Grease Pencil 2.8 sneak peek

Daniel gives us a quick sneak peek on the new Grease Pencil in the upcoming Blender 2.8

The new Grease Pencil’s main focus is to create a more friendly interface for the 2D artist, while keeping the advantages of having a full 3D suite underneath. Grease Pencil is no longer just a stroke, it’s now a real Blender object with huge improvements to brushes and tools.

Credits go to the Grease Pencil developers Antonio Vazquez and Joshua Leung. While Daniel Martinez Lara and Matias Mendiola support the developers with demos and testing.

This development is currently happening on the ‘greasepencil-object’ branch, based off 2.8, and it will be merged soon so everybody can test using the build-bot.

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  1. Wowzer!

  2. Absolutely awesome. Personally I am a happy man with the current state of gpencil which I use for animatics, but I admit being able to reposition and transform the entire object is really cool. Also, the absolute line width looks great, and I see the old hatched-line glitch has been taken care of too. The lines look super sleek now. Wonderful. 🙂

    • Now that I think of it, the textures look cool but they won’t move with the drawing… so mostly useful for decors ? Also why keep draw and sculpt mode separate ?

  3. Will the objects react to lighting and depth of field?

    Can we rig objects? To mock mesh based animation, like spine animation tools for game development.

  4. This is wonderful.

  5. Drat, I keep downloading the daily builds waiting for the new Greasepencil to be there, but keep getting dissapointed. 🙁

  6. Uauu that’s very cool. I like 2D animation.
    I’m so happy for this.
    Thank you guy’s.

  7. I don’t now if this is the place to ask, but…
    I think blender should start in 2D with just X and Y axis and the user should add axis so they can work in 2D, 3D or 4D (animation). This would make it more simple when working on stills and basic 2D shapes because all of the tools that the user would not need (such as keyframes) would be removed.
    I think blender works to much in 3D animation while it is so powerful for doing other things. It just is not built to do things like say 2D painting while it has alot of the tools a person would need to do so.

  8. This is great! It’s like an amazing 2d animation software inside an amazing 3d animation software! Good work! Can’t wait to try this 😀

  9. Good gaught!
    Amazing. So excited guys, keep it up!

  10. great news, it is a step forward for more flexible work flow. To newcomers with more solid 2d background it would speed up the process of learning and working. 2d animatics, key poses and character development is commonly used by artists all around the world helping the 3d movement to look more natural. Moreover if the community seeks 2d development soon or later it would have the potential of production ready 2d rend. Currently people use tvpaint, toonboom/flash and opentoonz however neither of them have as good 3d implementation as blender has. Thank you for the efforts!

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