Blender Translation Platform

Localization is an important aspect of the Blender project. Translating Blender’s interface and user manual breaks down language barriers and makes tools and knowledge accessible to a wide group of people who are not comfortable with the English language.

Translations overview for the Blender UI

Thanks to the hard work of Bastien, with the support of Brecht, Sergey and Arnd, it’s now possible to contribute translations online via The platform is powered by the free and open source Weblate localization system.

If you are interested in getting involved, reach out via the #translations chat channel.


  1. We still have IME issues for entering Indian Languages like Tamil in the Text fields.

  2. Hey there! I’m a 22-year-old Blender enthusiast with six years of experience using the software. I currently call Sweden home, but my roots trace back to Somalia. I’m fortunate to be fluent in six languages, and I’ve noticed that Blender supports five of them. As a native Somali speaker and writer, I even run a Somali-language YouTube channel where I offer Blender tutorials and courses.

    I’m keen on contributing to Blender by adding support for a new language. Could you please guide me on how to get started with this process? I’m excited to share my knowledge and help broaden Blender’s language capabilities.

    Many thanks for your assistance and, of course, a huge shoutout to the Blender community!

    • Check the #translations chat channel linked in the blog post. It’s a good place to start, since the devs are more active on there.

  3. I’d like to give my casual contribute, but looks like I don’t have enough privileges to even submit a single translation.
    How do I get them?

  4. This is amazing!

  5. I’m not a fan of translating professional Software :/
    Translating manuals: Of course! Even tooltips are fine but the whole UI?
    Yes you open up the software to peeps that can’t speak English at all but they also have a MOUNTAIN of English documentation, tutorials, blog posts, stackoverflow articles and what not they’re not able to read either. They now have a tiny group of their own that dunno what to do and where to get help.. Or there exists only a handful of people that might be able to help compared to a huge established community for each and every aspect of the software…

    • Tutorials and entire communities exist in other languages too. You’re always going to be unable to read what’s written in a language you don’t understand. That doesn’t change that.

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