For the 2.60 release I like to get our feature pages updated, and provide (new) users a great collection of .blend files to play with. A selection of the .blend files then can also go to the the “Demo Loop”, a python script that loads files in a sequence and shows anims or renders. The Demo Loop has been used successfully at shows, and by vendors such as HP’s workstation division (sponsored us for Siggraph with systems!). You can try the Add-on “Demo mode” for it, but be warned… it had a bug which only got fixed today.

Update: the spam filter here blocked posts with many urls, we do our best manually approving it now!

Call for screenshots:

  • Use CTRL+F3 in Blender to save, preferably as png file.
  • Use full monitor size windows, 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 pixels would be great.
  • Screenshots with different themes, fonts, languages etc. are welcome too.

Call for demo files:

  • Make sure it runs fine in 2.59 release from
    (Cycles demos are great too, we can spread that separately for now)
  • Files should either have a short animation (turn table anim for objects, character anims, etc) or be interesting to render/composite (F12), or have a cool GE experience (Pkey).
  • Make sure you pack in all texture maps in the .blend
  • Physics sim files: put in directory below .blend, use relative paths, and zip it all.
  • Best render demos are when it doesn’t take long, 20-30 seconds or so.
  • Files will be shown using the default theme colors.
  • Keep files a bit small… no limit here, but we can only include a few 50-100 MB files for download.

License as Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution

  • Default attribution would be:
    (CC-by) Blender,
  • You can optionally add your name and/or URL to the attribution.
  • Purpose is to (also) ensure everyone will be forced to credit Blender well!

Upload to web!

  • You can use your own website or dropboxes of course
  • Or use our anonymous ftp:
    – ftp to
    – username: anonymous
    – cd to directory incoming/ and upload the file(s)
    Files will appear in public at url
  • Post here the url of the file(s) and your attribution options.