix this?

  214. Thanks for the update Bretch!

    I would vote for:
    1- Improve performance in big scenes
    2- Asset Management and Overrides

  215. Please, we need “shadow catcher”, “shadeless” materials, and more “render passes” for EEVEE. If it’s going to replace Internal Render, we’re going to lose the ability of making fast VFX combining real footages to rendered animations. There’s no way for a lot of us to use Cycles for long animations, because of render times. Thank you!

  216. Will displacement rendering + adaptive subdivision be moved out of experimental for Cycles? How about EEVEE support? Thanks!

    • Cycles displacement is already a supported feature now, we hope to do the same for subdivision as well soon. EEVEE support for these features has not been worked on yet.

  217. Improve performance in big scenes
    Everything nodes
    Better painting

  218. I’m not seeing the asset manager or did I miss some important news about that?

  219. Better texture painting, pleasepleaseplease! I want my workflow to be as Blender-centered as possible. :)
    PLEASE AUTO SAVE IMAGES! Or at least warn about the potential loss of data when an image has been modified and not yet saved. Something more than that little asterisk, please! Or even an option to toggle auto saving of images for us dumb-dumbs.
    Also, any kind of documentation for 2.7 users to help transition to 2.8 would also be great. Something like “If you expected THIS from Blender 2.7, do THIS in 2.8” .
    Keep up the hard work, we love Blender!

  220. Awesome news, I’m looking forward to the beta. ?

    Personally, my two biggest quirks with Eevee right now are:
    – the way it handles shadow maps. I’m surprised how noisy, and problematic they are – both ESM and VSM often don’t look great. But I assume there’s no easy fix for that. ?
    – Light brightness isn’t consistent between Eevee and Cycles. It’s pretty easy fix, but I wish I didn’t have to do it every time.

    Other than that, it’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. Good job dev team!

  221. Go back BGE and Blender Render (Internal)…

  222. i know you guys are having so much at hand right now, so performance and stability is the key here, especially now with EEVEE..and for future projects i think improving UV/Texture painting, sculpting(which should be a bigger project), more Grease Pencil features like for storyboarding…etc.
    also i can’t wait for the road-map for animation 2020.Good Luck!

  223. Can’t wait for the Beta version!

    One request: As an addon developer, I’d like more control over memory management in Blender. Using the Python API, I’d like to be able to delete an object AND free up that space in memory.
    My addon ( imports lots of meshes into the scene. The number of meshes a user can import is limited by what they can fit in memory. It fills up really fast for large, complex meshes.

    • Just use This will free the memory afaik.

      • Yes, it should be possible to unlink and remove both the object and mesh. Note they will remain in the undo system memory, but a memory limit can be configured for that.

      • definitely reduces memory consumption, but doesn’t free all the memory that was allocated by importing the mesh. For example, I opened Blender (2.79 and 2.8) and the memory settled around 110MB. I imported an 89MB STL file and the memory rose to 500+ MB. I then removed the mesh from, and the memory dropped to around 240MB. Definitely better, but still a far cry from what it was before importing the mesh.

  224. I think EEVEE features are pretty good already, if we doing high end render we should use Cycles anyways. Texture painting is just simple too good in Substance Painter, so we can’t expect Blender could be a real competitive. Improvements in big scenes and dens meshes are good idea, but scuplting improvements are the best idea since I’m sure if Blender developers would work much on this field less and less Blender user would open Zbrush, and more and more Zbrush user would consider the free alternative, I belive Blender can compete on that field!

  225. Thanks for the great work you’ve done! I’m really excited for 2.8 :D

    Now, if you have to prioritize the next steps I’d go with this first:
    – Asset management and overrides.
    – Better performance with big scenes and/or dense meshes.
    – Improved interoperability with other software.
    – Full UDIM, Alembic and OpenVDB support.
    – Custom AOV’s and cryptomatte support for cycles.
    – Everything nodes!

    And after that please give the whole sculpting tools some love (both dyntopo and multiresolution), it’s been quiet for a long time now.

    • I’m really excited for 2.8
      Vote for
      1. Better performance with big scenes and/or dense meshes.
      2. Full UDIM, Alembic and OpenVDB support.
      3. Custom AOV’s and cryptomatte support for cycles.

  226. is interactive mode going to be in 2.81 or 2.80?

    • It will not be in 2.80. It’s not defined yet which later release it would end up in, could be there is some initial version in 2.81, or it might be later.

  227. Awesome!

    Please don’t forget about Cycles now that there is Eevee. Cycles needs a lot of love – adaptive sampling, mipmapping, performance and memory improvements across the board (displacement is so slow compared to Redshift, Octane.) out of core textures/geometry, Custom AOVs, Cryptomatte, etc.

    Some other random ideas:
    – It would be nice to have some new, improved modifiers with easier visual controls – it would be huge appeal to motion graphics community. Just look at C4D modifiers for inspiration – Collision, Jiggle. Some sort of falloff system for modifiers also would be great – for dynamic control of affected area.

    – Layer system for Weight painting, Vertex color painting and texture painting. Super useful for skeleton weight painting – take a look at for Maya.

    – Custom geometry attribute import throgh Alembic – accessible in shader nodes.
    – More procedural nodes for Cycles and Eevee

    – Object level render opacity parameter – allows fading objects without touching material shader. Idea is taken from Octane render (Object visibility slider) – it is super useful for motion graphics where you need to fade in/out objects a lot. Currently in Blender you need to create individual material for each object which makes things super messy. Also in Octane it treats object as a single “layer” – not showing internal parts of the object (not like when you just mix transparency in shader).

    – C++ API for addons would change everything, but I know it will never happen :)

    • You can use Weight Mix Modifier for layering vertex groups. Really powerful stuff.

  228. Hi, thanks for the quick and concise summary! Blender 2.8 is looking great!

    I would find the following features important:
    – interoperability with other software. More varied and robust input/output capabilities. Possibility to import nurbs file formats (ie. with tessalation), there was a great GSOC project for this that was almost done, but then abandoned and never integrated into Blender.
    – improved asset management.
    – increasing performance on big scenes.
    – Expanding the Outliner with more scene-management features.

  229. >Better texture painting or sculpting tools?

    Yes! Let Allegorithmic make room!

    >Or better interopability with other software?

    Yess! Especially with Unreal Engine 4!

    And some more things I’d like to ask: value switching button in nodes (for example, switch two colors in Mix RGB node) and the ability to rearrange UV maps in the stack of Object info properties.

  230. Please finish the cycles baker to at least be on par with the removed BI baker.
    Displacement baking and the often useful bias option are still absent, and I’m not sure if the high memory usage when baking from many source objects has been resolved.

  231. Image sequencer ..that would be great for us green screen people ! At the moment it only ever sequences to one frame and will push on no further so it wont animate a frame sequence …….It was working in March/April Eevee but it was obviously switched off for reasons best known to you legends ..Would love to see it back on in 2.8 Beta..have a whole city built that i want to incorporate a real person into, so i would love this to be switched back on, it would enable our music video with our female singer to happen ..I’m not sure it’s a popular fix or even wanted for most Blender users ..but it would be the whole world to us !!

  232. Great work so far guys!

    In our VFX studio we work hard to fit Blender into our pipeline as much as possible.
    Top priorities for us:
    Overrides + Override Interface, Linked Asset/Scene Interface –> The interface should allow to see at a glace what is linked into the scene and what overrides were applied to the linked assets. From this interface the assets need to be exchangeable, the overrides sortable and deletable.

    This is our most important request, because once this is working not only our studio would switch to Blender completely ;)

    Keep up the good work guys, you are great!

  233. Hello, after Blender 2.80 could you please implement the multiview branch ?




    I hope that the code is compatible with 2.80.
    Thank you.

  234. Great jobs, congrats to all of you :)

    In my point of view, I wish some 3D realtime time workflow features (a lot has been done these years for movie, of course with the help of open movies), but this may comes with interactive mode?
    Here what’s come in my mind:
    – scene statistics (through the outliner why not: classify by poly/tri/vertexcount values)
    – normal editing
    – UV active channel switching more convenient? (maybe already doable with the new “favorites” menu?)
    – texture baking workflow enhancement (currently default workflow is a pain in a scene with hundreds of objects to bake, I feel in love with the Baketool plugin)

    By the way, i’m so happy about multiobject editing, that’s mean UV sharing made a lot easier, thanks!

    • @V!nc3r On the normals: You might want to check out the new Weighted Normals and Normals Edit modifiers. Maya’s normals have always been superior to every other package I’ve seen, but with the addition of those two modifiers in Blender 2.8, I’ve been able to achieve the same results and even more flexibility in Blender 2.8.

  235. Are nodes currently out of Blender? I cannot find the Node Editor in 2.8 and for me Sverchok is an important need.

    • The shader and compositor node editors now appear as their own dedicated editor in the list. For addons that add their own nodes there should be a general Node Editor or their own entry in the editor list.

    • I agree sverchok is really impotant

  236. Great work !
    For us here (a french TV serie studio), the most important need is Cryptomatte (and AOVs) !
    Thanks for all this work !

    • You rock!
      I would like easy export of ID masks , Z-depth, light and diffuse passes for cycles, like Vray have. – I work mostly with single image visualisation.
      It would be nice to have better nurbs tools, like the way MoI 3D or rhino works with extruded and revolved curves etc.
      I am looking forward to everything nodes, i hope it can also work with nurbs.
      Evee is amazing. I would like to have a VR mode for Cardboard, Vive and Oculus like you can do with Sketchfab on Firefox.

    • Please release the 2.80 beta as much as quickly. I cant give textures to my models because blender get close itself whenever I get in to the materials section and render section. It closing every time . Plzzz release beta version fast.

  237. Top priorities: Improve performance in big scenes

  238. Great work so far on 2.8. I think in sculpting, biggest tool I think you need in sculpting is an angle tool. For example, if you need a 90 degree angle, it would be great to just select an angle tool and define the planes you want smoothed. I would like to see an overlay in the 3d view port of what brush you have selected. That way you can be sure to have the correct brush without having to resort to switching to panels, etc. Still waiting on the animation add-ons to work like rigify as well as the ability to import old rigs into 2.8, but that may be wishful thinking.

    Again great work so far. The UI is starting to come so keep tinkering with it.

  239. Top priorities: Improve performance in big scenes and Asset Management.

    One of the things why i work in blender is its performance in big scenes. Asset management is also very important for a fast workflow for me, so will be nice if its supported soon.

  240. NDI
    First of all, a big compliment for your work, you offer the world superior quality tools and I would always be an experienced evangelist to spread them. I work in entertainment on huge surfaces and we start using newtech’s Network Device Interface NDI technology to broadcast from one software to another, this allows for example to output full resolution a window after effect or unity in unreal, or vice versa. I see a huge potential for my industry to use Blender and Eevee in live mapping especially if interactivity is implemented I have already tried but my only blocker has been resolution. here is my request: implement NDI technology and allow blender to output a full viewport live resolution window without borders and without the tools as a rendering in order to broadcaster it in mapping surfaces or other programs.

    this is the SDK of NDI

    Thank you again for listening.

    Translated with

    • Implementing their proprietary SDK/middleware within blender is likely out of the question purely because of issues related to licenses, since they are very likely incompatible.

      • Blender 2.8 is a truly amazing update, thank-you! I also use Blender to create content for live productions. Syphon (on Mac) support and Spout (PC) with eevee would be incredible, supporting the streaming of video frames to live show software like Qlab, Resolume, VDMX, Max / Jitter etc. perhaps these could be supported by addons at some stage?

    • What about access to spout 2.0? that too would be interesting.

    • I wish ndi was emplemented…
      I have been doing vifeo mapping and imteractive installations with blender..
      My work around.
      -I took a wile to know this one. Alt+Ctl+space will give you a fullscreen with out widgets clean for capture.
      -Vision mappio (mapping tool.. And free for linux) lets you capture blender window
      -in linux you can make a virtual screen and place blender window there then just tell mappio to capture that widow

  241. Well, as we speak I’m in the middle of a gig where I have to cooperate with other SW. So that’s a biggie, but Asset Management was my main *wish* to be completed for the release. Oh well. I’ll wait. I see more and more people moving away from the hobbyist blender user realm to the pro blender user world (I think this is a good thing) . That being said the linking system, asset handling and all the workflow easing features should be in place a.s.a.p in my opinion. I mean posting gifs on twitter about new features is nice, but working in a non-destructive and reusable manner and having a robust out-of-the-box import-export system will benefit everyone in the long run. Sometimes the non-sexy features will help more people in the long run. I like blender way too much to switch to anything, I ‘ve ditched maya in my personal work, now I’d like to step away from commercial SW and sail the Open seas of Open source, till death.

  242. First thing after 2.8 release should be Texture Painting workflow with strong connection to Cycles nodes (more below). It’s not important for me but it just looks like logical step to utilize EEVEE in more fields than it is now.

    1. Particle brushes and dynamic brushes. I don’t now if it’s possible, but using textures made by nodes would be huge thing. Without baking them.
    2. Making more Cycles nodes compatible with EEVEE – mainly Bevel and AO for edge detection and wear&tear masks. With this goes patch for Noise and maybe more procedural weathering options. AO in current form is painful to use.
    3. Optimizing them for easier use in this job.
    4. Cursor along normals, started here:
    5. Simplify baking. AO, Curvature, and other related to geometry helpful with painting process.
    6. Vector shapes in nodes and tools to utilize them, check here:

    And yes those are similar things to SP and SD, because we are so close to them, yet so far.

  243. Thank you for this awesome update! Looking forward to this iteration in its fully functional capacity. Has been fun taking ‘er out for a spin already. You all have done a great deal of hard work and this is highly exciting!! Congratulations to all of the Blender devs!

  244. Hello :) do we know when mantaflow and UDIM texture are being implemented? would it be in the 2.8 beta or later versions like 2.81/2
    Again thank you for the amazing work.

  245. thank you brecht for providing a more clear view what is going on with blender 2.80, probably some people were exited for the asset manager and overrides but it is what it is at this point so they’ll just have to wait.

    in my opinion, what the developers should prioritize right is the following order:
    1_improve performance in big scenes (i think it was talked about before unofficially but hope this will get it due diligence)
    2_better painting/sculpting tool and maybe a little more love to the texture editing
    3_better interopability with other software
    4_improving the physics and particles systems and removing some of the limits they currently have

    the rest is up to you people as far as i’m concerned
    good luck to you guys.

    • I would love to see more painting brushes and tools along with sculpting tools.

  246. “Mantaflow” and “Fracture modifier” is not ready… But maybe for later versions? Or its because of future “interactive mode” such physics systems going to be discarded?

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