Out of the 17 students who joined our Google Summer of Code project, 15 made it for the midterm and all had their projects approved, delivering results exceeding our expectations in many cases!

Several projects have been submitted to be reviewed for inclusion in our releases, some will continue working for a while to get reviewed later. Accepted projects in Blender 2.60 are marked with (A), submitted for review are marked (R), submitted for 2.61 are marked (A ).

Dan Walters, Mesh editing/retopo
Jason Wikins, Sculpt/paint
Shuvro Sarker, UV unwrapping
Jason Hays, Weighting tools (R)
Riakiotakis Antonis, UV/Paint Tools
Joshua Leung, Animation System Polish (A)
Benjamin Cook, Motion Capture Tools (A)
Sergey Sharybin, Motion/Camarea tracking (A )
Matthias Fauconneau, Camera Tracker library improvements (A )
Xiao Xiangquan, Improved Internationalization and Localization (R)
Mitchell Stokes, BGE Animation improvements (A)
Daniel Stokes, BGE bugfixing and polishing
Prabhath Jayathilake, Collada (A)
Joerg Mueller: 3D audio (A)
Miika Hämäläinen, Dynamic Paint (A )