1. Maya navigation preset seems to be missing in 2.80.43 – will it come back? Please?!?

  2. Amazing!!!!

  3. Thanks getting used to the new Blender 2.8
    Would be awesome to see some animation videos.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks Pablo, and everyone in blender Community :)
    Simple request for video Editing : be able to select a default blend mode for adding a strip.

    I use alpha over on almost everything i add in the sequencer,
    and have to change from default “Cross” to “alpha over” every time.

    Maybe I am missing a nice way around or an addon. Anyways it should be nice to be able to choose
    some settings and set them by default. Works on many more examples..

    In hope this will hit the eye of someone who will make it easy to do in Blender :)
    Have a nice day.

  5. How about inc. importer for DAZ 3D etc..Models?and even for current Blender version?,Kindly please keep me posted.

  6. Guys could you please set back maya hotkeys for Maya preset in blender.
    I’m using Blender with maya nav, but right now 2.8 won’t let me to rotate object (even when I set rotate maya hotkey) when I enter Edit mode.
    Please update maya preset for base operations at least.
    Thank you

  7. C4D is great than blender much much more blender operation is sucks

  8. Hello Pablo
    I am looking at the 2.8 developments and regarding the outliner and particularly the collection concept I have some issues with that implementation versus the old layers model.
    I first did import a 2.79 scene into 2.8. In the outliner I could see the view of layers but the structure was not transposed. For example I keep separated camera, lights from the rest of the scene.. The import did not show the camera or lights anymore into the layer view. then I saved the imported blend file into a separate folder for 2.8. did reopen it and what I found was nothing in the layer view, but only one collection named collection 11, no objects but the camera and no lights. All this makes your design project difficult to understand at this point.. Could you provide some more detailed technical clues as to how do you see the implementation and usage of the collection model? Thanks

    • Ok!
      Reviewing your video above I missed the expansion of the icons on top showing the different entities like objects, children etc..
      Got that part done..
      Now going to the scene menu : I can see a tree with children like view layers ! If layers are not implemented anymore why do still have them mentioned?
      There is a render layer …
      then collection that is not active
      then a child collection that seems to be active and associated with a check box and a pointer..
      I do not get the usage of such a disposition if I cannot access some of the items why do I see them?
      Then there is the ‘viewport’ item!
      What are we supposed to do with that?
      again collections
      then a sub master collection..! But if I understand the structure of the collection, there is a master and sub collections to it? but then if duplicating an object at that level, does it means that there is two instance of that object with one I don’t use because it is a master? I am not sure I get the usage model here..
      Collections have numbers after them.. But still I don’t see the objects that were in the original Blender !
      Also if I click on the collection that is activated and carries the pointer and check box, all the objects in the scene vanish .. How do I address separately each object in the outliner ?

  9. Hi Pablo, thanks for your job, but i have a suggestion.
    Why i have to click on 5 icon for hide things and only show lamp for example?
    Isn’t better go in solo with just one click on lamp? and if i want lamp + object for example, just solo both of them.
    So i think that inverting the way it works now it’s more fast and maybe have more sense.
    Thanks a lot.

    • yes, that was exactly what I thought, too.. I would click the icon to select the group I want to see, instead of clicking all but the one I want.

  10. I recently came to Blender from a background of other softwares mainly Maya and one of the things that really bothered me in Blender is the Outliner, it’s too much static and I think it should give more control over objects like reorganization and parenting by drag and drop, also having different colors for different types of objects makes it easy to read content without focusing on small icons. Renaming multiple objects also will be a great add.
    Basically it’s a wish list and my utmost wish is having something like Softimage’s ICE in Blender… I wish I was a programmer darn it :( .
    Great work though on all that the devs have accomplished big applause and respect.
    Excuse my ignorance if I made a mistake somewhere.

    • Yes !!!
      It feels too much like the current outliner is more an info list than a real editor.
      But 2.8 seems to bring up more thing in it, it makes me hype up. ♥

  11. Navigation hotkeys for outliner!? Next, previous, parent, child. Given people don’t need to scrub animation while working in outliner, arrow keys would do logically. Please? :)

    It would be ideal to some day have such navigation in viewport { may seem like a strange idea to iterate through object in effectively an “invisible list” just one by one, but it actually is very convenient and fast for things like character bones or other complex parenting structures that are conceptually simple, yet very hard to automate for easy selection in the viewport }, but reducing repetitive clicking in Outliner would make life easier already.

    • Navigating parenting structures in pose mode is already possible with [ and ] hotkeys (check the Select menu in the header while in Pose Mode).

      Navigation in the outliner is a good idea! Needs to be investigated and tested thoroughly though, animation and keyframes are such a core function, it’s almost like hitting F12.

  12. Thank you! Looks great, I can’t wait to use the new features.

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