Blender 2.8 Workflow Workshop Video

Here is a little video documentary of the Blender 2.8 Workflow Workshop that took place in Amsterdam between 25 and 27 November 2016.

It’s great to see that after a few months since that meeting Blender 2.8 development is picking up quite some speed!

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  1. Hello, thanks for the good sofware.

    I don’t know where to put this comment, so I will comment here.

    I think blender must have a better cloth making module (maybe as Marvelous Designes software). Right now th cloth simulation is not so good. When making a clothing with sewing force, I think the first thing it should do is te sewing before applying the other forces. It’s very difficult to create decent clothing with th cloth simulation.

  2. Could you think about something like containers, that works like solid groups of objects ( every part of this container cannot be single selected and edited until we go to container edit mode… and then to edit mode of every object that is a part of container ). It would be very useful for complex objects, when all its parts should act as single objects ( whit own modifiers ), but cannot be edited or single selected without going to container edit mode. current Group has serious disadvantage – you can select every single element of group. Let’s leave it as it is and make object containers. :)

    • Being able to better utilize modifiers on a per face selection basis would be amazing but I also think it would be incredibly useful to bundle almost all Edit Mode actions like “Inset, Select by trait, Select random, Extrude, Inset, Split” as they are happening in order and write them out into a “custom” modifier where you can change the properties of each of those.

      So for example – you generate a large residential building with this action stack and you want to have fewer windows and less frame width of the windows.

      In order to do that, you decrease the inset amount of the first action you’ve made and then you decrease the percentage of the “Select Random” from maybe like 30% to just 6% of faces.

      I am only wondering how hard would something like this be to implement? I know the problem is when you try to determine which faces of the whole are affected by the individual actions. It should be just as if you were recording all the things you’ve done since the beginning BUT you can change the settings of all actions you chose through this entire recording in the end. Together with selecting and deselecting, inset amounts, everything. I found Shift+G to be pretty good at selecting all the stuff I need without clicking on the individual faces.

      Reason I want this is to have a very fast, reusable workflow to do all kinds of stuff. From Building generation to just saving presets of stuff I do all the time with meshes. Like: Select all, Remove doubles, Convert Triangles to Quads, Unify Normals, Shade Smooth, set Autosmooth to 30, Delete custom split normals data.

  3. With Larry Gritz finally moving OSL to a modern LLVM Stack I hope Blender follows suit and drops LLVM 3.4 from the script pull for the likes of Debian and other Linux distributions.

    This conversation to LLVM > 3.9 has been long overdue.

    Please make this a baseline [preferably LLVM 4.0.x] as it cleans up a lot of issues with OpenCL and Mesa to boot.

    Currently, it makes building nightlies for my own configuration on Debian a waste of time.

  4. So it’s still going to take a while to lace blender 2.80 plus tell them you’ll get the blender game engine on 2.80 please say NO!

    If a word is wrong, I’m sorry, my English is not very Brazilian.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the full release of 2.8 and trumpeting it’s virtues fron the rooftops. Many times ive considered moving to modo but blender has made the switch unnecessary! So thanks!

  6. I think, blender 2.80 should have a own tab for Python.
    Where the Python inserts where written in, when the mouse is on a Icon.
    Par example, when the mouse is on help, the help windows, witchs open automaticly, should not have the content of: Python: INFO_MT_help. Instead, this text should stand in a area of the new Python tab.
    Currently, the word “Python:” is displayed on every help Windows, and gray.
    This confuse me , when I want to read the content of the help.

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