Hello, everyone.

Blender is becoming more and more big, developers who used to be active were kidnapped by their real life and they can not spend much time on Blender development anymore, which lead to some orphaned areas which are not currently maintained or in which help with maintaining is needed. I went through our bug tracker and source code to collect a list of such areas. Maybe somebody will become interested in improving some of this areas? It”ll help us a lot!

So, here”s a list of areas where help would be really welcome:

  • Tablets and other non-standard input devices. In fact it”s pretty fun and not so difficult area to work in, the only real difficult here is that some bugs can be reproduced using only specific hardware.
  • Transformation module.This module needs a bit more love. Some of issues here are caused by some design assumptions and some re-thinking might be needed here. There”s also couple of bugs there and think Martin Poirier (maintainer of this area) wouldn”t mind having help fixing them.
  • Volumetric materials. This kind of materials were implemented a while ago and weren”t actually improved further last year or so. But they still have got some unresolved design issues like having volumetrics on different layers and so.
  • Keymaps. We have an additional Maya keymap in default Blender”s configuration, but it weren”t improving further, sometimes it doesn”t actually match Maya.
  • Sequencer. It”s kind of complicated area with some internal design limitations and not actually clear architecture. There are plenty of things which might be improved here, but there”s no developer-time currently for this.
  • Particles. Currently there”s only Janne Karhu who”s working in this area and he doesn”t have much time for bigger improvements / fixes. Would be nice to have somebody else who”ll be familiar with this code to help improve / resolve issues there.
  • Simulations. All simulations like cloth, physics, softbody, fluid are kind of orphaned at this moment. There”s Daniel Genrich who”s currently trying to improve this areas, but for sure one developer can not cover all this areas and having more developers here would be  really helpful.
  • Metaballs. It”s also fun area which basically works, but it was designed a while ago and there”s some internal limitations there like they are not thread safe. Nice project for evening entertainment to play with 🙂
  • Game engine. Well, it”s not actually orphaned, we”ve got some active developers there, but BGE is quite large project and few developers can not cover it all. And can think about couple of ways to improve this area a lot.

Hope this will help attract more attention to areas where help is needed. Connect with us via the webpage here.


(Image shared from http://www.flickr.com/photos/purrfectly_kittenish/901104856/)