Cycles Benchmark – AMD update

Three weeks ago we posted a benchmark update with Nvidia GPUs. Meanwhile we had AMD sending us a flagship Threadripper system – 32 threads, 64 GB memory, onboard SSD.

The image below shows the latest numbers, updated from our test lab today. Click on the link under the image for a live website where you can inspect the numbers more closely (and you can turn on/off gpu or cpu tests).

If you only compare CPUs in the graph, the Threadripper is the fastest in our lab!

We now also include a 6th render test, an interior scene using branched path tracing (Barbershop). Download it here.

– All tests done in Linux
– Nvidia tests are with CUDA 8 (as release)
– Threadripper rendering needed a threading fix, get the latest build at
– Note that CPU and GPU prices in the test differ wildly, from 500 to 8000 USD.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to see a benchmark for the viewport, a test where you can see the FPS in real time, it would help to compare the performance of the video cards for workstation (AMD Firepro and Quadro) and the game (AMD RX and Geforce).

    Like the SPECapc tests.

    • A viewport or general UI benchmark is a good idea too. We don’t have a lot of time for it yet.

  2. The new AMD cards seem to perform much better than their Nvidia equivalents. Is it because they are simply more powerful, or are they more optimized than Nvidia cards?

    • I don’t see “much better” really? The two recent top range comsumer cards (700-900 USD), Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti and AMD Vega 64 are performing quite similar.
      It is true however that AMD supported Blender Institute to hire a developer to work on OpenCL performance for a year. That really made a difference.

  3. What version of linux distro was used?

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