The dual-contouring remesh modifier is now in trunk. This modifier is based of code contributed to Blender by Tao Ju back in March. It implements the algorithm described in his paper “Dual Contouring of Hermite Data”.

The general purpose of the modifier is to generate a new surface that follows the same shape as the input, but with more regular topology. The output of the modifier is all quads, and they are “nice” in the sense of not getting too skinny or irregular density, which should be useful for sculpting. The modifier also has some other interesting effects, such as removing small disconnected pieces, filling holes in the mesh, and outputting blocky remeshes (as with the purple and blue Suzannes in this post.)

Big thanks to Tao Ju for his contribution!

Thanks also to users who come up with designs for the modifier’s icon, and in particular to Zafio, whose icon is now the remesh icon. And another thanks to Sergey for reviewing the code. (Blender at its best: everyone else does the hard work and I just push the big red commit button.)

Documentation and examples are on the Blender wiki, check out in particular nice example videos from Roberto Roch.