Google Summer of Code round-up

Out of the 17 students who joined our Google Summer of Code project, 15 made it for the midterm and all had their projects approved, delivering results exceeding our expectations in many cases!

Several projects have been submitted to be reviewed for inclusion in our releases, some will continue working for a while to get reviewed later. Accepted projects in Blender 2.60 are marked with (A), submitted for review are marked (R), submitted for 2.61 are marked (A ).
Dan Walters, Mesh editing/retopo
Jason Wikins, Sculpt/paint
Shuvro Sarker, UV unwrapping
Jason Hays, Weighting tools (R)
Riakiotakis Antonis, UV/Paint Tools
Joshua Leung, Animation System Polish (A)
Benjamin Cook, Motion Capture Tools (A)
Sergey Sharybin, Motion/Camarea tracking (A )
Matthias Fauconneau, Camera Tracker library improvements (A )
Xiao Xiangquan, Improved Internationalization and Localization (R)
Mitchell Stokes, BGE Animation improvements (A)
Daniel Stokes, BGE bugfixing and polishing
Prabhath Jayathilake, Collada (A)
Joerg Mueller: 3D audio (A)
Miika Hämäläinen, Dynamic Paint (A )
  1. There is still a bug:
    when you place a glass in front of a light source, the glass won’t let the light pass through but it will cast a shadow like a diffuse material!!!

  2. sculpt branch not gonna merge T.T

  3. So, as I understand it right the retopo tools will not be merged soon, right? So, just tell me that it will be merged! All the projects are very amazing, but I am most interested in Sculting and retopo improvements, thank you, all of you to make this possible!

    • Appearently the retopo tools are extremely far from being finished. Did you test the branch yourself? I couldn’t find a single tool proposed in the wiki….

  4. What about cycles render engine?

    • Agreed, I would like to see cycles get built into the Trunk… Some people have started using it as an external render engine for other programs… So why not start building support for cycles!?! At this point it seems stable enough, although I haven’t gone crazy with it…

    • Cycles will be in 2.61
      But it’s not mentioned here, because it is not a GSOC project.

  5. So, sculpt, uv, paint and the other stuff will not merge soon…. so sad.

  6. so what about “Daniel Stokes, BGE bugfixing and polishing” this branch?
    Won’t this get into trunk?

  7. Really nice! =)
    But what the state of Jason Wikins project?
    I’m really interested on MyPaint brushes on Blender. =)

    Thanks for all the work guys! =D

    • Jason missed some todo’s, give him a couple more months, then he will give it for review, then it will be decided when to merge.

  8. Awesome summer of Code gang, Congrats to all!!!

  9. it would be practical to have a chart like this one but about the Google summer of code 2010, I was wondering what happened with the impressive integration of the bullet physics

    great work keep it commit =^,^=

  10. congrats to all!

    btw, this
    Matthias Fauconneau, Camera Tracker library improvements (A+)
    has a non-clickable url…


  11. Amazing job people!
    Only one question, in radish Branch, its difucult to implement one “smooth” button like “flood” button in naya?
    Its very powerfull, because you can smooth wheigths (with multipaint on) on set of bones.


    P.S: if is needed, i can make a short video with explanation

  12. Geezus guys, can you read?

    “some will continue working for a while to get reviewed later”

    Which means, som of the projects are not deemed ready for inclusion yet, either by the coder him/herself (like tomato camera tracking), or by the Blender Foundation.

  13. And what about those that don’t have a A, A+, R rating?

  14. why camera tracking is not in the next version ???

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