Fluid particle refactoring done

I already wrote about this development in my previous post, but now the refactoring is finally done! Check the video to get a quick start on the new functionality and the commit message for the details :) Now all we need is the particle surfacing from Raul and Stephen and we have some pretty nice fluid capabilities in Blender!

  1. Cool! I’m a slow learner when it comes to blender but with this site, all is well.

  2. But i can’t get an inflow stopped, neither with 0 velocity nor with .981 Z velocity !?

  3. Ah there are velocity curves >< sorry

  4. The whole fluid system needs some general improvements,
    some random features i would also add:
    -being able to run multiple domains naturally
    -several fluid materials within one domain
    (materials being assigned to inflow/fluid objects instead of domain)
    -controlled inflow/outflow by velocity curves (MOST IMPORTANT)
    -more easy viscosities (being able to see what setting is set for each preset)

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