Eevee Live Q&A

Join Dalai Felinto and Pablo Vazquez streaming live from the Blender Institute, answer questions and demoing Eevee’s latest features.

  1. what are sys reqs for eevee to work.

  2. Will there be a way to change eevee; from real time render to solid view without real time render? Cause I hope it does!

  3. Will there be World Position Offset material input like in Unreal?
    What I’m hoping for is XYZ displacement in real time instead of tangent one-way displacement.

  4. EEVEE + BGE ?

  5. Certainly not the right place for this question, but the impossibility of finding out anywhere else forces my hand – what operating system are you using on your system for this video?

    • Hi! I’m using Ubuntu GNOME 17.04. We try to stick to open source at the Blender Animation Studio.

  6. Great video, guys! So many questions, such a short time…

    Well, one thing that maybe was not clear (and maybe you can clarify on a new video or livestream) is what exactly is Eevee.
    It is a viewport engine, OK, but why won’t it replace Cycles? (Because of the precision of Cycles against the “fake” of Eevee, maybe?)
    What Eevee can do that Cycles can’t (and vice-versa)? What will Eevee NEVER do and what it might do in the future?

    Also, will those Light Probes stay? Will they be “automatically added” in the future, or always be manually added? Are them going to be used with Cycles?

    Eager to hear more from you!

  7. Hello, Can i use EEVEE in Blender Game Engine?

  8. A question about bitrate for rendering video footage in Blender.
    MPEG-4 format together with H.264 codec is the standard when uploading youtube videos.
    Because youtube ads compression to your uploads you should keep your bitrate high, around 90-100 000 kbps. Blender does however limit the bitrate to ~10k.

    The only way for me to increase the bitrate is to use a lossless format, but that makes the videos huge (~900 kbps) and thus a pain to store and upload.

    Is there a way for me to get the bitrate I want (anything from 20 to 100 kbps) while using MPEG-4 and H.264 ?
    If blender could do this, it would be perfect to use for all youtube creators who want to use open source software.

    Thanks a bunch for an otherwise really awesome program!

  9. This is a test on Blender Evee engine for real time PBR rendering on a model I created of R2D2 character. The textures are from Substance painter and I did a render on Cycles and then took it to Evee to animate this (based on a July test build of Blender 2.8). It came out really nicely.

    Yet without motion blur (seems to be turned off at the moment?) and I can see that the shadows are jaggered in some cases, hope this gets optimised towards release or can you give guidance on how to optimise the mesh to avoid it.

    Is there a preliminary documentation on Evee that allows us to play around with it in a manner that is less trial and “no idea”?

    To all who play around with old files loaded: apply modifiers seems to be necessary for bevel, mirror, etc.

  10. Eevee looks fantastic, but there are few additional features that will be great to have:
    1) ability to composite Eevee renders in Compositor.
    2) ability to bake seamless textures from Eevee and Cycless out of the box, so we don’t have to set it manually like here
    3) ability to bake displacement from materials. Creating displacement in node tree is much more easy then using displacement modifiers as layers one on top of another. Why we can’t connect created texture node tree/materials to displacement modifiers?
    4) closer texture pipeline to substance designer approach. So users be able to create and bake/save maps from texture nodes. Now it is possible only from renderer(cycles, internal) materials.

  11. when the principled Disney shader will work also for refraction glass and transparency ?
    next 2.8 beta ?

  12. Hello, when do you plan to destroy that fbx materials linking to old stoneage Blender internal and give that feature to Eevee? Currently Cycles in stable builds cannot export materials with .fbx
    Best regards.

  13. Hi! I’m a little late, but does anyone know if the equertangular camera will work with the Eevee engine?

  14. Hi,
    Will the objects LOD system work in the Eevee’s viewport as it currently doesn’t work in the cycles viewport.



  15. Interested in thoughts about utilizing for more advanced real-time *non* realistic shader styles. Will it be a good fit? I’ve seen some really awesome stylistic viewport stuff at in some of the proprietary packages.

  16. 1: Ton has previously mentioned that Blender has got the go-ahead from EPIC to port the Unreal Engine code that drives its’ real time materials. Has any of the UE code base been used for Eevee?

    2: From your understanding of Blend4Web, how close can their web-rendering quality come to the Eevee engine and could the two engines at some point be fully compatible in terms of scene setup and materials?

    3: Do you have any plans on having optional up-scaled lower resolution rendering in viewport for optimization on lower end machines?

    – Marcus

  17. Is there any chance we’ll be able to use render passes with eevee as well? Or, better yet, could we use compositing nodes to set up real time post processing?

  18. Is there plan to bring back a viewport for cycles so you can navigate in opengl while rendering (like the current production version of blender) ? or will cycles mode rendering only?


    • Not a dev, but render engine will be set on a per-viewport basis (as will the visible collections and a number of other things), so yes.

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