Be part of the Task Force

Some of the bigger projects in Blender 2.8 (like Multiple Object editing) require tweaks to the hundreds of operators and commands in Blender. Good news is that it’s surprisingly accessible for anyone to help porting these to the new system.

How to Help

Dalai and I shot a quick video showing how this is done for most of the operators.

And that’s it! Typically it’s just search, copy-paste, submit a patch for review and you’re good to go. Some operators need special treatment, for instance when they deal with specific types of selection (or no selection at all), but the more operators get done the more that can be used as reference. You only need to be familiar with compiling Blender.

The More the Merrier

The Multiple Object tasks are currently for Edit Mesh and Bone Pose modes, but the sooner these get done the sooner we can investigate other modes such as Sculpt and Paint. Imagine sculpting through multiple objects at once! It can be done and you can be part of it. In only one day since we published the video already 8 members of the community started contributing patches. ❤

Let’s make Blender 2.8 better together.

  1. Pls do more videos pls pls

  2. I hope to be able to control the thickness of hair particles by using weight and texture in hair particles.
    Thanks to Blender developers all the time.

  3. Can you do more videos on development please, it will really help us to get involved .
    It will also be good if you do a videos presenting the basic architecture of the code with the operators involved in each section.

  4. Would you make more of videos like this for people who would like to contribute but have no experience yet.
    It may even be useful in the long therm.


    Nvidia CUDA 9.2 released, please update Blender 2.8 to CUDA 9.2 for maximum compatibility with Volta GPUs and performance.

  6. is there any item left in
    I see stuff which are not stricken out but I get crashes when I tried those modifiers out.

    No idea if that’s because of the naveau linux driver I use (The NVIDIA drivers of my GPU do not support OpenGL 3.3 unfortunately. The free neaveau driver seems to be able to run 2.8 but it looks really unstable.

  7. Thanks for everyone participating.

  8. This is a good starting I think along with the tasks linked above

  9. Hello, I am very interested in the blender source code, I know c++ and python, I want to help with the develoment of blender becouse then I could start to understand the blender source code, but I don”t know, how to get involve, I recently compile my own copy of blender 2.79 in Visual Studio in windows 7 but I don’t know what to do next.

  10. Will Blender 2.8 work well with touch input and controls?

    • With the new active tools (icons etc) and in viewport camera controls its A LOT more useable with touch and non-wacom stylus’ (surface book etc) Wouldn’t say its 100% touch compatible yet, and I’m unsure if theres any plans for standard gestures yet.

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