Blender binary size

I’m old enough to vividly remember floppy discs – and Blender fitting on it! That was Blender 2.04, in 2000. For fun here’s a graph showing the growth of 32 bit download zips (the release binaries). It’s a graph growing nicely with Moore’s Law. Roughly double size every 2 years. :) Expect a 100 MB Windows installer in 2015.

Thanks Dan ‘troubled’ for the graph work!

  1. Why blender is so small? I can’t get it 3ds is like more than 3gigBs.

  2. Here we are in 2015 and blenders binarys are actually 100mb :D

  3. wats blender’s binary

  4. I dont see any isue with blenders size

    1 100 meg is small
    2 internet bandwidth is growing faster than blender
    3 storage is growing faster than blender

    I do think the addons being download on demand is a great idea tho…
    not for space but just for more up to date scripts!

  5. More Code, more bugs!

  6. My first Blender was v2.03 from “The Official Blender 2.0 Guide” which included a CD. I love the design of that book. It looks like a futuristic spaceship manual.

  7. My Blender is compiled from SVN and after this (–with-all) it easily takes huge space. Blender itself has more than 100MB, and the whole dir takes 270MB, unpacked. The whole SVN project with deps used to grow with compilation and now it takes 1.9GiB on my harddisk :) Quite nice!

  8. Why is it that some platforms are so different in size… OSX & Linux 10MB larger than Windows, FreeBSD 20MB smaller than Linux? Are some features missing on the smaller ones or are the platforms just more capable?

  9. Yeah I also remember, the first few versions of Blender I had fit on a floppy. And only four files in the install if I remember correctly.
    C-key, anyone? :)

  10. Try maya, It takes several gigabytes and its slower than a snail.

  11. Maybe it’s time to think about splitting Blender into several plugins:
    – Game engine
    – Modifiers
    – Render engines
    – Compositor
    – …

    • Blender is fine the way it is, 100 MB isnt even that big XD.

  12. 100MB Windows installer? In 2015? It might seem like a lot, but look at the competition. I am pretty sure any of the Autodesk stuff (3DS Max, Maya, etc.) fills up a full DVD, if not more. Hey, even LibreOffice is over a hundred megs (And takes much longer than Blender to compile – compilation time is IMHO also a metric for bloat). You probably cannot find any mainstream professional software under 200 Megs, so in the light of that we cannot call Blender “bloated”. It’s one of the most lightweight software (Based on Features per line of Code – or FPLOC, as I call this “metric”) while staying very maintainable.

  13. Infinite possibilities from only 35 million bytes.

  14. I wonder how much of that file size is plugins that come pre-packaged with 2.5+ I don’t advocate not including plugins… but then again… it might cut down on size? Think about how big Firefox would be if, when you downloaded it, it came with every plugin already installed. Instead, you can search for them, there’s a list of recommended ones, and you install them if you want them.

    That applies for Graphicall too. How many peoples’ builds come with a full folder of plugins?

  15. You mean the 162MB Blender binary I’m getting from my CMake builds (on Debian Unstable AMD64) is a bit big …?

  16. This also affects graphicall, blender got so massive that our bandwidh has exploded and become expensive

  17. That can save a lot of the bandwidth too, I think.

  18. I think a “differentiator” utility is better when Blender got bigger. It look for what has changed, and download accordingly. Both for installed and stand-alone directory.

    I mean, I could just copy Blender262, paste, rename the new directory to Blender263, and run the “differentiator” from there, it check for what changed, and now the Blender inside \Blender263 IS Blender 2.63.

  19. I completely agree with Lars Kemmann
    about the scripts being download on demand.

    Scripts give blender alot of added functionality and this would allow for the rapid development that scrips enjoy to be experienced seamlessly by the end user.

    This single place could host beta scrips that are not packaged with blender and would be a breeding ground for creativity

    I would love to donate time to this endeavor anyone els interested?

    • Scripts make up a very small part of blenders overall size is 2.6mb compressed, 7.4mb extracted.

      So far I think they are small enough to be included, but if for some reason they go beyond ~10mb compressed or so, it could be good to look into download on demand for some larger scripts.

  20. The progression looks linear to me.

  21. Wow, that’s surprising! Yet relieving in another way. I could just probably equate the additional space to additional features and usability. Sadly, I couldn’t remember what version of Blender I used first though. ;)


  22. When file size increase but bandwidth still limited, will suffer more load on every later release. More reason to have later releases on BitTorrent.

  23. I don’t exactly have a clean install folder anymore (many, many versions of Blender installed over each other), but it’s interesting to see in my 2.60 folder (~36 MB) that python takes up ~25 MB, scripts ~7 MB, and datafiles ~5 MB.

    Once we get over 50 MB, I think it’ll be time for the download to go on a diet. A lot of the python and scripts components, for example, are probably not used by the majority of users, so maybe the add-ons and scripts could be downloaded on-demand? That would make community-based publishing and promoting of add-ons/scripts easier too, with a single place (plus mirrors) instead of having them scattered around forums and websites.

  24. You people are so old. Thanks :)

  25. I remember! The first version of Blender I ever download was 1.4Mb and fit perfectly in a floppy disk. The promotional image was a giraffebird :)

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